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Laskar Pelangi 2 - Edensor

Third book by Andrea Hirata after Laskar Pelangi & Sang Pemimpi.

Riri Reza-Mira Lesmana is not directing/producing this installment of the Tetralogy.

Hope Benny Setiawan and Mizan Productions/Falcon Pictures can do justice.

Siapa pergi Jakarta weyh! Nak pesan!


Saturday, July 26, 2014

EAVE - European Audio Visual Entrepreneurs


European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs, EAVE, is a professional training, project development and networking organization for audiovisual producers.

Working with a worldwide network of partners we are involved in programmes for producers in Europe, Russia, Latin America, the Arab world, Asia and Africa.

Founded in 1988, our objectives are to provide professional training opportunities and to bring producers from different regions of the world together with the aim of facilitating co-production relationships. We believe that the support of independent voices, creative imagination and culturally driven companies within the global media industries is an urgent necessity in the 21st century. Through our work we aim to contribute towards the creation of strong networks of producers and to encourage the exchange of knowledge and skills which will strengthen independent production across the world.

Visit Waiting for the next cycle. for ties that bind.


The Creative Producer

Studying Film - A starting point

Naked Filmmaker -Film Director Influences

- Really Love film. When you love something you will be really curious wand you want to know everything about it.'

Film Riot - Basic Lighting Set Ups

Lights Film School - 180 Degree Rule - dynamism

- A good tip is to separate the background (if it works with your scene) and the subject so that you have more control over the lighting. The basic idea is to have one practical light, and build the lighting design starting from that source.

Naked Filmmaker - lenses make the director

- You don't need a director who just sits on their as yelling action and cut!. There needs to be sort of thinking, and one of it, is to know what idea it is you are bringing forth and which lense would serve you best to convey the idea across.

Stephen DaVega - The Rules in Editing French and American New Wave

-Be bold

Marcelo Paulo De Souza - The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing


* Links recommended by Razaisyam - Director, "CEO".

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Generation Now

Watching this today. Break legs.



Generation Now (Facebook)

2nd-Year students from the Department of Performance & Media, Sunway University will be performing a devised theatre (short pieces) for their Theatre Project subject final showcase as part of their Diploma in Performing Arts course. 
Supervised by industry practitioners Leow Puay Tin and Mark Teh. 

Generation Now showcases the hidden things that are not shown constantly on the surface, or camouflaged by everyday life. Tackling issues such as identity crisis, peer pressure, excuses constantly made, gender stereotyping, financial issues and the ever ongoing Coming Of Age. 

The DPA13 Production group would like you to walk with us on this journey as we tackle these ever never spoken issues.

July 18th - 8.30pm
July 19th - 3pm & 8.30pm

Roof Top Theatre, Level 4,
South East Building,

Sunway University.