Monday, July 16, 2007

Koffee Pot

Lead singer of the Band?

Adakah Bumiputera Rockers?

Cover Album?

Heheh, ini la jadiknye bila jumpa grafiti lawa kat dinding bangunan. Terus convert to cam-whore mode. :P. Had a very nice night in Copacabana again, but this time with few more friends. Didn't really enjoy much, since i know very little about salsa, which resulted in me sitting down most of the time.

Anyways, these past few days have been dedicated to graduates who are going back to Malaysia soon. Went to my housemate's convocation ceremony. The ceremony here is very brief. No Funfairs, no Convo-carnival and no artists. But there was no doubt on the efficiency of the ceremony. Things that had to be done was properly coordinated such as queue-ing of guests, tickets and non-ticket guests, entrance of guests, drinks for guests in line, etc etc. They divided graduates into 100 or so groups and the ceremonies were carried out for not more than 45 minutes. Here are some pics :

The graduates
Jangan Pandang Belakang.. huhu
Ke mana aku lepas ni?

Am still not sure if i will be able to attend mine. Sigh~~.

And owh.. congrats to the Boys from Brazil who thrashed Argentina 3-0 in the Copa America Finals. :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Esahh!

Esahh!! Happy birthdayyyy.. nah.. sebagai hadiah. aku bagi ko video transformers. Heheh.

Smoger panjang umor murah rezeki yehh.. selamat la segala2nya dunia & akhirat!

Transformers... why la lambat lagi nak show kat Manchester niee.. whyy!! why!!!

Dekat jepun dah siap buat cosplay lagi.. buleh tahan jugak creativity depa nieh

Monday, July 09, 2007


Have been hanging around in Hatfield for the past few days. It is North of London, in between Luton and Central London. A very nice place to stay and it is just 30 minutes train ride from the King's Cross station.

Uh-oh. Nini's here! kewlios.. but can't really bring her around becuase of the amount if work i have to put in my dissertation project before my parents arrive. Fortunately i have friends that can bring her around. Oh well.. she's big enuff to think and get herself busy.

Went to carboot in St. Helens with Peja. Oh did i mention? Peja's parents are here so we've been travelling around. This carboot is 30 minutes away from here.St. Helen's Carboot was marvellous! it is a 4-level carpark that is turned into a market with lotsa cheap stuff! There was this one booth selling figurines of Star Wars, which i think some of them are collectibles, still in their boxes. They were selling them at 4 pounds! I bought a walkie talkie for 6 pounds. Really cheap. Bought meself cigarette cards collection. Cigarette cards are the collectible cards that are given when they bought cigarettes (duhh!). This one series of cards (they made 50 piece of card per series, with each series having different themes) were of national emblems. When i saw Malaysia in the 9th place (card 9 of 50) i couldn't resist buying it. Bought a few other interesting stuff as well, but non worth mentioning i guess.

Oh oh. afie is coming to Manchester tomorrow with her siblings. It;s nice to see an old friend again. But not too sure where to bring her yet. I know Manchester has lots to offer, but once u get used to this place, you tend to take for granted what other people would deem as interesting.

Oh well.. back tomy project now.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Romeo oh Romeo..

Thou Villain Capulet!

When I reflect back to my experiences in performing arts, nothing beats the Royal Show Universiti Malaya back in 2002 (or 2001?) which presented Shakespear's Romeo & Juliet in front of Tengku Nazrin.

Being a newby in the arena, it was the first time i worked with a production of which the budget has 5 digits in it, in contrast to the low-budget student production. It was also i met with lots of interesting people of which have had lots of impact on how i perceive performing arts. (you guys know who you are)

Owh, if you are wondering where i am, i am the one at the back, to the left. Kurus kan? dont be fooled, that is just the effect of the camera. Funny thing is that cameras are supposed to add 10 kg on you, but this one didn't. I wonder where i can get the same make and model. :P

I was surprised to see this pic in Skin's friendster. Skin, if you are reading this, do you know where we can get more of our pics from during the production? (especially the one that we posed with Siti Nurhaliza.. hehe).

Anyways, it is nice to look back once in a while (although not too frequent) and see what you have gone through. Only then you would start to learn to appreciate your own experiences.


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday CIkJulieyana! hehehe...

"Aku mmg payah la nak ingat birthday"

"Ha.. kalau birthday aku sure senang nak ingat"

"Ye ke.. camana?"

" Nama aku Juli... so birthday aku Julai 1 = Jul 1 = Jul1 = Juli"

"hehe.. kalau cam ni mmg payah la aku nak lupa birthday ko.."


Happy birthday! Semoga berkat segala rezeki, ilmu, dan kesihatan dan selamat segalanya dunia dan akhirat. Hanya tuhan jek yang buleh balas budi ko ngan chot.

Thanx again.