Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tak sebut, Buat

I had a productive day, in spite of waking up at 1330 hours. Hehe.. sorry la kalau tak angkat phone, i was damn malas. :))

Papa and I went to settle my flight tickets. The agency misbooked the ticket on 9 Sept, where as i specifically said 10th september.. yeeessh.

We also went to settle unit trust thingees, go to a clinic to get blood test results, took a visa picture for myself and had good father-son talk.

Papa told me,"Kalau org yg betul betul sayang, dia tak tunjuk atau sebut, tapi apa dia buat yang defines sayang". Which i think is true. "Kalau kena sebut selalu, means something wrong sumwhere"

Anak yang sayang kat mak ayah, tak semestinya hari hari cakap "saaayang mak-ayah". Boleh nak buat, tapi kalau hari hari, nanti loose meaning. Nak tunjuk sayang, mesti la dengan perbuatan taat. Suruh jek, mesti buat without question. Yang lagi best, kalau belum suruh dah buat. Terbaik!

Kalau sayang kat Girlfriend pon sama. Bukan hari-hari nak ckp 'saya sayang awak'. Agak muntah, drama swasta dan rempit la gituh. It's what you do to uphold your responsibility as a boyfriend that matters most. Nak kena jaga kehormatan, jaga keselamatan, jaga masa depan, Jaga perasaan, hormat, kenang jasa, & jaga kebajikan. Yang penting, kena ada sincerity and kena ada trust.

Itu pendapat aku la kan. Pendapat org lain aku tatau. :). Maybe definition GF-BF aku ni a bit too serious. Cam dah nak tunang/kahwen jek. But then again, relationship yg tak nampak masa depan, camna nak survive.. kan?

Ntahla, Aku bukan gheti sangat pasal relationship ni. Kalau siapa yg mintak nasihat dari aku sebelum ni pun, aku bohong korang idup idup jek tu.. ahha... >:) padan muka, siapa suruh tanya aku. Bwahahahaha.

Ya ampunn.. :P

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Small World!

Worh, My apologies for not having any updated entries for the past week. But then, this is my blog, so i can update any time i want, what do i care? but then again, like other bloggers, i'd like to have frequent readers, which requires me to have more interesting entries. Chicken and egg dilemma. Yikes!!

Don't wanna go around in circles, so.. i'll just skip the justification above.

It's such a small world. Earlier this week, i bumped into my SDAR junior in MiD valley. Tambun. Guess where he is now? Manchester!. Which Part of Manchester? Old Trafford!. And what is he in Old Trafford? M'sian Community of Old Trafford (MCOT)! And what does he play for sports? Basketball for the Law Faculty!

There's another junior in Old Trafford. Khairul Anuar. I just found out just now that he is already married with one child. And his wife? Sharifah Sarah! For those who don't know, Sharifah Sarah was my add maths student during high school years. I used to teach Najwa and herself addmaths during term breaks.

During silat yesterday, i met with Zaidi and he is staying in Nottingham. 2 hours train ride from Manchester. He knows Ayin, Azlan Azim'z brother. And Azlan Azim's mom was my tuition teacher back in pre-school. We still keep in touch (Azlan's Family and mine) as we have grown to become family friends. Azlan just got married to a KaTaK and guess who else is a KaTak? Sharifah Sarah!

My hopes of transforming into a new image is gone. My hopes of people calling me by my actual name is gone. Nick name Tapai is here to stay.. Damn uuuuu SDARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Well, at least now i know a guy whom i can practise silat with, although he is 2 hours away from me.

I'll end this entry with a kindergarten song:

It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
And it's a small.. small world...

Who else am i gonna meet? huhuhuhu..

It's freaky how small this world can be. uhuh...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Departure of Tapai

Ho yeah! after surveying around a few tour agents and a few "tilik tangan" sessions with a few fortune tellers, a sami, and an Ustaz i have finally decided on a date! (Macam nak kawen plak.. hahaha)

(Percaya ke aku tilik tangan?)

I will be departing on 10 September 2006, 2145 Hrs/9.00 p.m., Sunday. Check in is 2 hours before, so i'll have to be in KLIA latest by 7 p.m. The flight will take 14 hours (excluding transit) . The route will be KLIA-Singapore-Manchester. By 0650 Hrs in (UK time), i'll be in Manchester.

Originally i wanted to depart on Sept 11, but the date is just oh-so scary. Hehe.

Haih, the day is drawing nearer and nearer and i find myself not willing to let go of the good things that is happening here at the moment. New friends, new activities, happening work place, snooker, snooker, snooker, and snooker. Haha.

Oh, Rumet finally broke-off his losing streak. 6 loses in a row weyh! sayur! Now it's farul's turn, but it is not a streak unless is more than 2, ain't it? Bila nak rematch weyh?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Relatinship 101

Rule #1 : Jangan jadik loser
Rule #2 : Kalau kene reject pun, refer to rule # 1

Status = Student

Haha.. sudah satu hari jadik student balik. best betul tukar status nieh.

So, first day of studentship di celebrate dengan..... Tidur tak hengat!. Bangun kol 1230 pon tadek org kacau. Hahah.. best best. Habis sume sel-sel badan rejuvenate. :).

Lepas tu lepak-lepak, book tiket flight, and then macam biasa biasa time student dulu, harusla bersukan! ho yeah. Petang tu main Volley ball pas tu basket ball pastu volleyball balik pas tu basketball balik. By 730 pm, satu badan dah exhausted, and kepala naik high. Dehydrated kot. Dah lama tak main cam ni.

Even masa silat pon dah berpusing pusing. :(.

Anyhow, it was a good first day of studentship. Ni second day, dah tabley tido dah, kol 730 pagi pon dah tabley tido balik. Haha.. terpaksala breakfast sambil baca suratkhabar. Ni dah bukan studentship ni.. macam bersara-ship la plak. humm..