Friday, October 28, 2005

Lesson from Scrubs

A scene from scrubs

Bob Kelso:

"You are gonna shut your damn yapper and listen for a change coz i got you pegged sweet heart,
You wanna take the easy way out with this surgery because you're scared and you're scared because if you try and fail ther is only you to blame. Missy, let me break this down for you bob-O style. Life is scary, get used to it. There are no magical fixes, it is all up to you. So get up of your keyster and get out of here and go start doing work.

What if it's too hard?

Bob Kelso:
Nothing in this world that is worth having comes easy.


Lesson learnt.. and now.. if we can all put this to use... hummm

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ceng's Send Off

Had a grrrreat bachelor's party yesterday, considering that it has been 1 year since we had any bachelor parties. Am not gonna tell you the details, since you can read it at rumet's blogspot. <- Click here (apsal hyperlink ni tak tukar kaler lain? demm)

But some additional note:
1) I won the first snooker game! loserrrrrrrrrrrrssssss.. ceng rumet ngan ayilll u sakk!
2) I was acting as Along when i sang A la la la la la long! Dem u rumet!

Aaanyways. Just wanna wish Ceng a successful marriage. And good Luck for the Pilot thingee.

I Have one pic to put in actually, but i know what these few losers would have to say.. so tak jadikk.

If any of you are wondering if i am ok.. I AM OK..

I am OK.. I Am ok.. I Am Ok... I Am Ok..

Am I?

Whatever. When will be the next bachelor's party? god knows when.... :(

p/s: Dem u people for leaving me behind! But i guess i should be happy..:)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sky High

Hohoho.. sorry la people. Seems like i have been dormant for quite some time now. Wanna kumpul things to put in the blog (alasann.. alasann..). Also, i noticed that i have a very routine life and i dont wanna bore u people (alasann laagiiii)..

Okla mengakuuu.. i was just plain lazy.. satisfied? :P

Yesterday i went to KLCC with Rumet n Qz. Jadi kambing. Qz had this gathering with her x-TKC fwens (onggg gedek gedek gedekk) near lotus (yang dekat nikko hotel tu), so rumet was left alone. I was feeling quite exhausted yesterday, but also felt like rewarding myself after 2 days of working extra hard.

Rewind:(eekekffwyuypupup - tape rewinding sound effects)

Fri, 14 OCT - had to work until 2 a.m in the morning
Sat, 15 OCT - My dear GM called for a meeting and asked us to do a report from 1030 until 1600, on the spot. (Luckily i was half prepared)

Fast Forward: (ekkekefyuyupupupww - tape fast forward sound FX)

So decided to lepak with rumet at KLCC. Ok, la, not as crowded as i thought it would be. But Chilli's was full, and other restaurants are either full, or i just don't fell that the price is reasonable. Don't get me wrong, i don't mind paying if it is good food.

So we bukak puasa with some pretzel, and semayang. By 815, most of the crowd was clear and we 'lepak'ed at KFC.

And for the nites finale, instead of going to Terawih, we went to watch Sky High. Heheh. It is a very simple yet interesting story. Think of this, a normal Teen Flick, but set in a school of super humans. It is about seggregation at school. E.g jock never lepak with nerds but in this story, Heroes don't lepak with Sidekicks. You have some teen flick ingredients in it, like a-girl-likes-a-boy-but-the-boy-likes-another-girl, school prom, nerds kene bully and lots more.

For all you people who likes teen flicks or feel good movies, you'd probably enjoy it. But if you like complex story line,flawless visual effects, and horror movies, stay away!

I know i am easy to please and my analysis is not as good as Cipox's, but here goes.. I giveee.... 6/10! plus another point for cheering me up, so 7/10! tra la laaaa..