Thursday, December 15, 2005

Love of a Brother

How do you play this character? :
A spoilt brat who is spoilt by his brother because the brother gives him anything he wants since he was little. Their parents died early and his brother quit school to pay for his school fees and for food.
The conflict now is that, this spoilt brat is in love with his brother's fiancee. He goes behind his brother's back and confessed to his brother's fiancee that he loves her and to his surprise, the girl responded positively and told him that he is 'the one' and the perfect guy of her dreams.
And oh, he is kind of a player. However his current relationship is the most stable and might lead somewhere. Which one to choose : Steady girlfriend? or Brother's fiancee? Quite a tough one, ain't it?

For me, this is quite hard to imagine because i never had a brother.

Now, the challenge here is to establish the connection between the two brothers. How they are really-really close so that in the end, it will leave a bigger impact to the audience when the spoilt brat confesses to his brother of his doings.

Like En Effindi said, "it is like an artist finishing up the work of his life, something beautiful, and when it is completed, rips it a part in front of everybody".

I guess its true, when you have sumthing really special and everyone knows it, but then you just destroy that special thing, it leaves a state of shock because it is kind of not in the norm. Like Rodek said, "Conforming is boring".

Yeap, so we will have to do things which are out of the norm so that the audience won't sleep.

And we have 2 weeks to go till show day.

Good Luck to Us.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Journey of the Morning

I woke up one morning. Opened my eyes, stretched to the left, stretched to the right. Sitting position on the bed. Stretched some more.

Looked at the clock. ALready 6:45 am.
Stood up. Thought : What am I gonna do today? Rite, work..
While thinking, phase out to another world. Imagined the day's scheduled in head. From going to the office until i get back home at night.

Woke up from daydream. Looked at the mirror. Pick up towel. Undress. Walk straight to the bathroom. Pick up toothbrush. Brush teeth. Gargled Listerine. Wash face with face cream. Turned around. Walk towards the shower. Put away towel. Apply shampoo on hair. Apply bodywash.

Dried self up. Apply teeth whitener. Done.

Walk towards cupboard. Put on boxers and pants. Fingered through selection of work shirts. Checked for Shirt-wrinkles. House Helper ironed all he shirts the day before. Put on powder. Sprayed Cologne. Put on shirt. Tighten belt.

One last look at the mirror. Take socks from drawer. Put laptop on shoulder. Ready to go.

Suddenly i realized, i was still in bed. In the Sitting position.
Look at the clock : 8:30 a.m.


Aeon Flux @ Mid Valley

Heheh, Ended up, had a great time in Mid Valley. Went via Komuter (convenient weyh!). Watched Aeon Flux. Don't wanna spoil it by giving details. I give the rating 4/10.

But still.. had a grrreaat time!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Watching Muvi

Me feel like watching movie,
Me feel like going to the cinema,

First thing first,
Where should i go?
SHould it be One Utama? (is sound system important?)
SHould it be Pyramid? (Macam jam jek hari sabtu ni?)
Should it be MId Valley? (Confirm jamm nak mampus!)
Or KLCC? (Sapa nak hantar pi LRT?)
Or summit? (Tempat tak kewl)
OK, Pyramid la kot.. at least dekat, petang boleh main basketball.

What muvies are there to watch?
There's Aeon Flux( Cam ok),
There's Harry Porter (Dah tengok),
There's Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam (Never!),
There's Chronicle's of Narnia (Cam best)
There's Kong (Cam lagi best..)
And There's Zathura.. (DOn't feel like watcihng Jumanji all over again)
OK, it's a tie between Chronicle's of Narnia and Kong.
Decide when i get there.

WHat time is the show?
Alamak, KOng starts showing on the 13th.. so i guess Kong is out
Chronicle's of Narnia.. 2:20, 3:05, 5:10, 5:55..
Kol 3:05 sempat ke?
Slambe badak ah.

Eyh.. what's this? hujan?
eyh.. Best gile tidor... damn..
Layan That 70's Show on VCD best gak nie..

And then go to sleep.

There goes the movies...

Damn Nini for burning That 70s SHow.. now i'm addicted..


p/s: Ceng Baru bukak Blog! tengok weyh!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Alphabet recap

Once there was a kid who travelled from A to Z.
Everyday A to B to C to D to E to F to G to H to I to J to K to L to M to N to O to P to Q to R to S to T to U to V to W to X to Y to Z
An he became an engineer, travelling from A to B to C to D to E to F to G to H to I to J to K to L to M to N to O to P to Q to R to S to T to U to V to Z
And then A to B to G to H to I to J to K to L to M to N to O to P to Q to R to S to T to U to V to Z
And then A to B to G to H to I to J to P to Q to R to S to T to U to V to Z
And then A to B to G to T to U to V to Z
And then A to B to V to Z
And then A to Z
And then A to Z
And then A to Z
And then A to Z
And then A to Z
So frequent that he forgets that there are more to the journey other than A and Z.
One day, he realizes that there is more to the journey than A to Z. There's always B, C, D that makes him laugh. E,F,G to make him sad. H,I,J to tell him that he is worthless. K,L,M to cheer him up. N,O to build his confidence. P,Q to make him wiser. R,S,T to add experience. U,V to make him more brave. W,X to share with. and Y to Love.
He just needs to open his eyes more to see that he is still in the same journey as he was when he was a kid, going through the ABCs of life.
Apa aku tulis pon aku tatau... tapi mampus la kan.

Macam Macam Ada

Me, Iqbal , And Ain (Tuk Guru Gitar)
Macam-macam ada - The Gang
Above are 2 pics. I like la the wig. Tambah dengan Spek Hitam.. Ngancam weyh! ada lagi gambar, but don't feel like posting about malam kesenian TM. Furthermore, the network is f88cking slow and i have to wait for 5 f99kin7 minutes to upload 1 pic.
Yes, i'm irritated.
Have you guys ever been with somebody who you just can't stand? for some people i could be somebody who talks too loud, insensitive, and only thinks that he/she is the one who is rite. That is just the tip of the iceberg.
No, it's not u Rodek.. but u nearly reached the mark haha..
No, it's not anybody any of us know well. It's just a general remark.
I wonder what are these people thinking of when they shout at people telling others how they are stupid. Herm, are they thinking in the first place? Must be emotionally crippled as well.
I pity them. They must have problems at home, or sumthing. But i guess what goes around comes around. They must have done sumthing wrong to be in that position.
Being annoying is ok if you produce results.. but if not.. then you should just shut the yap up.
It's just that when these people are not around. everything is serene, and going according to plan. But in their presence, the uneasy aura will set a disastrous environment that spoils everybody's mood.
What can we do about it other than kutuk in the blog? well.. Doa would suffice. Like a friend told me, You can't really change people. It is gods job. You can just doa for the best.
"Tak perlu buat baik. Cukup untuk jadi baik."
"Buat Baik berpada-pada. Buat Jahat Jangan Sekali."
Pikir-pikirkan la.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Malam Anugerah & Kesenian TM Selangor

Was selected to become the producer to represent O&M Selangor (Haih.. producer lagik). One of the group member decided to go crazy and took pictures.

Cam siyut kan mamat ni? Haven't receive the pics for the performance yet, i'll update later.

Senapang Kontot, a replacement for Parang Kontot in the sketch during the performance of the song Aci-aci buka Pintu.

Jambu gila

Macho Gila

Just Plain Gila.

Ahahhahah. Really enjoyed ourselves. Tell you guys more about what happened during the show when i get more pics from the group.

La. la la laaaaaa