Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa & Kaki Blue

Had a great experience doing Merong Mahawangsa in Istana Budaya. Got to work with knowledgeable actors like Sham Sunder, Radhi Khalid (though not directly), and also Megat. Also learnt a lot on how to keep the energy up and also keep safe in doing a role which demands physical movements. (no Sham, the chapatti didn't help, though it did keep me warm. Hehe)
Though I did hit my self on my back and a few bruises here and there. But no worries, so far everything is fine. :)
Friends that matter already gave me a piece of their mind about the play. Some good, some bad, as usual. Don't want to say it here, until i have the Teh Tarik session with Marina, which should be soon.
On another note, rehearsals for Kaki Blue :The Musical have already started, 1 day after Merong closes.
Come to think of it, this year has been hectic. Been jum,ping from productions straight to productions non-stop. Started with KLPac Open day, then Stage Theraphy, straight to Merong and now Kaki Blue. Alhamdulillah, means i get to learn more, from more people!
There are 30 actors in the cast list, so am still struggling to remember names. 2 Rehearsals so far. We did a reading of the script, which was fun. The script is witty and has so many underlying tone. The songs are cool too!
Really need to improve my singing. Honestly, I'm nnervous. And the other performers are really really good!
Can't wait for Movement rehearsals tomorrow. bet it's going to be so much fun!