Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Aviemore Ski Trip & Dublin

Ski Trip

I know.. i know.. this was 2 weeks ago, but i feel like updating you peeps on this ski trip again anyways. It was a trip organized by Kelab UMNO Birmingham, joined by Kelab UMNO Salford & Manchester and Kelab UMNO Edinburgh. It was a 3 day trip and we stayed in a youth hostel. Didn't get much chance to take photographs because everybody was busy falling down. Heheh.


I als0 promised you guys that i'd update on the Dublin experience in which i worked for a freight company that ships students' stuffs back to Malaysia. It was a load of fun! And by load.. i DO mean LOAD.. huhu.. Medic students especially, have very thick books.. and as intelligent as they seem to be, some of them lacks the capacity to empathize with the people that is going to pick up their boxes on to the van and ultimately the container. Some of them put ALL the heavy hardcover books in one box, and never thought of distributing the weight in 2 or 2 boxes. Oh well.. on the bright side, i loss a few KGs that weekend.. and i think now i have a bit of muscles in me arms.. :P

Titanic? huhuhu
Dublin.. here i come! (on the freight cruise ship from Liverpool to Dublin)It wasn't me!.. ahahhaLoads of boxes!Satisfaction!
The Medic StudentsCity CentreMarket in the middle of the city
House in Dublin.. huhu.. Nice weyh!

Okides... that's about it! I'll update on my second Road trip around UK in a bit. Just came back from a trip that covered 7 cities : Birmingham-Coventry-Cambridge-Leceister-Derby County- SHeffield-Leeds.

Have to make sure entries are scattered and there is at leats one post per day so that my assignment diary is more interesting. (Yes, i have to keep track of what i do in the blog daily).


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Assignment

My Assignment is to have a blog!

The coursework statement basically is to create and track the usage of a personal webspace. i.e: friendster/blogspot/windows live space etc. and make a study on how effective is the character representation on the personal webspace!

At first i thought that.. what the hell? Blog? Haih.. to come here all this way just to learn how to create a blog?!... ridiculous! Haha.. But i found out that there is more to it than just a blog. Creating and tracking the personal webspace is just the first part of the coursework which will take 3 weeks. I will need to keep a diary of what i do in this blog. i.e: how much time spent per day, what do i normally do, do i receive comments. etc.

The next step will be the actual study. The study is actually to be implemented in companies who practices off shoring, which means that they expand their business abroad have staffs all over the world who work together but never actually met. One of the importance is that staff who deals with each other are more comfortable dealing with somebody that they know, or maybe know something about (i.e: Age, Status, experience of work, etc). So that is why there is a study to see if personal webspace is a good tool to represent the character of the staff.

How do we gauge this in the coursework? Well, i will have to set up a questionnaire and ask my closest friends to answer about what they think my character is (a). Another questionnaire will be given out to people who have not met me and have only 'seen' me in the virtual space(b). And then, we will compare the 2 questionnaires and see if the answers in b is near to a. Kewl huh?

I know that there are lots of variables and limitations of this study. For example, personal representation on a blog is actually from my own point of view of who i am and definitely it could be a bit biased. This means that i only put in my blog might be my own misconception of myself and therefore definitely misrepresents my own character.

Anyhooo... i think this should be fun. I love this course! Haha.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

May - SKetsa Sebuah Cinta

Thought u guys might wanna sing along to the featured video. I used to detest rock kapak when i was younger.. but somehow.. all these nostalgic songs are coming back one by one. I just noticed that 80s rock bands are not that bad in terms of quality. Apart from the theme of love is touched by most of the bands over and over again back then (which i found is a bit too much), their vocal strength and range is really marvellous.

I also noticed that performers during that time have more soul. Could be because they sang from the heart. Many current bands have tried to re-make the songs form back then.. but came out with less umpph.

Oh well.. here goes!


Oh kekasih hatiku selamanya
Keindahan maya itu milik kita
Terciptalah... sebuah cinta
Jiwa sama bergelora

Kaulah satu dalam hidupku ini
Penawar di kala rindu
Kanku curahkan seluruh cintaku
Padamu... oh... kasihku

Akan kubina istana untuk kita
Dan menikmati gelombang cinta
Di dadaku... dan di dadamu
Degupan seiring irama

Ayuh kupimpinkan tanganmu
Menuju mahligai bahagia
Kitakan bersama
Mengecap nikmat cinta
Hidup bagai di syurga



Friday, February 16, 2007

MALAYSIAN NIGHT 2007 : Audition for Actor/Actresses

Hello everyone,
Just to remind everyone that we will be holding an audition tomorrow in our search for actors and actresses for our Malaysian Night play.

Venue: Room 3, Student Union
Date: 16th February 2007 (This Friday)
Time: 3pm-7pm

The gist of the play:
Set in a time, not so long ago, this story tells of three friends who come from utterly different backgrounds, and yet are united with an unbreakable bond forged from the moment they were born. Like any 15 year-olds, Zak, Suet Ray, and Shar thought that they had the world under their feet, but unbeknownst to their innocent minds, a night at a haunted shack changes Zak's life forever...
This is a story about belonging, friendship, and self-identity.

The Characters

A good-natured Malay boy who is filial to his mum and has a passion for Mother Nature, but plagued by a cumbersome ideal that he has to put the state of poverty he and his mum are in to an end. And when he stumbles upon this haunted shack, he is changed and no one sees him again after that night... 5 years later, Zak returns to the village, rich and powerful, but evidently, has forgotten his roots...

Suet Ray
: An innocent and kind-hearted girl from a wealthy Chinese family. She was born with a lisp and was especially cheeky when she was young, but when she is all grown up, she overcomes her lisp, blossoms into a beautiful lady and yet, so unaware of her intoxicating features. She has missed Zak in those 5 years, and when she sees him again as a totally different person, she is pained and saddened...

: Flirtatious Indian, even when he was a young boy. Very particular about his hair and complexion, mischievous, a comic relief for his other two more serious counterparts. Loves to go to the disco, typically falls for a girl during a dance party...

Suet Ray's and Shar's mums

Zak's mum: Speaks Malay, easily contented, patient, forgiving, and makes Nasi Lemak for a living.

Suet Ray's dad: kind, humorous and a worldly man who has travelled around the world for business.

Ka Ming: Suet Ray's love interest; was a young boy hand-picked by Suet Ray's dad to become his protege. As a result, he has been travelling around the world with her dad. He received a largely Western education, so he displays some awkwardness when it comes to local/Chinese culture.

Karina: Shar's love interest; used to be a buck-toothed girl bullied by the boys but has turned into a beautiful swan. As a result of those horrid years of being looked down upon, she has developed a steely front, although it encourages the guys on to pursue her more than deter them. (This character requires no dialogue, but please be informed that she will be dancing)

Siti: Zak's love interest. When Zak was young, he used to leave trinkets outside Siti's place; a self-assured woman later on, who plays a role in persuading Zak to repent on his deeds...

Mr. Robinson: An Englishman in Malaysia! Complacent, fun-loving. Loves hanging out with the hot chicks and basically is Zak's co-worker/partner when he eventually comes back to the village.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Janet's Valentine Poem

Hey Baby
I am Sorry
Are U Lonely
Don't Worry
If got Money
I Make u Happy
Then u get Baby

(Copyright : Janet, 11 Feb 2007, 7:30 p.m, HD 12, Grosvenor's Place, Manchester)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Cheapest Room in Old Trafford! - taken

The cheapest room in Old Trafford has been taken.

Thank you. :)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cheapest Room in Manchester!

Assalmualaikum/ Selamat Sejahtera/ Good Afternoon to all,

I have a room to let starting from March 2007. Descriptions as below:

1) General Description : It’s a 4 bedroom house sharing with 5 male tenants including myself. One Living room with Sky. One Washroom. One Kitchen. Washing machine is available. The room to let is a fully furnished bedroom with rent of GBP 90 with no deposit required. Phone line available. Fully furnished with 1 bed, 1 wardrobes, and 1 study table. The refrigerator and the washing machine in the kitchen were recently replaced.

2) Location : It is located in on Stamford Street in Old Trafford, Manchester. The house is strategically located with the nearest bus stop is less than 5 minutes walk, newsagents are less than 5 minutes walk, and surrounded by restaurants and takeaways (depan Kara). The house is practically in front of the E-Noor Mosque as it only takes 1-2 minutes to walk there.

3) Transportation : Bus service available at the nearest bus stop is 86 (to city centre through Hulme) and 15 (to city centre via rusholme). Bus 250 (to Trafford Centre) is also available at another bus stop which is 15 minutes walk. It only takes 10-15 minutes bus ride to the University of Manchester Precinct. Weekdays bus services available until 1150 p.m.. Night Bus Services (up till 311 am) available on Fridays and Saturdays from city centre towards nearest bus stop.

Viewing is most welcome by prior appointment.

Please contact Faisal at 07810804940 or by email directly to ragsy937@yahoo.com for further information.

p/s: as far as i know, this room is the cheapest in Old Trafford. :)



Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Huhu.. just got back from scotland.. there are lots of pics.. but this few pics are pretty much sums up the ski trip. Don't have time to update blog that much so i'll just let the pics do the talking. :)
Scottish peeps
Ready to ski!
After tergolek Dog!
Near Edinburgh CastleStairs at St. James Park (i know.. i know.. no "proof of Newcastle Stadium".. still waiting for more pics from other cameras)

Tune in for more pics from other cameras. :)

Owh.. tonite we are having theatre workshops.. hehe.. just can't survive just studying.. i just have to do all the things..:P Uk experience bebeh!