Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tak Tanya Pun

Always check when you speak, if the person you are talking to can just reply " Tak Tanya Pun?".

If no, then what you say matters.


Juice Online Mix Tape

Check the Playlist out.

Awesome new music artists out there. My personal favourite is Think Tadpole Thing - 250 Megabyte. Couldn't believe that this is Malaysian.

And be sure to check out Sehari Dalam Kehidupan as well.

Oh, and Juice should totally invite Projek Disko Baldi for the next party. haha. I kid.



James Morrison - If You Don't Want To Love Me

Mode Jiwang Pagi Khamis. Happy New Year Everyone!


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ramleefestasi @ Stor DBP

Went to Stor DBP yesterday to catch Ramleefestasi by the Revolution Stage. it is a tribute show to the great works of Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee.

It was performed by mostly first timers. It was enjoyable to see them having fun and this led to them being able to show their potential. And some of them really do have it. The directors/artistic director did a good job at optimizing the talents. Those who sang well were featured more in the singing parts and those who could act had more acting roles. It was smart in that sense.

Having said that, what could be further improved (if they decide to restage), is that the performance can have a better flow. This is what most deviced plays suffer, when trying to combine a few segments together.

Also, i'd like to see them challenge themselves more by being more experimental (without butchering) P. Ramlee's words and make it their own interpretation. It would be great to see more creativity (of which i believe they potentially have). The same script could be performed in a different setting, be it era or space.

Beto's performance was as expected. Talented as usual. It was funny when he said "I Love You" and some of the girls in the audience squealed. Heheh.

And it's good to know that Crissie has been bitten by the theatre bug. Like most of the MyHarapan talent, this is also her first time on stage and she did really well.We were chatting about the differences between screen and stage acting and how on stage, we are free to move and also do not have to be worried about contis and type of shot taken. Freedom!

We are definitely going to see more of her on stage. :)

I am hoping to see more of their work. It is is good to see new talents emerging in the theatre scene. Hope we all can grow together.

They have 2 more shows today. 3 pm and 830pm. Stor DBP

So go catch them.


Start with Why

We follow those who lead, not because of them, but it is because of ourselves. They start with a purpose.

So true.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Observations on Casting

Just concluded a 3-day casting session for our feature. Now i know how it feels being on the other side of the camera/table.

It was interesting to have met so many different types of people from different backgrounds who came for the casting session. Some were from ASWARA, and some came from as far as Johor to audition. Some who were really raw and has no idea on acting, and some were more experienced and have had some form of formal training.

I find that one of the most important thing in casting, is to just commit to whatever is instructed. This is assuming that you really listen well to the instructions. Also, it is also good to research the previous works of the production house to see what kind of acting style they prefer. Do they prefer a more natural approach? or the more "buat-buat" acting approach.

Another observation is that theatre actors may have better improvisational skills. However, they may need to tone down their acting, and really focus on the action given and to avoid theatrical acting. After all, the studio is quite small. 

Somehow, raw talents who have not had any formal training are more easy to direct. This may be because, (unlike those who may have had formal training, or may have acted before,) they do not have to 'unlearn'  their acting style to suite what is required.

Did i mention to LISTEN? yes, the most important thing is to listen to the instructions given, and also, if required to communicate in a given scene, listen, digest, and react accordingly. If you are busy thinking about what to do or say next, chances are you are not listening outwards. You may miss some moments where magic can happen.

But all in all, it was still a relatively good turn out, both in terms of quantity and quality.

Can't wait for our callbacks next week where we have a workshop. More improv!


Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Tayangan Filem Perdana : A Night for Palestine

Invited as a panelist to talk about the film "Lemon Tree" alongside Khairulnizam Bakeri (Novelist "PECAH"),Ahmad Amir Azfar Shahidan (student of International Relations and Law, from University of Aberdeen) 

This will be interesting. Can't wait to hear what they have to say about the film.


Bikin Filim - M. Nasir

Badai tengkujuh telah berlalu

Tiba kini musim mewah


Bikin filim

Carilah topeng pengarah

Sarung ke muka bergelar sutradara


Bikin filim

Ramai kini tahi bintang

Nan muda-muda dan cun-cun

Ramai kini mak janda seksi

Ditauliahkan sebagai pelakun

Ayuh Jack!

Bikin filim…jeritlah action..

Memang mudah!

Marilah bikin filim kata mereka

Telanjangkan hipokrasi kataku

Mereka mahu bikin filim

Aku mahu filimkan hidup

Jeritlah…jeritlah action

Ayuh jack! Bikin filim….

Mereka Cuma bikin filim

Mereka lupa bikin kebenaran

Aku terlupa bikin filim

Aku bikin kenyataan oh…


Memang mudah!

Pencipta: M. Nasir (lagu), Nasir Jani (lirik)
Album: Saudagar Mimpi


MC BMG 1992
© 1992 BMG Pacific Sdn. Bhd

CD BMG PMC/CD 8.1101
© 1992 BMG Pacific Sdn. Bhd.

CD Re-released Sony-BMG 82876873012
© 2006 Sony BMG Music Entertainment Sdn. Bhd.


Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Acting : Theater vs Film

The biggest difference between the experience of watching the theater and watching a film is the distance between the audience and the performer.

In theater, it is fixed throughout, and for some less intimate spaces, an actor will have to perform bigger actions to ensure clarity. The challenge here is to still be honest with the actions whilst performing these big actions.

For film, the performance can be varied throughout the movie. An action can seem to happen up close right in front of your face (POV shots), or it may happen so far away (cinematic wide shots), and therefore, the actor will have to be conscious of this when they perform.

Therefore, although the same approach may be used for an actor to prepare for a role, however, the craft of presentation is different. The best is to learn and get the best from both worlds and apply accordingly.


Introduction to Film - David Thornburn


Film as a Product of mass production is one of the frameworks to further understand film. The same principals apply to the factory production of cars where you can break the processes further into smaller and more manageable processes so that it can be replicated over and over again.

The interesting thing is that the terms used to describing the process has not changed much. The main breakdown is still Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. Terms such as exhibitors, to me is very nostalgic, since you can imagine, during pre-TV times, the approach to showing movies is the same as showing artifacts in a museum. This relates to how movies back then were an item of novelty. 

Another interesting fact is that movies started as and obsession to capture movements, hence the term "MOVies". The term is lost to us now, but back then, it was all about moving pictures. Now, personally, i think that it has evolved from moving pictures, to moving narratives, where the audience would want to follow a journey of a (group of) character(s). There is also a place for something that it is in between, where you line-up gags and slapstick jokes (remember movies like kindergarten cop?). I think this is where most Malaysian movies are. Nothing wrong with that, but i think we should progress even further and start focusing on narratives.

Now to research on how television affected the movies.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Disko Baldi Shorts - Bisikan Hati

Our latest video. Shot and Edited by Nik Amir Mustapha.

For some reason i can't embed. So click here

Enjoys. More vids coming soon.


Memories of Projek Disko Baldi in Love

Memories.Shot and Edited by Khai M Bahar.

It was really a great run.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Blast from the Past

It's good to be reminded of where you came from and how you started.

I met a Lady recently and we got to talking about how small theatre productions can be really good. She hasn't been going to any lately, but one of the best one that she could remember was Toast.

That was back in 2006. It was a small double-bill theatre production which consisted of Toast! (written by Redza Minhat) and wake up and smell the coffee (written by Eric Bogosian). She was the Kakiseni judge back then, and she liked it so much that she gave us full marks. Unfortunately, there were not enough judges who were available to judge the show, so we didn't get nominated.

She asked, what are we doing now? and i told her we just fnished a telemovie and also working on a feature film, shooting next year.

Our old website here. Back then, we were Aroma Stageworks.
Talk about a blast from the past.



Looking forward to 2013. One of it is this:

Monday, November 19, 2012

Pipi Rosli's - Big Jet Plane on Ukulele

Anonymice strikes again! Keep it up Pips!


On Producing

A Producer surrounds himself with quality people (most of the time subconsciously). He then invests in their emotional banks, without any prejudice. This is how a Producer can be a resourceful person.

A natural Producer is someone who does all of the above without even trying. This is because his natural mode or instinct is to 'give'. And when the time comes, people would naturally want to help the producer.

A producer who is an opportunist is different. Yes, he/she may also be a resourceful person, which makes him/her an effective producer. But an opportunist just withdraws from the emotional bank. Rarely does he/she invests, or do something for other people. This may work for short term, but less chance in the longer run.


What can be learnt from Isra' Mikraj

In Isra' Mi'raj, Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) met Nabi Musa during when the Solat was 'bestowed' (excuse me for the lack of words). Nabi Musa gave advice that 50 times per day is too much and finally, after a few negotiations, it was settled that only 5 prayers times per day is sufficient.

Am not here to debate whether or not this really happened. But my point is that (One of) the take away message is that in anything you do, be sure to ask somebody who has gone through it. My own thinking is that you have to put a side the fact that there are things you don't know, you don't know. This is due to lack of experience.

Things you know, you don't know can easily be dealt with. Hey, that is what wikipedia is for. And of course you can always ask Master Google.

Putting things in context, it is the same with Bikin Filem. Am so glad that we have mentors that can guide us, to make sure that everything is accounted for during the planning and the pre-production stage.

Heck, in our session today, it was even more basic that that. We were asked  about the core idea of making the movie which included purpose of making a movie, why we tell the story the way it is told, why each characters there, and what are each their intentions.

I cannot reveal who our mentors are. But all i can say is that we are in good hands. Insya Allah.



Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pasport Ekspres

Had a chance to work with Rewan Ishak on a Short for Astro's MyHometown. Alhamdulillah, it has gained traction. I think it resonated well since it offers something different than the usual rempits, hantus, and gangsters. Passport Ekspres has been sent to Festival Filem Malaysia 2012. Let's see where it will bring us.

In a bigger picture, looking at the profit record in the FINAS website, the community has spoken. They want to be offered at least a storyline and good acting. Audiences are definitely getting smarter. Filmakers have to now think about growing more writers and more importantly directors who are also story tellers. Lining up gags just don't cut it anymore.

You need not go far. There are lots of new talents around. Just have to open up to the youngsters.

Sometimes people forget. Be it on a film or a TV screen, it is still storytelling at its core. It's just a different media.

Here you go, Pasport Ekspres. Enjoy.



Disko Baldi Shorts : Nak Tengok Jer pon Boleh?

Great stuff

Back in MMU, i was very active. There were many societies to choose from. Some even made it to the book of 'extinct MMU societies'.

It was interesting to note that societies that were more successful, were those which was created by friends, wanting to spend more time together by doing common things that they enjoy doing as friends. This bunch of friends became so close that they are practically family.

Filmmaking, or theatre production is no different. Not saying that it is the only way to do it, because we may meet in a production, and become friends after, and that could still work. I am saying, chances are, you will produce a better product together if you do it as a family. 

So let's be friends and let's make great stuff together as family.


3 months

It's been 3 months since i've become a full time producer/actor. It feels longer though. Maybe it's because i may have been more productive compared to the last 10 years as an Engineer.

Things are going great with Playground Productions. 

We produced our first telemovie, Aku, Dia & Tong Sampah (650k hits ratings + 200k on youtube, and still counting). We signed a deal for a feature film, shooting next year with an exciting cast and crew. Disko Baldi is getting a TV series, set to shoot in April next year. We produced a Radio Drama play. We entered a short film competition. Box of Delights, our family theatre unit is growing positively with the addition of new family members. We also hosted and performed in events. Last but not least, we have a corporate video gig coming up for an oils and gas services company.

And Insya Allah, more to come.


Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Backer's Audition

Thank you kakiseni for the opportunity to present at the Backer's Audition. It was quite an experience having to pitch an idea within a 10-minute timeslot. Gets you to really think about your project and only highlight what is good about it. :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mental Note

2 Modes/styles of communication: Deductive & Inductive. So which one is the best?

Both of them. It really depends on timing.

For business communication, deductive is preferred (especially in emails!). Being deductive is when you go straight to the point, elaborating only if you need to. It is very economical. 

How do you know if you are deductive? Before communicating, ask yourself, "what do i want the other person to know?". When you are on the receiving end, ask yourself,"What does the other person really want to know?"

For arts, writing novels, inductive is preferred because you get to be more descriptive. You can go to the moons and the stars across 9 planets before you come back to your point. Although bear in mind, we live in a society where Attention Deficit is a norm. So beware.

It is important to take note that each one of us have a default mode. So it is definitely going to take some time to practice and habitualize the other mode that we are not used to.

So good luck.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Playground Productions' New corporate Logo

Courtesy of Omar Ali. Copyright 2012

TimeOut KL

Time Out KL's critic choice. Apa lagi, come and check Parah and Disko Baldi out!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Projek Disko Baldi in Love

We have started to go full throttle with Projek Disko Baldi in Love!. Fun times rehearsing with talented people, writing new music and sketches. Don't want to reveal much just yet. Except that for those who have seen the Thunder video, expect to see a Thunder-related surprise. :) 

You will hear more of Projek Disko Baldi after the CNY holidays. Meanwhile, we have uploaded some videos as a start. More videos to come. So subscribe to our Youtube Channel

This time, we are joined by Sherry, a talented young actor who graduated from ASWARA. 

Expect more zaniness and randomness.



Date and Time
Thu - Sun :16th-19th February 2012, 8.30pm
Sat - Sun (Matinee):18th and 19th February 2012, 3.00pm

Venue  : 
PJ Live Arts, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.

Ticket Prices:
Adults              : Normal Seats (RM35); Premier Seats (RM45)
Students          : Normal Seats (RM 25); Premier Seats (RM 35)

Rating : 18-PL
Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes (no intermission)
Language: English and Malay.
Bookings: / 603.7960.0439 /
*Online bookings are not up yet.

Redza Minhat, Iedil Putra, Shamaine Othman, Farah Rani, Megat Sharizal, Tuan Faisal

Guest Starring:
Sherry Abdullah

Melvin Ho

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Projek Disko Baldi in 'LOVE'

Our latest video promo, we have more videos lined up :


How much do you love your favourite popstar? Check out other kinds of love at Projek Disko Baldi in Love, Feb 16th-19th at PJ Live Arts.

Date and Time : 16th-19th February 2012, 8.30pm 18th and 19th February 2012, 3.00pm
Ticket Prices: RM 35 , RM 25 (Students only)
Rating : 18-PL
Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes (no intermission)
Language: English and Malay.
Bookings: / 603.7960.0439 /

Redza Minhat
Iedil Putra
Farah Rani
Tuan Faisal
Shamaine Othman
Megat Sharizal

Shot by:
Syed Azahedi (
Directed by:
Megat Sharizal

Monday, January 09, 2012


JNCIA exams at 2 pm in Mid Valley. 65 Multiple Choice Questions. 105 minutes. Should be alright. The nerve wrecking part is to click the finish button, because the system calculates your results straight away. This kind of efficiency, i don't like. Kalau tunggu results, at least sempat balik rumah sembahyang hajat dulu, doa banyak sikit. Ini, just Bismillah sahaja.

Been a while wince i stayed up late to study. After all these years, the best time for me to study is still between 12 - 3 am. Old habits die hard huh.No wonder playground meetings are usually around that time. Heheh.

Description of JNCIA - JUNOS

Designed for experienced networking professionals with beginner-intermediate knowledge of networking, this written exam verifies the candidate's understanding of the Juniper Networks Junos OS, networking fundamentals and basic routing and switching.
JNCIA-Junos exam topics are based on the content of the recommended instructor led training courses, as well as the additional resources.
The JNCIA-Junos certification is valid for two years. Recertification is achieved by passing the JN0-101 exam.
  • Junos OS Fundamentals
  • User Interface Options
  • Junos Configuration Basic
  • Operational Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Routing Fundamentals
  • Routing Policy and Firewall Filters
  • Class of Service
  • Networking Fundamentals

Now it is time to schleeeppp! Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Mucking about in Bangsar

Had a lepak session at Chawan, Bangsar with Aswad who wanted to run through some ideas for shorts to shoot. Then later, we decided to do an adhoc shooting to test out his new camera. No scripts. It was loosely inspired by a character i once played. So here goes.

It was fun. :)

Dance Like Nobody's watching

Looks like fun.

Clock Opera - Once and For All | Lagi sedih dari Ombak Rindu (Orang Kata)

Couldn't find the embed coding, so please click on the link above to be redirected to vimeo. :)

Check this video clip out

Monday, January 02, 2012

Ice-Berg Theory

If a writer of prose knows enough of what he is writing about he may omit things that he knows and the reader, if the writer is writing truly enough, will have a feeling of those things as strongly as though the writer had stated them. The dignity of movement of an ice-berg is due to only one-eighth of it being above water. A writer who omits things because he does not know them only makes hollow places in his writing.
—Ernest Hemingway in Death in the Afternoon[

This is what i thought Songlap was trying to do.

Relationship Status

A film by Khai M. Bahar. Premiering tomorrow.

Chi Ho's Talking Cock

Just added a new link. It is Phoon Chi Ho's blog. A blog to commemorate his old jokes, or jokes that are not that funny.

Check it out.

Mental Note

Kalau kita ingat kat tuhan, tuhan pun ingat kat kita balik. - arwah atuk

*very reflective mode, since it's the new year and all.

New Years 2012

So, new years celebration this year was spent with good friends. 

We had a viewing of Laskar Pelangi & Sang Pemimpi. Figured that we end the year with a good movie, and start a new one with another good movie. Yes, most of us cried, although most won't admit to it!. And to think i have watched both movies more than one.

Haih, one day, i'll produce or star in such movie. you'll see.: ). Challenge Accepted!

In between the viewing, we took a break to enjoy the view from Sandee's apartment. (Thanks Sandee for hosting us!). We could see fireworks all over KL!. It was like a battlefield! A very beautiful sight.

After the movie, we chilled for a while. then we went straight to Bukit Tabur, where we had a 1 hour-ish climb to the top. Waited for the sun to rise. And after enjoying the view, we went down to get some ABC!. But unfortunately, the stall was closed, so we had McDonald's breakfast instead. 

Such a good start for 2012.

Sharon, can;t wait for the photos!

Mental Note

“Yang terpenting, bukanlah seberapa besar mimpi kalian, melainkan seberapa besar upaya kalian mewujudkan mimpi itu” - Andrea Hirata, Sang Pemimpi