Sunday, December 31, 2006

My New Sexy GIrlfriend Pt 2

As promised, here are the pics. Ahaha.. For those who could not really understand the first part, i hope these pics would help get your imaginations clarified. :)
She sits on the table with lust and temptation
For me to open her up! But when she opens up.. it's hard to close her back!
This is first thing i do in the morning..! (notice the droopy eyes)

Happy New Year to all! And Happy Eid Mubarak!

Friday, December 29, 2006

My friend Needs Help

I just got back from having dinner at Rusholme. Had a great time. Wanted to write about my day, but when i got back, i received this email and i think this has much more importance.

Please Read.
This is an email from 'ninethreeseven dot com'

Assalamualaikum Meranti sekelian..

Di sini ada satu pengumuman penting.

Saudara kita, Zed Herman a.k.a ET amat memerlukan bantuan kewangan drpd kita semua.

Ayah kpd beliau, perlu menjalani satu pembedahan segera. Kos pembedahan tersebut ialah RM120,000.00, manakala duit utk medication buat masa ini ialah sekitar RM3,000.00.Oleh itu, aku rasa wajar utk kita semua membantu sorg sedikit bg meringankan beban saudara kita ini.Pihak batch setakat ini hanya mampu utk memberi sumbangan sebanyak RM1,000.00 shj, memandangkan kita tidak mempunyai fund yg besar.

Di sini, aku memohon kpd sesiapa yg berkemampuan dlm batch kita, utk menghulurkan sedikit sumbangan.Sorg sikit, klu ramai mesti banyak, betul tak..

Sebarang sumbangan sila masukkan ke akaun Batch : 164481001680 (Azrel Bin Ismail)

Semoga amal kita diberkati.


VP Meranti 93'7

So if anybody here knows my friend Zed Herman a.k.a E.T. (budak SDAR 937, currently studying in Intech Shah Alam), you might want to contribute.

I know the email above is quite vague, i am in the process of finding out more details on the situation. However, those who wants to get more details, please email me directly > I won't be posting the details in here cost it might be private information.

btw, if you need to now, Meranti is another name form Sdraian Batch 93'7.

May Allah bless us All.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

My New Sexy GIrlfriend


I have a new sexy girlfriend.. she just came all the way from Malaysia to meet me. She arrived yesterday noon. I went to pick her up in the airport. She arrived with Syed's family. They came together in the plane. She brought lots of souvenirs, a mouse, mouse rest, some rewritable dvd/cds and lots more stuff that i could use for my coursework.

At first, she stayed in Syed's room because i had to cook for eveyone. But later, after dinner, i brought her back to my house.

She will be staying in my room. But i am not sure for how long. Maybe until i finish my masters. But, I will definitely bring her back to Malaysia and let her stay at my house in Subang.

Oh. my Family has approved of this relationship. Umi and Papa saw her off before she came here to Manchester. Papa said she's the best that he has seen. Even Elin testifies to that too.

I love my girlfriend. We share the same interests in music. Oldies.. Dance.. hip hop.. a variety of everything. She also like superman movies. Last night, i slept late coz we watched superman returns. After Superman, i slept, but she didn't sleep. She wanted to finish up a few file uploads that janet requested from me.

She also loves chatting. when i woke up, there are still a few ym! messages that were left unanswered. She also loves reading, because she brought a lot of bookmarks with her. She wants me to read more (since i don't really read much).

I would love to put her picture on the blog. but am still sorting out a problem with my PDA. can't upload the files. May be sumtime later yah?

Ok.. chowsin!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Road trip!

Sorry peeps, Have been really busy with assignments (And Pro Evo 6) that i don't have time for blogging. Hehe..

Anyways, i went for a road trip with a few friends. It was an adhoc decision. But that's the thing, sumetimes adhoc plans are more fun!, if you manage to make very fast decisions and having to change plans in case u wake up late for the next day. We rented a car and drove without much planning. We wee mentally prepared, sort of. If we had to sleep in the car, so be it. However, we were lucky enough to be able to contact friends living insome of the places that we went.



They are actually friend of a friend, or friend's cousin's friend. hehe.. Talk aout Malaysian-Singaporean hospitality. Although we slept in a living room, but that was ok. Well, the fact that hhe living room had a bed, a couch-bed, PS2, Sky TV, and XBOX! really warmed things up. It was heaven!

That got me thinking, how fortunate we are to have friends who are willing to bring a roof on top of us, in spite of such short notice. That is the result from buat muka tebal. Hehe. In the car:

weyh.. call la member ko, kita on the way cardiff ni!

ala nanti la.. aku dah sms dah tadi.. eyh singgah Bristol jom.


Kepala hotak ko, ok ok.. kalau ko dah settle accomodation, kita singgah Bristol

ZZZzzzZZ.. Krrowh.. kkrrwohh...

Aa.. singgah jek.... erh.. ha.. ni .. die dah mesg! die ckp die ok, buleh la kita lepak rumah kawan die ke.. apa ke.


Wah, hebat betul ko.. dah nak sampai cardiff ni, die tak marah ke?

Ala, tadek hal punya

Krowhh.. krowhh.. eyh.. dah nak sampai ke?

Apa daa navigator... tido plak.. tak cemerlang la cam ni. eyh, so nanti sampai Cardiff kita call la lagi skali k.. tadi tu sms jek, confirm la betul betul.

Tak boleh call
Apsal lak?

Phone aku habes bateri.. number save dalam phone.. kong habes



ZZZZzzzZZZ.. Krowhhh krowhhh..

Anyways, we managed to call syed's friend. Nasib baik she smsed syed later. And we were lucky enough that we stopped at the Wales gathering Fun fair because kebetulan syed's friend was there.

Hehe.. talk about dealing with uncertainty huh?

Well, we don't mind buat muka tebal because we know if someboy were to come to Manchester, we would love to return the favour.

Thanx.. friend of a friend of a friend, and friend's cousin's friend. :)

I've uploaded my pics in my friendster.. have a look!

My friendster


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rumah aku ke ni?

Aku ada neighbour. Die juga landlord aku. Tapi aku tak suka landlord aku sebab hari hari, dia hantar anak die masuk halaman aku, lepas tu buat macam harta sendiri. Lepas tu die destroy sikit demi sikit, satu persatu. lepas tu buat tanah tu macam bapak die sendiri. Walaupon rumah ni die yg punya.. tapi tanah ni milik aku. Aku bayar sewa tiap tiap bulan.

Dulu tanah ni arwah atuk aku punya, tapi dah dekat seratus tahun, tukar milik. Aku sendiri tak tahu macamana.

Makin lama makin teruk. Tiang depan rumah die belasah. Dia ckp aku tak de permit. Walhal aku rasa, die yg tak boleh masuk rumah aku sebab aku dah bayar. Dah la aku bayar untuk tanah aku sendiri. Tertindas!

Buaian... takde permit katanya. Hancus
Anjung rumah .. takde permit. Hancus

Tiap tiap kali die hantar anak. Anak die bawak kereta. Depa kata ada jutawan bagi. dalam 6 tahun, dah ada 100 Billion dia bagi. 2/3 untuk beli kereta, helicopter, kapal terbang. Tak abes abes masuk rumah aku. Semua anak die bawak. Anak aku alan kaki jek. Kengkadang baru nak keluar rumah, dah kena tembak. Makin sikit anak aku. Bapak mana tak tahan?

Kalau setakat duit aku tak bimbang. Kalau nak dapat boleh.. Sedara Mara aku ramai. Satu benua ni ada. Tapi yg aku bimbang, Sedara mara aku sekor pon tak gheti nak tolong. Asal perut kenyang. Aku mmg tadek siapa nak tengok.

Anak aku ada yg semangat. Ada yg sanggup korban diri. Tapi korban bukan apa.. tak tahan dah semua idup tadek bumbung. Dah la tu.. abes sume harta nak rampas. Nak pindah tak boleh. Ni tanah pusaka. Tanah tumpah keturunan aku. Mana boleh jadi.

Tapi Landlord aku pandai.. die ada makcik Cinan. Mak Cinan ni pandai. Tak pernah landlord yg salah. Die bagi tau semua org yg sume salah anak aku. Anak aku yg mengganas. Anak aku yg pakai bom. Tapi yg dia dok tindas aku, satu pon tak pernah keluar.

Aku dengar anak die pon ada yg tak setuju dengan die. Siap buat protes. Pakai baju itam. Anak-anak die jalan sama ngan anak anak aku. Tapi Mak cik Cinan tak pernah sentuh. Ya lah.. tak align dengan ape yg die nak org percaya. Macik Bibac dulu ade jugak agi cerita benar. Anak Macik Bibac ade dtg rumah, tengok keadaan sebenar. Tapi tak sampai berapa bulan, anak mak cik bibac kene pindah. Dah habes harapan aku.

Aku bukan nak banyak. Aku nak rumah ni jadi umah aku. Aku nak tanah aku. Aku nak semua org dlm dunia tahu apa yg sebenarnyer. Aku tadek mana nak pergi. Aku tak de mana nak lari.

Rumah aku ke ni?

Kat sini aku berdiri.

Kat sini aku menanti.

Tunggu saja apa yg nak jadi.

Yang pasti aku di sini.

-Free Palestine-

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Wonder Years

"Sumtimes the earth that seems so stable might be as it seems in the inside, and when it errupts, the best you could do is to hold the person closest to you"

Things you learn from TV series huh? I noticed that TV series from when i was younger have very beautiful messages embedded in it. Remember The Wonder Years? The story of a growing boy going through the complicated years. The story was told in the first person point of view. I guess it can be said to be equivalent to Malcom in the middle. (not to sure about that, coz i've only seen it once or twice)

And what about Sitcoms such Full House?(Olsen twins), Happy days?(Fonzie), The Cosby Show? (Bill Cosby.. duhh) or Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?(Will Smith) . Talk about walking down memory lane huh? I bet most of us (the Gen-X, they call it) would have waited in front of the tv every day at 7-8 to watch those sitcoms. Lots of family values in it.

However, they do tend to be preachy. That's no doubt about it. And it is also staged in this perfect world where all things can be mend. Somebody would have done sumthing wrong, and towards the end, there would sure a father-daughter/employer-employee/brother-sister heart-to-heart talk. Which is nice... if it all can be done in real-life.

Well, i guess when you know that it is not the way it goes in real-life, that is when you know that you need those good old-fashion shows, as food for your soul.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Not superman..

Argh.. tensi nya.. i did this survey .. at and the rersults are as below :

***You Are Spider-Man***
Quick and agile, you have killer instincts (literally).
And that kind of makes up for the whole creepy spider thing.

Ahaha.. guess i'm not superman after all, even after going through superman 1-4 in the span of 2 days. Ngahaha.. and now i am downloading superman returns..:P

Too much time.. yeah. i have too much time..

Anyways, we went for an outing yesterday in town at nite. It's very beautiful as they have already started to decorate for christmas. Pics later, have to wait for Syed to upload the pics.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya

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Walaupon sejuk, walaupon terketar2, tetap control macho sambil tunggu bus nak pergi open house KUSMA 2006.

Selamat Hari Raya!


Monday, October 30, 2006

Periodic Table

Just thot i'd share this with u guys... Haha.. It has been handed out from generations of tenants living in my room for past few years.... priceless

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Prayer times

Wah.. i feel very disoriented.. after resetting daylight savings, now the current prayer times are :

Fajr/Subuh : 5:06 am
Sunrise : 7:01 am
Dhuhr : 11:53 am
Asr : 2:13 pm
Maghrib : 4:43 pm
Isha : 6:34 pm

waaaahh... now i can feel the winter creeping in. :)

What is Daylight Savings?, you may ask. Here is information from wikipedia ;

Daylight saving time (DST), also known as summer time, is a widely used system of adjusting the official local time forward, usually by one hour from its official standard time, for the spring, summer, and early autumn periods.

The term Daylight savings time, although commonly used, is technically incorrect.

DST is most commonly used in temperate regions, due to the considerable variation in the amount of daylight versus darkness across the seasons in those regions.

Governments often tout it as an energy conservation measure, on the grounds that it allows more effective use of natural sunlight resource in summer time. Since there is less darkness in the "waking day", there is less use of electric lights. Some opponents reject this argument (see below, Criticism).

Europeans commonly refer to the system as summer time: Irish Summer Time, British Summer Time, and European Summer Time. This is reflected in the time zones names as well, e.g., Central European Time (CET) becomes Central European Summer Time (CEST).

The word "summer" in this context includes most of spring after the spring equinox and a large part of autumn. Likewise, the word "winter" here includes part of autumn and a few weeks in spring. This varies by time zone, of course, and can change over time as well.


You don't get daylight savings in Malaysia.. uuh... time-disorientation!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cepatnya masa

Cepatnya masa terbang, dah lebeyh 5 minggu dah kat manchester ni. Dah separuh sem. Rasa cam tak belajar ape pon, stadi pon malas, rasa nak bungkus dalam duvet jek. uhuh. bebst wo0o0, sejuk sejuk pas tu bungkus dlm duvet. Tapi akibatnye mmg tak study la kan. Tido banyak gile. Gemuk sebab tido la gamaknya.. eheh. (walhal sebelum ni pon mmg dah gemuk)

Kat sini Raya rasa sama cam malaysia. Tak homesick pon. Ramai org melayu sini, be it melayu malaysia, melayu indon, atau pon melayu brunei. First day raya open house sampai 3. Termasuk la kat university hall. And masa ni la ak kenal lagi ramai org malaysia kat sini. Tapi tu la kan, kene careful, sebab kalau sangkut ngan org malaysiaaaa jek, bila nak kenal org lain? kalau kenal org malaysia jek baik duduk malaysia, tak gitu? Tapi pada aku mampus la kan, raya kira exception.. sebab nak makan rendang ayam, satay, kuih raya, etc. Kira tak exception la. :)

My first [part-time] job
Nop cipok, not ur kind of job.. hehe. Ni part-time job. dapat jugak kerja part-time. Jadi helper a.k.a kuli untuk exhibition. Kerjanya simple, tolong exhibitors unload/load barang, pas tu serve coffee and tea. All that for 5.50 pounds per hour. 44 pounds per day. kalau convert, that is already RM300 sehari. Ahaha. berapa kali ganda gaji engineer. Dah la stress-free. Tadek call-centre call malam-malam. Alhamdulillah, boss pon ok, dia suka aku kerja, and tak kisah aku tambah sehari kerja (originally janji nak kerja 1 hari jek). Lepas ni siap offer lagi, untuk next month nye exhibition.

Did i mention exhibition tu untuk science, engineering and IT company cari graduates? Kira serampang 2 mata la sebenarnyer, sambil kerja, sambil cari kerja. Banyak offer sebenarnyer. Especially bidang Business IT ni. Banyak betul company yg buat IT solution. Banyak gak company yg interesting ; BP, BT, ATOS, LogicaGMC, Lloyds, Bank of England, shell, Siemens, HP, and macam lagi. sume suruh aku apply. Yg lagi best sebab my degree was in Engineering. Apparently it's a good thing kalau ada degree dlm bidang lain.

Sini ada graduate scheme. Companies offer position, die macam internship for 2-3 years, depending on which company, but still gaji cam gaji starting. Best wo0o0. dahsyatt.. dahsyatt. Belajar jek, pas tu rotate kat semua department yg berkenaan.

Cuma problemnya, kalau nak apply, most company set , kena ada work permit dulu. Tak pe, boss aku sure tahu nye sebab die careers advisor kat university. Sambil amik gaji nanti aku tanya.. yes yes!

Oh, berkembang sikit circle of friends, sebab dah ada kawan kerja. budak manchester ada la 3-4 org, derang buat politics, economics, drama, etc. Dari china pon ada, mostly Phd. Sorang jek ACCA, satu group. Interesting.

Did you guys know that there is NO TEA LEAVES in a Ginseng Tea? or Ginger Tea? I didn't. Baru jek tahu. Heheh..

Ok la.. nak pi keluar tengok wayang. Cerita The departed. And macam biasa, hari jumaat malam, aku akan lepak Moberley hall (Salah satu university hall). Biasanya akan lepak main pool and ping pong sampai kol 3 pagi.

Esok pagi open house kat Old Trafford!.. ho yeah!!!!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

First time!

Apa la si Farah ni, tag aku plak. Biasanya tak layan.. tapi Farah nye pasal kan.. layannnn..

1) 1 Ramadhan 1427 Hijrah anda berbuka puasa dengan siapa dan dimana?
Buka ngan housemet. First time dalam seumur hidup try masak. Ayam goreng kicp jadi ayam goreng apa tahhh.. hahah

2) Apa persiapan anda menjelang hari raya?

Takde apa. Sedia perut.. sebab sini nanti open house sure banyak.. tapi tak la sebanyak Malaysia. Kurus wo0o0 sini.

3) Sepanjang sebulan berpuasa, agak2 kemana lokasi berbuka yang akan menjadi pilihan anda?

McDougalls Mosque : Nasi Briyani Kambinggg!!! Yummyyyy!!

4) Pendapat anda,berbuka puasa di Hotel?

Tadak hal punya, tapi jangan la selalu. Tapi kalau perasan anak raja.. buleyh la.

5) Adakah anda suke menghantar kad raya (by pos) kepada rakan2, sahabat handai dan kekawan anda?

Suka terima kad raya jek.. hahaha.. sejak akhir akhir ni, jadi Hj Bakhil plak.
Suka, tapi dah lama tak buat, email la senangg.. lagi

6) Oleh itu kirimkan lah Kad raya anda kepada gwe di alamat berikut :-
124 Stamford Street, M169LR Old Trafford, Manchester, Lancashire

Tapi confirm tadek org hantar, so.. bagi kat alamat elektronik jek la..

7) Orang - orang yang namanya ada dibawah kena jawap entry nie. + with alamat ye..
Sebab Gue baik.. gue malas nak tag sapa sapa.. kalau tag pon, bukan derang update blog pon? Kan Cipok? Rumet? Farul?Rodek?

Con Air

Just watched Con Air for the 4th time since it was first shown back in 1998. Magnificent movie. That was the first time i heard of Nicolas Cage. There were a few quotes that are really nice. Some are :

Garland Greene: What if I told you insane was working fifty hours a week in some office for fifty years at the end of which they tell you to piss off; ending up in some retirement village hoping to die before suffering the indignity of trying to make it to the toilet on time? Wouldn't you consider that to be insane?
["Sweet Home Alabama" plays in background.]
Garland Greene: Define irony: a bunch of idiots dancing around on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash.
Poe: Sorry boss but there's only two me I trust. One is me....the other is not you.
Little Girl: Are you sick?
Garland Greene: Why do you ask?
Little Girl: You look sick.
Garland Greene: I am sick.
Little Girl: Do you take medicine?
Garland Greene: There is no medicine for what I have.

Nice ones huh. I really like the movie. However, I never really understood the scene with the girl and Garland Greene. What is the scene all a bout? What was the message? My IQ must be running low. HUrmm.

Some how after watching Con Air, i feel like watching Face Off. Looking forward to downloading Face Off, starring Nicolas Cage and John Travolta.

Another quote :

Cyrus: Thank you for choosing Con Air!


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Second week of School

It's starting to get cold here and it is nearing end of autumn. Leaves are starting to turn yellow. I don't really mind the cold weather, but most people just can't stand it when there is a breeze passing through. Yesterday, it was so cold, that my brain froze on the way to campus. It took me some time to un-freeze it and to get it running by the time class starts.

Confession : I peed more than 7 times today. Ahaha.

Anywhoooo... things are getting more and more hectic. Getting more more background reading to do with more and more preparation to do. Having to learn Java programming Language from scratch it self has occupied lots of my time. Yesterday we learnt how to write a code on how to program a socket on a process on a client/server machine to send via udp/tcp transmission methods. Interesting huh..

And get this, for our assignment, we need to develop a java-based web application on the internet. This proves a big task for me since i'm not familiar at all with Programming Languages.The nearest i learnt would be C language, but that is far from being an Object oriented programming language. (Even that, Knowledge on C programming was flushed down the drain 4 years ago, if any).

This are the times that we miss Farul. Don't get me wrong, we also miss him at other times but when it comes to Programming, we all just turn to Farul. :).

Now, Farul would be thinking : 'Other times? what about the time u guys left me behind in USJ after jamming this one night, and many other times'.

Haha. On behalf of others, i apologize. Ahaha. Ok enough sucking up. :P

Alrighty, need to get back to sleep, it' 630 in the morning and i haven't slept since 4 am. Need to get some sleep before going to campus today. Am going to sign up for Spanish class.

Muchos Gracias (the only word for now, more later)


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Talladega Nights

Guess what activity is best done during ramadhan? ........ watching Talladega Nights with housemate! (mampuih la sesat korang kalau ikut ajaran aku).

Went to Odeon at Trafford Centre. It's one of the biggest cineplex around with 20 cinemas in it. This is the 2nd time i went to the Traford centre.. me-thinks. Last time i went was 1 year ago, but it did not register in my head that the place is called Trafford Centre. And at that time, the place seem so far away!

Decided to go to the movie because Din has got a few free movie tickets left for this month. He needs to finish it by the end of this month, so i volunteered to help him finish them up. :D. Sorry ya Dini! Culik ur boyfriend. Haha.

The movie was one of those stupid but entertaining movies. I know for sure that this is not a movie qz would enjoy, because it will insult her intelligence. :). But for rumet.. ok la.. i guess. Ahaha. The plot was simple, but i don't want to ruin it by telling any of u peeps. Will Ferrel and Adam McKay did good. They wrote the script and even produced it. Kewl.

It was already 545 when we got home. Decided to TRY to cook again, this time, ayam sweet sour. Alhamdulillah, this time, at least, it tasted nice, although it turned out to be Ayam Masak Merah! aahha.. Whatever. I surprise myself.

How do you cook ayam sweet sour? and i still wonder, how do you make the chicken look darker? humm?? humm?? Oh well, my motto for cooking now is 'janji boleh makan'. SO dear housemates, u guys with have to bear with my cooking. Either that, or we go buka puasa Mcdougalls everyday.. Nasi Briyani Kambing!


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Buka Puasa

Heheh... Satu benda yg best kat sini.. buka puasa sini free beb! Siap ada dapur yg tak berasap sepanjang ramadhan sebab tak pernah miss bukak puasa kat masjid. Rumah aku alhamdulillah la, stakat ni berasap lagi. Walaupon yg mengasapnya 2 org housemet aku kan.. Esok baru aku nye turn.. bukan sebab malas k.. :D

tadi makan kat McDougal's mosque dengan housemate. Mula-mula tension gila coz bas tak sampai sampai. tunggu punya tunggu bas tak sampai sampai. Waarghh!! Mujur la Din bawak kurma 3 biji. Cey, mula mula kerek, tanak bawak kurma sebab ingat buleyh sampai on time, sekali... fail! Thanx la Din.. ko la penyelamat dunia masa tu. Dapat merasa buka puasa kat bus stand. Tapi berbekalkan semangat untuk belasah briyani kambing. kitorang tiga org sanggup tunggu. Dlm kepala dok bayang briyani kambing jek. Motivasi diri. Heheh.

So, after 40 minutes of waiting, bus no 85 pon sampai.

Oh.. Btw Kat sini.. subuh pukul 430. Maghrib Pukul 707. So technically, puasa kat sini lagi panjang dari Malaysia. Heheh. Tak pe.. nanti dekat hujung nanti, makin pendek kot. Agaknya la.

Aanyways.. sampai kat mosque dah lambat.. org dah start makan. Solat pon mmg la tak khusyu' kan.. bau kambing beb! Briyani beb! makan kurma jek beb! Bile masuk bilik makan tu.. ingatkan sure dah habes dah makanan, tapi banyak gile lagi! berdulang dulang lagi ada! nasi briyani kambing ni.. di ulangi. nasi briyani kambing!

Makan 2 pinggan tadi.. eh.. 3 pinggan.. eh. 4 pinggan .. ahahhaa. Tapi kan.. pak arab yg dah mula awal tadi.. tak berenti makan lagi.. Rasanya mau ada 7 - 8 pinggan sorang! Dewa gila!!!

Haih.. nyesal plak tak amik gambar. Terpaksa la pergi lagi skali esok! hoyeah!

Mcdougal's Rock!

P/s - Apsal aku bunyi cam Remp-IT ni. Aahahha. "Luuu.. bikin hati gua panaassss la beb"

Monday, September 25, 2006

60 > 110

  1. Mosques
The ISoc has also been working on improving the prayer facilities on both campuses.
South campus - Alhumdulillah we were given the ‘Muslim Student Centre’ (MSC) [what used to be called ‘Mcdougalls Centre’] to replace ‘Ambrose’ last year. We have been in talks with the university to renovate the building which inshaAllah will take place during the summer of 2007.
North campus (UMIST) – Work has been completed to increase the number if persons allowed into the prayer room from 60 to 110 Alhumdulillah. Moreover we are continuing our efforts to increase the numbers still. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for patience.
Please find attached a map for both university mosques.

  1. Iftars
As always, iftars will be provided at both university mosques on weekdays throughout the whole of Ramadhan inshaAllah. It is a great place to be especially when the Muslim campus community come together in this holy month.
Taraweeh prayers are also read at both mosques after isha prayer which is at 9pm .
If you would like donate money for the iftars then please contact:
Imam Habeeb ( south campus) – 07717744096 or Br Mahmoud ( north campus) – 07791344976.
If you would like to get in touch with us or find out more, then please email us on info@manchesterisoc .com or visit our website www.manchesterisoc. com.
Do keep us in your duas, JazakumAllahu Khayran,
Your Islamic Society


Makan free.. yeah!


Friday, September 22, 2006

60 Org...

Just wanna share this pic. It's posted in front of the Prayer room in Main building in the campus..


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Half of second week

Let's see.. what have i done so far..:

a) Crashed a party - It has been welcoming parties galore here in Manchester. Most of them held in The University halls. But i just went this one time and crashed it anyways. Coz they don't really check whether you are a resident. Free Booze and everything. I got to play pool with south africans, pakistanis, and also china. Won a few, lost a few. But i won all singles games! Hahah. I am now international. Ho yeah! Looking forward to crash more parties! :)

b) Settled registration - it has been a daunting task for some. But alhamdulillah for me, everything went well. The university has introduced this online system thingee starting this year where you have to do your academic and financial registration online. I managed to get my swipe card/Student ID earlier tha most people coz i managed to settle evrything online. It's a pity for some because they could not even log in to their online accounts and was asked to go around campus to sort out their problems. ANyways.. now i have a swipe card! yeay!

c) Went through Orientation - The orientation sessions were very informative. I've had a chance to meet new friends. Left to Right in the pic:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Aliff - Undergrad in Aerospace

Syed - Postgrad in Project Management. Worked with a chinese construction company for the past 2-3 years. Was stationed in Sarawak.


Kalai - Lecturer in Uniersiti Teknologi Petronas. Doing Postgrad as well.

Roy - Post grad in Information Systems. Born in Medan, Indonesia. Undergrad in National University of Singapore in IT.

Yow - Phd Student in Physics. Did his undergrad here in Manchester. Already 6 years in Manchester and he really loves walking. :)

I have met more friends around campus and the group has grown. There's Janet, Edmund, Adrian, Devian, and more. I'll describe more about them when we get some pics taken.

d) Still waiting to open up an HSBC account - Apparently we have to do it online firt and wait for them to post over the documents. Am still waiting.. Yeesh. Natwest is a more student-friendly bank, but some sources say that their internet banking sucks. Everything here is online here in manchester.. from buying a bus pass, renting dvds, getting a cinema ticket, choosing a phone contract, up to buying theatre ticket, u name it. They even give special rates for online customers, so it's not worth the trip to their offices/shops. SO i need to have a goog internet banking support. It's still HSBC for me!

e) Checked out Careers Service - The unversity has its own careers service. Its a dedicated unit to help out students to get their part time and full time jobs. If some of you are interested, they also have limited access for non students. Just check out this their site.

They have documentation on how to write CVs, cover letters, and also a link to another kewl website which help you identify your motivationa and skills, and suit it to the most appropriate job for you. Kewl huh? Just go and have a look if u r interested.

f) Malaysian Society Welcoming Gathering - Free pizzas! Free Diet Cokes! and they are from Pizza co! :). The best pizza.. coz it's free! Haha. Anyways, they organized this session to help out Malaysian students in Manchester to get themselves set up. Q's like the how to get a bus pass?, which phone contract is the best?, where to get halal food?, what if you want to travel across europe? and all sorts of Q's have been answered best to their own experience.

If any of you want to travel across europe, Check out this KelanaConvoy site. It's a Malaysian Company and they organze trips across Europe. Mind you, the price is in Pounds and it does not include the trip from Malaysia (if you are in Malaysia). However, one of the Malaysian Soc. committees is working with this travel agency and she said that it's the most family and muslim friendly travel agency. They will really take care of you. Btw, Thanx Jun! for the info!

And oh, we are going to Cheshire Oaks this Saturday. I personally what to get some winter clothing. Cheshire Oaks is a huge Factory Outlet where they have all sorts of branded stuff! SHopping!! SHopping!! Example.. you can get Clarks shoe for 30-40 pounds.. and it's buy 1 free 1!


Btw, people know me now as Abg Fadh! Apparently everybody knows Elin here. Ahaha.. Nini.. i now know how you feel when u went to MMU and people start calling you 'Adik Tapai'. Ahaha.

[To Elin : I already met Lucas. Great guy. He even promised to hook me up with his basketball friends. :p Need to exerciseee... meeyorrhh. meyorrhhh.]

Pheww! quite a week huh? there are lots more things that i could write on, but maybe insignificant for you. (ALthough most of the info on top is irrelevant.. sorry..:))

And oh, Managed to get Sabrina on YM Messenger Pc-PC call. The line was damn clear. Talked for more than an hour! ahaha. I'm Lucky that it's free! :P (Another irrelevant info for you, i guess..:P)

Whoa.. Loads more to come.. I love Manchester! (Although Man U Kalah 1-0 ngan Arsenal.. ahahah)


Saturday, September 16, 2006

1st week of Manchester

1st week of Manchester

What can i say, it has been exciting!

ALhamdulillah, the Malaysia-SIngpapore-Manchester trip went well. No air pockets in between, no customs issues, and no lost baggage in between. Everything went smoothly.

When i reached the airport, it was 630 in the morning, 20 minutes earlier than expected. I met Jeff, a taiwanese who will be doing his phd. I also met up with a mother-son combo. Mrs Kim and Andy. They are a friendly bunch. The international society was very helpful. They picked us up and send us straight to home. The weather was surprisingly beautiful, said the working staff. Usually it would be around 13 degrees, but the day we arrived, it was 22 degress. Beautiful weather!

I adjusted quite quickly, thanx to my housemates, my junior (Tambun) and a few Mcot juniors. Khairul is still here, and i am using his PC. I will be replacing his spot in this house. He is doing a few jobs around and we share this room a little. But i get the bed. :). My other housemates:

Syed - Doing his ACCA and also driving licence. ALready have a work permit and works as a stadium steward in the Old Trafford Centre.

Din - The one that introduced me to this house. He is doing his undergrad in Aerospace Engineering. Currently working in a cinema and gets 12 tickets for free (monthly?.. weekly? not sure)

Will and Kumar - Both are now working in a shipping business. Don't see them a lot. They are very busy because now is the peak season for shipping. I'm not really sure what that means but it sure means that money is coming in. :)

Khairul - currently my roommate. He is also working in a shipping company. But latest news is that he will be going to Birmingham to work in a farm. He wil be staying in a caravan for 3 weeks. Kewl.

MCOT actually stand for Malaysian Community of Old Trafford. As the name implies.. it's for Malaysians in Old Trafford, but somehow, since the community is active, the university decided to have them help out to welcome ALL the students from Malaysia, living ALL around Manchester. They are a very helpful bunch. One of them is my junior back in SDAR. A few of his housemates brought me to town centre to buy a few essentials.

You guys know what a Duvet is? being a kampung guy, i did not. Well, it's like a comforter, but u buy the cover and the inside of the comforter separately. Kewl huh. SO that u are not stuck with one design of comforter. You can change the cover as you please.

Another amazing fact is that i can now call home or any other landline (we call it fixed line in Malaysia) for free using a VOIP service. A bit of lagging, but negligible. It actually depends on the local access quality back in Malaysia because data is very noise sensitive. Oh well, as long as i can call home without any noise, it is ok.

And oh, not to mention the PC-PC call. Marvellous. Had a few initial problems to contact Sabrina on the VOIP service. But turns out, her sound card might be at fault. Tried using Mazlin's PC. It was just fine. Talked for hours! Thanx Mazlin! Jangan Jeles kay! CInta Antara Benua. Ahaha.

Elin.. Nini.. install la skype. We can do PC-PC call later on.

All in all, it has been an exciting and fruitful week. More on the next post!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Random Post

Umi said,"Walaupun esok kiamat, dan ada benih di tangan, maka tanamlah benih tu"

Now i know where i got my public speaking skills (if any) from.

Well, i haven't been blogging lately, neither reading nor posting, as u may have noticed. Maybe i am just saving all the ideas and will update once i get to Manchester.

Yes, i am still going to Manchester, and the flight is still this sunday, 2145 Hrs.

Nini is already in Romania. Good luck to her. Are u online dear? How was the trip? How are things in Romania? Update la ur blog... (look who's talking).

A few of Nini's friends came to KLIA to send her off. 5 of them. Lina, Jared, Pravin, An, and Victor. AHha.. sure tak sangka i memorized all of ur friends' name do yah. They gave Nini a going away gift, some sort of sunflower doll. or sumthing. I don't know what it's called. But it was nice of them.

Things were not as emotional as expected. Umi and Papa were stable. Only Lina was Teary-eyed. She was biting Nini at any given chance. Unique.. how she shows here love :).

Myself? well, i was stable as well, but can't help feeling sad.

I was sure before that i will not be emotional this sunday, but now, i have my doubts. I hate parting. I hate leaving my family behind. I hate having to leave my loved one behind.

But i need to do this. I need to go get my postgraduate degree. I need to cherish all the time i have in Manchester (and in UK). I need to mingle around, experience as much of UK as i can and bring it back to Malaysia.


Coz this is my journey.

A journey of a thousand steps.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tak sebut, Buat

I had a productive day, in spite of waking up at 1330 hours. Hehe.. sorry la kalau tak angkat phone, i was damn malas. :))

Papa and I went to settle my flight tickets. The agency misbooked the ticket on 9 Sept, where as i specifically said 10th september.. yeeessh.

We also went to settle unit trust thingees, go to a clinic to get blood test results, took a visa picture for myself and had good father-son talk.

Papa told me,"Kalau org yg betul betul sayang, dia tak tunjuk atau sebut, tapi apa dia buat yang defines sayang". Which i think is true. "Kalau kena sebut selalu, means something wrong sumwhere"

Anak yang sayang kat mak ayah, tak semestinya hari hari cakap "saaayang mak-ayah". Boleh nak buat, tapi kalau hari hari, nanti loose meaning. Nak tunjuk sayang, mesti la dengan perbuatan taat. Suruh jek, mesti buat without question. Yang lagi best, kalau belum suruh dah buat. Terbaik!

Kalau sayang kat Girlfriend pon sama. Bukan hari-hari nak ckp 'saya sayang awak'. Agak muntah, drama swasta dan rempit la gituh. It's what you do to uphold your responsibility as a boyfriend that matters most. Nak kena jaga kehormatan, jaga keselamatan, jaga masa depan, Jaga perasaan, hormat, kenang jasa, & jaga kebajikan. Yang penting, kena ada sincerity and kena ada trust.

Itu pendapat aku la kan. Pendapat org lain aku tatau. :). Maybe definition GF-BF aku ni a bit too serious. Cam dah nak tunang/kahwen jek. But then again, relationship yg tak nampak masa depan, camna nak survive.. kan?

Ntahla, Aku bukan gheti sangat pasal relationship ni. Kalau siapa yg mintak nasihat dari aku sebelum ni pun, aku bohong korang idup idup jek tu.. ahha... >:) padan muka, siapa suruh tanya aku. Bwahahahaha.

Ya ampunn.. :P

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Small World!

Worh, My apologies for not having any updated entries for the past week. But then, this is my blog, so i can update any time i want, what do i care? but then again, like other bloggers, i'd like to have frequent readers, which requires me to have more interesting entries. Chicken and egg dilemma. Yikes!!

Don't wanna go around in circles, so.. i'll just skip the justification above.

It's such a small world. Earlier this week, i bumped into my SDAR junior in MiD valley. Tambun. Guess where he is now? Manchester!. Which Part of Manchester? Old Trafford!. And what is he in Old Trafford? M'sian Community of Old Trafford (MCOT)! And what does he play for sports? Basketball for the Law Faculty!

There's another junior in Old Trafford. Khairul Anuar. I just found out just now that he is already married with one child. And his wife? Sharifah Sarah! For those who don't know, Sharifah Sarah was my add maths student during high school years. I used to teach Najwa and herself addmaths during term breaks.

During silat yesterday, i met with Zaidi and he is staying in Nottingham. 2 hours train ride from Manchester. He knows Ayin, Azlan Azim'z brother. And Azlan Azim's mom was my tuition teacher back in pre-school. We still keep in touch (Azlan's Family and mine) as we have grown to become family friends. Azlan just got married to a KaTaK and guess who else is a KaTak? Sharifah Sarah!

My hopes of transforming into a new image is gone. My hopes of people calling me by my actual name is gone. Nick name Tapai is here to stay.. Damn uuuuu SDARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Well, at least now i know a guy whom i can practise silat with, although he is 2 hours away from me.

I'll end this entry with a kindergarten song:

It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
And it's a small.. small world...

Who else am i gonna meet? huhuhuhu..

It's freaky how small this world can be. uhuh...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Departure of Tapai

Ho yeah! after surveying around a few tour agents and a few "tilik tangan" sessions with a few fortune tellers, a sami, and an Ustaz i have finally decided on a date! (Macam nak kawen plak.. hahaha)

(Percaya ke aku tilik tangan?)

I will be departing on 10 September 2006, 2145 Hrs/9.00 p.m., Sunday. Check in is 2 hours before, so i'll have to be in KLIA latest by 7 p.m. The flight will take 14 hours (excluding transit) . The route will be KLIA-Singapore-Manchester. By 0650 Hrs in (UK time), i'll be in Manchester.

Originally i wanted to depart on Sept 11, but the date is just oh-so scary. Hehe.

Haih, the day is drawing nearer and nearer and i find myself not willing to let go of the good things that is happening here at the moment. New friends, new activities, happening work place, snooker, snooker, snooker, and snooker. Haha.

Oh, Rumet finally broke-off his losing streak. 6 loses in a row weyh! sayur! Now it's farul's turn, but it is not a streak unless is more than 2, ain't it? Bila nak rematch weyh?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Relatinship 101

Rule #1 : Jangan jadik loser
Rule #2 : Kalau kene reject pun, refer to rule # 1

Status = Student

Haha.. sudah satu hari jadik student balik. best betul tukar status nieh.

So, first day of studentship di celebrate dengan..... Tidur tak hengat!. Bangun kol 1230 pon tadek org kacau. Hahah.. best best. Habis sume sel-sel badan rejuvenate. :).

Lepas tu lepak-lepak, book tiket flight, and then macam biasa biasa time student dulu, harusla bersukan! ho yeah. Petang tu main Volley ball pas tu basket ball pastu volleyball balik pas tu basketball balik. By 730 pm, satu badan dah exhausted, and kepala naik high. Dehydrated kot. Dah lama tak main cam ni.

Even masa silat pon dah berpusing pusing. :(.

Anyhow, it was a good first day of studentship. Ni second day, dah tabley tido dah, kol 730 pagi pon dah tabley tido balik. Haha.. terpaksala breakfast sambil baca suratkhabar. Ni dah bukan studentship ni.. macam bersara-ship la plak. humm..

Friday, July 28, 2006

Happy birthday Qz!



Reply to Ayil's Post (Bukak Blog la weyh!)

Bapak laa... panjang gila ko nye comment.. bukak blog la weyhh. tak pon tumpang blog esah kee.


> study 2 weeks je before exam!(ermm actually bkn study.. tiru tutorial n amik tips fr julie & gna - tenx wehhhh) tp score lebey 3 pointer!! tapai pon kalah ngah ngahh
>> Betul tu! bukan study pon! ahaha.. tiru assignment pas tu torture juli sampai muntah. 2 Weeks before?? tak logik weyhh... 1 week jek yg betul betul study!

> tenet sepanjang mase!! (ermm ni tayah citer lebey2 aaaa)
>> Meh aku kire.. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.. bzztt.. itu aku punya.. cam aku jek yg lagi player.. ahahhahaha. Ko punye 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10... bzzzttt hangg!

> rumah puchong mmg the bess!! tido tak hingat bersama rakan2 (rekod tido masih dipegang oleh mr cipok - 2 hari tido tanpa mkn or mandi.. smayang? hahhaha)
>> Cipok? ke sebenarnyer "benda" atau pon "perabot" rumah.. haha.. eh, itu kat melaka kan? 1 minggu! gila laaaaaa!

> groupmet skali ngan rumet time pre-U!! so bley bukak citer psal die bile2!! pakai tshirt tuck-in.. pakai slack senteng.. kasut kilat.. spek tebal.. perut boroi (eh skang pon same).. uishh byk sgt ni.. nnt la aku bukak blog citer sal rumet
>> Budak yang diingatkan genius dan tak layak kita nak lepak ngan kita. Lepak ngan chinese jek pas tu gaya cam nerd scorer. Skali.. Physics nye markah.. sama jekk!! ahhaa. Lepas die ngigau kacau wan smayang.. mmg sah.. dia mmg layak lepak ngan kita! muahahha

> n mmu bess sbb bley kutuk rodek gmok!! hahaha skang tidak lagi.. rodek sudah bertukar menjadi model TM yg ensem gile.. tapai sure jeles!
>>Not to mention sesi cakar mencakar kat depan library Melaka.. :))

> main mainan tumbuk kat mlake!! waa utk game ini, rumet adalah pemenangnye!! skali tumbuk mmg konpem lebey 160kg!! 2nd adalah Ceng tp pakai kaki so tak kire)
>> Miss dohhh.. ade lagi ke benda alah tu?

> chicken hartz di Mlaka!! waa zaman dimana makan byk tak hingat tetapi perut maintain 6 pack!! skarang?? erm next..
>> Huh? 6 pack? what de hell? ko bukan memang 6 lipats all the way ke?btw, dah tutup pon C. Hartz situ..:(

> n paling bess skali sbb ESAH!!! fuyoooo cunn wooo budak niiii.. kiut gile wa ckp sama luuuu.. mmg bertuah la esah ni dpt ngorat aku hahaha
>> Sudah laa.. siap mental down laa semuaaaa.. best konon. Esah, ko nak tahu dak, Masa dulu ayil nanges depan akuuuu... gila kupabbbbbb.

ok.. kite sriyes plak.. before ko bla UK, organize la dinner.. blanje la org2 yg byk tutor ko time MMU cam julie, gna & aku ni (hehe).. kat UK sape lg ko nak tiru wehhh.. n ni maybe last jumpe time ko single..
>> Insya allah. Nanti aku dah settle semua urusan aku, aku panggey. Kita pi mkn kat luar la kot. Umah aku payah sket, mak aku dah tak berminat nak buat makan makan kat rumah. Kalau aku nak gak, kena panggel caterer. Weyh, Chicken Hartz la weyh! Sunway Pyramid, amcam?

sriyes tak tahan..
>> Weyhh.. in sudah lebeyyyy.. tengok nantiiiiiiiiiiiii.. silap silap sebelum pergi ade dah.. how?

p/s: Juli, aku mmg lag student yg lagi bagus dan berdisiplin kan? hahaah

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

A kewl matrix-y remake of TM logo. Farul power!

Balas Comment Juli (Refer Juli's Comment in "Counting the Days" post)

Balas comment Juli. Sebab panjang sangat. Decided that this is actually one post by itself :)


Ahahha, ingat ingat. Selambe jek, nak stadi kalu, selambe jek blah pi Melaka. Tatau apsal, tapi getaway Pi melaka tu best gila. Untuk ko lagi la best, sebab jumpa hubby ko.. ahaha. Tambah la produktif. Tapi kan, lepas balik cyber, jadi lagi produktif. Apakah?

Sana udara die ada dadah kot? Yg aku tahu, lepak sana, aku main basketball, pas tu pergi library, aku ingat iqbal dikelilingi chickies. Yg aku tahu, aku mmg tengah down la time tu. Sapa lagi kalau idak pasal "ayam". Ahahah.

Hehe.. kira ko Juli, tutor kpd aku ngan ayil. Kitorang mmg mengaku awal awal mmg malas gila and kalau takde ko mmg hancus la stadi kitorang. Aku at least ada la reason, sebab aktif, tapi ayil laagi la pemalas.. ahaha tadek buat apa pon... tukar awek jek keja..ahhaha (defend diri aku la konon).

Gina plak supplier photocopy notes. Aku mngaku la, memang hagham tak pernah print lecture notes. Tahu tahu jek, Gina tanya "oit.. tambah kredit!"

Lecturer France tu.. ape tah nama... tapi subject tu Datacomm.. Aku ingat lagi sebab itu la satu satu nye subject yg aku apply dlm kerja seharian aku skang. LAin lain subject yg aku belajar mana ada apply.. kalay nak apply, kita dah kerja ngan Intel buat chip semiconductor kat Penang. Lain cerita la plak.

The grippers tu gile best! pakai gravity jek. Power ape. Motor sebijik, pas tu pi welding k at Serdang. Free plak tuh! Org lain stragel gile buat robot power nak mampus, tapi kita dapat A gak.

Da bomb!

Ah.. the years..

Ayil? tadek komen ka?

6:55 AM

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


A few words of wisdom from the TV

"The easiest way to loose something is to want it too badly"

"Nothing good worth having comes easy"

"Don't try to re-live the past, but why not try if that was the best"

"Life is neither long or short, it's how you use it that matters"


Monday, July 24, 2006

Counting the days

Counting the days to start my leave. 6 days to go! But nothing is confirmed just yet. These few people from another dept decided to turn my unpaid leave application to 'pekasam' and just leave it on the table. How hard is it to get one people to sign a sheet of paper? How hard is it to decide that this staff will not be paid (hence no money from company's pocket), and his post will be filled as and when needed (hence encouragement of staff movement).

Hopefully this 6 days will not suddenly turn to 36 days. If not, someboy will get really pissed off.

Oh well, things are less hectic nowadays. And i find myself thinking more clearly than usual. Maybe it's the cause of i-don't-really-care-what-happens-anymore-so-ill-just-take-my-risk attitude. Surprisingly it brings more efficient results!

I haven't felt this productive before. Especially today. Everything sap-sap-suwey!

Maybe it's the fact that i see myself getting replaced by somebody. No one to lean for me anymore for help. No one to look up to me. I'll just mind my own business.

Hey? isn't that is what students are supposed to do? study and mind their own business! Hah! i'm morphing into a student! (not morphine.. damn u F*nas for thinking that power rangers take morphine!)

Oh well, anyways, look forward to the no money but more time and friends phase that i went through in MMU last time.

No money? yeap
More time? of coz!
More friends? herm.. i just wonder...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Day wha? : Trip to Edinburgh

Malas nak keep track on the day, sorry. Hehe, i guess the semangat org puteh sikit sikit ada masuk :P. Anyhows, it was kind of last minute, but we decided to rent a car and head to edinburgh. A ford focus! Best gila bawak.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We headed off to edinburgh at about 8-ish in the morning. The sun was sunny and the skies were bright. The beauty of driving in the UK is that there are lots of ways that u can choose to get to your destination. Be it the motorway (highway) or the scenic kampung route. We chose the motorway at first, for fear of arriving late for hotel checkin, but suddenly felt adventurous to try the more scenic route.

On the way, we stopped at a place called Windermere. It's a small town surrounding a huge lake.
Went to the jetty. It was really windy and sunny.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

On the way, we also went past a few picturesque mountains.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

After 6 hours drive (campur sesat) we arrived in edinburgh. Nak rest banyak sangat pun tak boleh, coz rasa rugi. So we went straight to the edinburgh castle. We just passsed by the castle, and then jalan towards the royal mile. Most of the shops were closed because we came at around 6. Everything closes down by 6.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If you guys are going to edinburgh and have no idea on where to start, here's a good try. Park sumwhere near the edinburgh castle. Go to the edinburgh castle and follow one of the free tours inside the castle. Then, you walk down The Royal Mile towards Holyrood Palace. The Royal Mile is actually series of streets connecting the Edinburgh castle and Holyrood Palace. There are loads of attraction in between. Souvenir shops, Theatrical performances, juggling acts, fish & chips, and much more. It's nearly a 1 km walk. Later, you would want to visit the Holyrood Park, just behind Holyrood Castle. Arthur's seat (a hill) is just a hop away, so if you still have energy, why not try. Belakang tu is the Arthur's seat.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

These activities alone should occupy one day.

OK, enuff travel agent-ing.

After the long walk, we decided to go to the beach. It was already 830p.m, but maghrib ws not for until 930p.m.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Elin bought a cup of tea and cheese sandwich. Yummy!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

After a series of Lepak-ing and chatting. We decided to head back to travelodge.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ah, what a tiring, but fruitful day


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Day 4 : Elin's Convo Ceremony

It was a perfect day for a convocation ceremony. Not too hot, not too cold, and no rain. Just a little bit of wind, now and then. The hall was just enough for the crowd. The ceremony ran smoothly, with all the graduands readily seated according to the order of the names called. The first graduand who received the honours was a malaysian lady who had completed her Phds. She's a lecturer from UKM and have been staying in Manchester in Cheetham for the past few years. Apparently Cheetham is where all Malaysian Phd students stay. The whole lot of 'em!

Elin's name was called near to the end. It was pronounce two-and fedhlin daiyana beintei Two-and Cob (Cob as in corn on the cobs). I heard people asking between themselves,"where is this girl from?". There are lots more other weird names (weird for the english people), which i could not even imagine their origin.

But there was a heartfelt moment for everyone. The Vice Chancellor announced that one student died tragically in an accident in his second year. Looking through his record of studies, the university have decided to award the late student the degree anyway. They have called up the family and the brother went on stage on behalf. It must've been a very honorable moment for the whole family. Everybody clapped for the family. Really, it was touching. I wonder if they have these kind of thing in Malaysia. Never heard of any before. Hermm...

I respect the vice chancellor for his earlier speech. He said,"As i shake your hands, the honor is not only for yourself, but also for your family and for all those who had supported you in your journey, today is for them too".

A few pics:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Umi just can't resist the beautiful flowers

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Proud Parents

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Umi's Congratulation Hug!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Congrats sistah!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Pass it on to you.. bradah!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I... will... return...


Monday, July 10, 2006

Day 3 & 4 : Car Boot Sale & Demam

The weather here changes quite drastically. I guess that's why my body had to go through an adjustment crisis. But it's not one of those minor fevers, it's one of those kepala-nak-pecah fever that i had to control my breathing just to make it go away. Slept through the whole day.

Went to a carboot sale earlier before my body broke down. Kewl place. You can get lots of kewl stuff at a cheap price. Crystal items as cheap as 5 pounds!. I tried to find some authentic english-y things but i could just find a mug. Also bought the small miniature houses that my boss pesan-ed from me, so that much is cleared.

Esah proposed that i go to Marks & spencer and get some set of toiletries as gifts. I'll go and have a look later.

Elin managed to get the tickets for convocation. But she can only get 2. So while they are attending the function, i might as well go to town and have a look-see around.

I double-confirm to what rodek has said in his earlier post. Something about if you earn UK pounds, the cost of living is really low. Seriously, it is. A loaf of bread would cost you less than 2 pounds. A family-sized kebab would only cost you 4.30 pounds. We had to practically stuff ourselves to finish the whole kebab. You can go a looong way with 50 pounds here. But of course, you'd have to earn UK pounds, coz if you convert into malaysian RM, you'd tend to starve urself to death. :P

Elin had just received her paycheck yesterday. Converted to RM, she makes more than I did when i started working as an engineer in TM. Much more compared when i was a temporary executive by far of course!.

Can't wait to work here.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Day 2 : Manchester Town

The day started of with Elin buying us all a Magic ride ticket, which is valid for 1 week for a certain bus route. Kewl. No wonder people say public transportation in Malaysia sucks. Here, everything is efficient. Somebody should come here and bench mark he Transport system rather than Joli Katak with government's money.

Elin showed me a few buildings around Manchester university. There's an olympic sized swimming pool, a larger park, an art gallery, a gym, and lots of bars. Apparently here, Bars are equivalent to Mamaks in Malaysia.

This is main building of the University. School of business is right behind it. As i said before, the university is situated in the town vicinity, making it very accessible. We walked around for a bit. From Elin's apartment to town centre. It's not as far as i imagined it was when i came here last year. It is actually walking distance (with a bit of sore feet).

Lepaking at near the main bus station.

Muka Keletihan ..:)

There's a park right beside the station. Nice place to hang out. Lots of place to hang out in manchester actually. I have another picture of a hang out place, but mistakenly deleted it, dammit. It's called the triangle. It's a sort-of-park where they have a humongous screen with loads of sitting blocks. I can just imagine how they all got drunk there after aan England game. Winning or losing doesn't matter i guess, it is just a reason for them to get drunk.

There were stalls selling fresh farmery and also fruits. There's also a chinese food stall, but it's non-halal. Halal Chinese Food can only be found in London and Sheffield.

Nevertheless, We all enjoyed our strawberry and cream. Yummy!

I'm too tired to elaborate.. so.. till tomorrow then.. can't wait to go and see my future home.


Friday, July 07, 2006

1st Day in Manchester : Mari melawan Jetlag

After 14 hours of flight and 3 hours of transit time, at last, we arrived in the Manchester Airport. It was 12 noon when we arrived, which translates to Malaysian time. It's not tha cold coz it's summer. So i guess i'll be seing more flesh this year.. hehehe (*tanduk keluar).

Anyways, i recognized a few places on the way to Elin's apartment. The locksmith near Elin's old renth0use, the Tesco near a world wide store, and other places. (World wide store is the only place that i know of that sells halal meat).

Elin's new apartment is not bad at all. It's basically situated inside the campus area, so travelling to class is not a problem. Can't wait to go visit my future apartment and get to know my future housemates. Elin says he's a bit blur, but i don't know what to make of that.

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I can actually see the university building right across. Well, University of Manchester is actually a campus inside a city, much like KL university, but not as hectic.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

There's also a park right across the apartment building, kewl place to hang out.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Can also see a row of shophouses. There's a pakistani shop selling yummy chicken wings below.. uu yeah!

Just got up from a 4-hour sleep. Hope i can sleep again tonite. It's now only 21:34 here in Manchester. The Prayer time is nearly the same, except for Maghrib (21:41) and isya (11:30). Have to adjust to this new time-dimension.

Hopefully mybiological clock will be well adjusted by tomorrow morning. Elin's gonna take me for an orientation on campus and i might just go to admissions to get some things taken care of.


Friday, June 30, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I just realized that August 2006 would probably be the last month that my siblings and I would be staying under the same roof. Wow..

After that, Nini would be in Romania.. I would be In UK, and Elin would be in Malaysia.When we do come back, at least one of us would be married, or move out of the Subang Home.

Nothing is for sure yet, but i do know that this expression will still hold :

Meyorhhh.. meyorhhhh! (scratching tummy)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Arghh... siapa ada pakai O2? Nak pinjam CD buleyh? CD dulu hilang bersama laptop.. My dad's CD pon missing somewhere in the house. I need to upload pictures! Needd.... toooo... uppp loaaadd.. picturesss..

Anyways, things are now quite slow in the office, Trouble Reports are much less (In my place that is). Maybe everybody else is filtering the reports kaw-kaw! Cayalah. But there are other "extra-curricular" stuffs that I am assigned to do.. so job load is still the same (though not exactly KPI related).

One thing that i was assigned to do is a poster. Well, u just know that when you ask an engineer to do design, everything will turn out symmetrical and the colour would be boring. Argh.. no wonder my sense of dressing teruk. Colour matching Kantoi! (Sedar pon diri kan?). Furthermore, a simple thing that would take me (Photoshop illiterate) 5 hours would only cost Nini (Photoshop literate) 5 minutes! Sakit hatiii.. hahaha..

I would not dare to post the outcome here.. damn buruk weeyh!

Btw, Nini introduced me to her friend's blog, Ismail.

Go ahead, have a click. I just like the way he sees things and put it on paper. Reminds me of Rodek (somewhat).

K.. Cha chas!

P/s: Ismail, if you are reading this, 1 redirect from this blog would cost you 25 Liras. (Betul ke currency Romania ni?)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


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Now oledi 26

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


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26... and still growing.. :)

Lucky number 26

Terima kasih buat semua yang sms. Boleh tahan banyak jugak sms yang dapat. Oh.. yang call pon terima kasih banyak banyakk!! :). terharu.. terharu. Pada FTFTM yang tak wish... U suck! haha. Sebab aku lagi tua dari korang, so aku merajuk dan cara terbaik ialah belanja Chilli's.. mampus!

Everything went well today. Tengah hari tadi had lunch with my officemates. Now waiting for Umi untuk bersiap. Nak pergi dinner plak. Sorry la geng silat, malam ni tak dapat nak turun USJ. Maybe lepak after kot.

(jap.. umi panggil)

Eh? huhuhu... Umi said she's too tired. So have to postpone tomorrow. Oh well.. malam ni celebrate ngan bebudak silat la kot. Nampak gayanya... Nak pi Umah ayil pon.. entah ingat ke idak

(Backkk... after 3 hours!)

Yeah! Just got back from makan. Lepak Mamas Chop & Papas Grill Subang. Food so-so la.. but environment good enuff for good family talk. Belasah kambing and ayam.. ahaha (belasah not equal to spank ok.. i know some of you people are imagining a chicken and a goat getting spunked. :P

I'll publish some pics later.. after nini uploads the pics from her trusty Nikon D70 DSLR. Ohoho..
Anyways, i'd expect nothing much from today. I'd expect that as you grow older, your birthday will become more meaningless. Haih.. missed those hoya-hoya days. I guess when you do sumthing, you shouldn't expect the same thing back. Just be sincere. Betul tak Cipok?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Angin jahat

Jahat betul la angin dalam perut nieh. Kalau makan dia tendang tendang.. kalau tak makan, perut pulak yg dia makan. Gastrik ni la dia.. nak kena buat sumthing nieh.. kasik buang angin jahat nieh..

Tahan.. tahan.. :) sampai tangkap kepala pun tahan.. ;)

Anyways, semalam reapplied informally for study leave. If everything goes well, Aug 06 ni start cuti. I realized this means i'm left with 42 days to go before i leave my unit. I really hope that i can come back to the same place after my postgraduate program, but it would be unfair for my boss to deny other people in the company of the post just because of me. Some more if the applicant is muh much better. Furthermore, if job load continues to increase, than definitely they will need somebody to man the post.

I have really learnt a lot while serving in this unit. And i owe a lot to lots of people, whom i dare not list because i dare not miss out any single one. But i do know that i am really in debt with my boss, my colleagues, and my staffs, for if it not for them, i wouldn't be where i am rite now.

A million thanx. (ye.. ye... tak main thanx jek.. kene belanja piza.. aku tahuuu)

Good luck En Rafiz and Chot, thanx for your guidance
Good luck Erly (esp ko la erly, ganti aku), Iqbal, Asyie, thanx for your company,
Good luck to all staffs, you were my teacher all this while.

Good Luck.. Good luck.. i wish u good luckkkkk!! (Gaya Phoebe in 'Friends')

Saturday, June 17, 2006

I'm backkk!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah semua,
Sejak ana balik dari Umrah. Ana rasa ana sudah banyak berubah. Banyak yang telah dipelajari dan banyak pengalaman yang telah dapat di timba. Ana harap kawan kawan dapat ambil iktibar dari pengalaman ana di Madinah & Mekah.

Eh.. logik ke?

Nottt!! Silap tu..

Yo wassapp yoooooooo!! tapai in da haussss!

hehhee... No worries.. i'm da same ol tapai. Keyword.. 'old'. Who's getting older by the day (3 more days to be exact). Hint ni... kalau tak paham jugak.

21 st June each year. Ring Any bells? Yep.. tu bapak ayil nyer besday. Happy besday Uncle Damanhuri!.

Ring any other bells? Haha.. nvmd.

Anyways, my apologies for not updating this blog for quite sum time. Things have been quite hectic after i touched down in Malaysia. Imagine, i received a phone call from work immediately when i switched on the handphone at the airport, while i was waiting for my luggage!.

Things were very interesting in Mekah (Mecca) and Madinah (El-Medina). Everything went well. For the gejillionth time.. nothing strange happened there. No Kaabah disappearance, no man with no face. The strangest thing would be the lost of slipper. That ain't too strange ain't it?
I have to say this coz most people would ask this same q everytime they ask about my experience there.

If you ask me, i could not describe my experience there. I could just say that it is a magical eye-opener experience where you learn your origin. I can only say that you should try for yourself. I can only say that sugar is sweet, but i cannot describe what 'sweet' is. You hv to try for yourself.

I bet Hj Khairil and Hajjah Asiyah can testify to this.

I would really love to post pictures, but i haven't upload them yet. need to find installer cd for my pda. I lost mine along with my laptop, but luckily my father uses the same pda phone. but somehow is cd is also misplaced.

Nanti la.. you people can see me botak.. botak licin!. Haha.. it was atrange sensation, that one. It was hard to pull off my shirt because it would get stuck to my velcro-turned hair. I bet that was how they got the idea to invent velcro. (Not!.. it was actually 'pokok kemuncup')

And what of my plan to go to UK? well, after a long wait, at last, i received my offer letter, on which i replied to immediately. I'm really concerned because i'm left with less than 2 months till middle of august where i plan to go to Manchester.

Now.. i'm left with application of visa, finding a home, and getting a temporary work there.

Ganbatte ne!

And oh.

Go Brazil! England Sucks!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


2 hari lebih lagi, saya akan terbang ke Tanah Suci Mekah untuk menunaikan umrah. Makin dekat harinya, makin takut pulak jadinya. Mixed feeling, excited pun ada, chuak pon ada. Excited sebab dapat pijak tanah haram. Chuak, takut diri ni terlalu kotor dan terlalu banyak buat dosa dan tak layak. Rasa kerdil sangat.
Di sini saya ingin menyusun sepuluh jari, memohon ampun dan maaf sekiranya terdapat salah dan silap dari segi tutur bahasa dan juga perbuatan yang dahulu, sekarang, dan yang akan datang. Minta halal segala makan-minum. Sekiranya terjadi apa-apa, harap dapat halalkan hutang, mana yang ada.
Insya allah, saya akan bawa doa semua agar dimurahkan rezeki, dan selamat dunia dan akhirat disamping dipermudahkan segala urusan harian dengan adanya petunjuk daripada-NYA.

Kepada kawan-kawan, harap dapat doakan agar perjalanan pergi-balik selamat dan dipermudahkan segala urusan ibadat di sana, di samping Umrah yang mabrur.
Flight akan bertolak pada pukl 655 petang, ahad ni (21/5/2006). Semua jemaah akan berkumpul di KLIA pada pukul 330 di Kaunter K (Dekat pintu 7).
Jemaah ini akan pulang ke Malaysia pada 31 May 2006.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Tadika Alpha

Hehe.. cari la budak yg paling cute.... Thanx Emi Eliza for this pic! nostalgic habis... Emi Eliza Elmira is 4th from the right, back row.

Oh, If you guys look carefully, for those yang kenal. Zorro/Zorlinda is oso in this pic. She is second from right, back row.

Oh.. how simple life was back then..:)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Helang di Udara

Yesterday, when i got home from work, Umi and Papa were 'lepak'ing at the dining room. They were talking about stuff, and one was it was about how we are all amazed by Papa's ability to convince people to venture in his business.

"Senang je, atas udara ada Helang"

"Huh?" i said. "La.. ni lagiii" Umi remarked. Clearly they have had this conversation before.

"Tak pe la papa.. Helang kat Udara.. pas tu?"

"Dalam air ada Buaya, Dalam hutan ada singa"

"Ok". I was still trying to guess the meaning.

"Ye la, semua ada kelebihan. Kat Udara helang power, tapi power macamana pun, kalau jalan atas darat, anak rimau pun boleh baham"

"Masing-masing ada kelebihan, so guna la kelebihan"


Right, Umi and papa always have this good timing where they always come up with the answers that is lingering in my mind. More surprisingly is that i don't have to ask, it is always in between conversation or over a tv show.

At that point, i was actually thinking of why should we compare one individual to another. (Kes MAPS la ni).

I guess that is the 'hikmah' that god give to all parents.