Monday, April 28, 2008

His Map to Taman Budaya

Don't know where it is? just refer to the link above.

His Show in Taman Budaya. THIS WEEKEND

ANGKA & Aroma Theatre Works presents.. a 4 fragment in 1 show performance!

(I'll just let the marketing materials do the talking)

Friday, April 18, 2008

His Formatting Experience

Yeay! formatted the home PC.. thanx to Farul as the system consultant (dan dann jek appointed).

One thing that is not ok is this habit i have, where i like to look at progress of an installation. This bad habit made me sleep at 4 this morning! huhu.. good luck waking up.... me!

Uh oh.. btw.. Farul's band (GITN.. or G-10) qualified for finals of TM STAR.

All the best weyh! Aku dah cakap.. kalau ko dpt first. aku mintak sign.. and aku akan frame kan.. hehehe... make sure rawks beb!

In the words of Ella... Are you enjoyssssssss???!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

His thoughts on High Fidelity

I'm no movie critic. And i am not a good indicator of how good a movie is, since i am easily pleased. Well, to me, a movie which has all the basics is good enough. Doesn't have to blow my mind or anything. Something simple and maybe everybody can relate to. Like Juno. And also like High Fidelity.
Watched High Fidelity for the 3rd time, just to get a feel of how the 'break the fourth wall' inacting. A better reference would be 'Alfie', played by Jude Law, but our PC at home got struck by lightning and in the works of repairs.. so.. High Fidelity would do at the mo.

Here's the trailer :

It's a simple movie about relationships, and about a guy trying to find the reason why he always gets rejected. Finally, he discovers that the reason has always been himself, always having a foot out the door and not really committing to the relationship.

Sounds very.. very familiar.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

His Journey to the East

Yo! Just got back from a 1-week outstation trip to the Eastern Region. Had to present some stuff on behalf of the boss. Apparently he decided to give me some exposure and a chance to get to know more people on the ground so as to enchance the communication capability of our Unit. Well, that is the official say, at least.

Aanyways.. went up to Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu, and Kota Bharu for one night each. And finally decided to stay in Kelantan for 2 more days to get reacquainted with cousins and aunts/uncles. Things are quite the same since last time i met them, other than the addition of more cousins! Wow. they are really, really productive in 'that' sense.

Syed decided to join me in Kelantan. Took him to Pantai Bachok, Pantai Cahaya Bulan, and also shopped in Siti Khadijah Market. Safiyya and Kak Aisyah (who followed me from Kuantan) decided to return to KL after the final presentation in Kota Bharu (but later was dissappointed because they couldn't extend their stay while there were more tudung and batik shops to visit).

Came back yesterday, passed through Gerik. Stopped in Ipoh to attend Shahrul's Wedding. It was a smooth flowing ceremony. Can't be a good judge, since my self and Pijat/melor arrived half a hour after the commencement of the ceremony. Anyways.. everyting went well. Shahrul was exceptionally 'segak bergaya' and Bunga was really beautiful in her wedding dress. After the ceremony, we went to McDs (not because shahrul's food was not good mind you) to hang out, while waiting for Hafiz and the Bride & Groom to come over. Hafiz has this crazy thing going for wedding shoots. I don't know if it is the 'trend' nowadays, but the package is inclusive of an outdoor photo shoot. Which means that clients will have their wedding attire on for photoshoot outside, say.. in McDs!.

Arrived in Subang Jaya at 3 am. Exhausted, slept till 12 noon today. Hehe.. can't blame me aging
body. (Sebenarnya mmg bangun weekend time tu.. muahhaa)

And now here i am.. back to reality. The previous week passed by just like a dream. It is nice to break your routine once in a while.

Tomorrow.. back to the same routine!

Oh well...

p/s: Oi syed.. upload gambar kat facebook cepat! especially gambar aku... gambar ko takyah tak pe.. muahha