Monday, April 27, 2009

WoW Photoshoot

Some Pics we took during the photoshoot. Thanks to WoW Photography, photograped by Hafiz Ismail.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Stage Theraphy

Another play. Lights on. Sounds booming. Stage all ready. To come alive. Full of life.
Adrenaline rushing. Heart pumping.
All the hard work. On the line.
Have to be fit. Have to give it all. Have to give it the best.
All intention and lines nailed down. Time to flush all thoughts away
Have this just one moment. And this one moment will determine what happens next. What ever happens, happens now.
Create nothing, deny nothing.
That is the mantra. To give the best show on earth.
Listings Information:Venue: Annexe Gallery, Central Market
Dates: Friday 17 April – Sunday 19 April 2009
Time: Evening shows 17 – 19 April @ 8.30pm
Matinee shows 18 – 19 April @ 3.00pm
Admission: RM20
For bookings call Sani @ 012-6778932 or email us back at

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hi and Bye

Hate it when someone says "Hi!" on YM!.

And when you reply and start a conversation, they reply with single words.

Even worst, single words, with single syllables.

Osman Led Zeppelin

Osman tengok Oscar's di apartmen kawannya, Ozi.

Ozi bukan Nama betul, Nama sebenarnya Zul.

Semangat sungguh Osman, sanggup tidur di rumah Ozi sebab di rumahnya tak ada astro.

Oscar mula, yeay! Osman buat macam rumah sendiri dan baring atas kerusi panjang.

Suffian (housemate Zul), baru bangun tidur, dengan berkemban bertanya, eyh, tu bukan Robert Plant?

Aah, jawab keduanya, walaupon tak kenal, tapi berpandukan tanda nama pada kaca tv.

"Robert Plant ni lead singer Led Zeppelin kan?"

"Entah, agaknya kot", jawab keduanya.

Zul tengok pada Osman, Osman pakai baju Led Zeppelin.

Sungguh Malu.

Osman pura pura tengok Oscar's sambil baring atas kerusi panjang.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Shit hits the fan

Somebody wise told me yesterday, once you commit, you must be willing take all the shit that come along with it.

I wonder if there is a cheatcode where you can list all the shit that you will get before committing. Because the shit always emerges once u have committed, and not before.


Reminds me of the monologue by Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman.

Slade: Mr. Sims doesn't want it. He doesn't need to labeled, "...still worthy of being a 'Baird Man.'" What the hell is that? What is your motto here? "Boys, inform on your classmates, save your hide. Anything short of that we're gonna burn you at the stake?" Well, gentlemen. When the shit hits the fan, some guys run and some guys stay. Here's Charlie--facing the fire, and there's George--hiding in big Daddy's pocket. And what are you doin'? You're gonna reward George, and destroy Charlie.