Sunday, March 25, 2007


Yeahh.. off to Eurotrip.. from 26/4 - 4/4. Will be covering Amsterdam, Prague, Vienna, Venice and Bratislava.

Happy holidays friends!


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Subbu's Response to Janet's Poem

Refer Janet's Poem

And this is Subbu's response:

Now we got no single cent,

How to find Girlfriend???

Hahha.. Nak jugakk balas tu.. Haih.. Subbu... Subbu... :P ANyways.. gud lak la bro..:)


How do you feel when everybody has everything and you think that you have nothing?

Why do you even compare yourself to others?

Why do you like nature so much? is it a way for you to forget all your problems?

Are your problems real in the first place? or is it self imposed?

What exactly the things that you don't have compared to your friends?

HOw is your relationship with your mom before.. and after?

Why are you ashamed of your mom?

WHy does what Mr. Robinson think or say matters to you?

What change do you want to bring to your village and why?

Are your intentions good?

What about the way you want to bring change? is it any good?

Why do you want to change your village? isn;t it perfectly fine?

Is there any body who is wrong in this story? or is it the case of a jigsaw puzzle that can't fit?

Suet Ray

How do you react to your father whom you have not met for 10 years?

What do you feel if somebody proposed to you in a bad timing?

How do you feel if your best friend turns into somebody whom you do not know?

What would you do if 2 of your friends have arguments?

How would you feel if you are blamed for your father's wealth?

Why did you 'trained-away' your lisp?

What has dancing done for you?

How did you get your boost of confidence?

Why would you say that everything is your fault?

How do you feel if left alone in the dark?

Questions.. questionss....

It's different

I find it very different if i have to write a blog for assignment. When you feel you NEED to write, you just have no idea on what to write. Nothing just came to mind.

I did have a lot happening around me lately.

I am currently directing a play for MSSM's Malaysian Nite which will be on the 28th of APril. It is taking a lot of my time and i do feel that i need to prioritize more. Alhamdulillah, i manage to understand all the important information and ideas during the classes and i feel more confident ever since i started using the mind-mapping method. Now, if i could just find some time to re-draw the map and try to read the text book, insya allah i would be fine.

Results just came out. I know that it is taboo to ask people on what their marks are. However, if you feel you need to ask, there definitely is a right way so that the other people won't get offended. As we grow older, the need to compare gets lesser because we are more content with ourselves and we do not have to find out how we do as compared to others. We normally compare to ourselves and would think wether we deserve that mark. If any body is curious, i did alright. Alhamdulillah, better than i expected. I have no complaints what so ever on the outcome. Just that i hope i can get the same, if not better for this semester.

As for dissertation, all the framewrok has been done. Now, instead of circling around and beating around the bush, i need to dive and get my head really into this Web Teaching support Application. I need to get the requirements straight and make sure that everything is purely justified.

Oh did i mention? I feel that it is different when you HAVE to write an entry, as compared to you WANT to.

Laaaa di daa~~!!