Monday, January 30, 2006

Single Life

List of things to do
1) Do all the stuff you think that married/couples cannot do.
2) Travel around
3) Lepak minum
4) Snuker (Duhhh.. mesti laaa)
5) Get in touch with old friends (hoping they still live a single life)
6) Theatre
7) Self exploration
8) Try new things (clubbing?, kelas menari?,acupuncture?)
9) Outdoors
Apsal macam list of things to do time new year je ni? Oh well, Awal muharram and Raya Cina pon kira New year apa. :)
I know somebody would include sex. haha.
Any other suggestions on how to live life full?
Ha.. you.. yes you.. ye la.. i'm talking to you. Dah kawen kan? Ha, kasi la tahu, ape benda yang rasa tabley buat kalau dah kawen?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The monkey who decided to wait

A monkey was walking in the woods. Suddenly, he felt really hungry. The monkey referred to a map and continued walking until he met with a fork road, which would lead him to either a heavily guarded banana farm, or a group of banana trees. Which way? which way?

He chose the easy way : the unguarded banana trees. The place was not too far from the fork road. When he arrived, he saw that there the trees have beared fruits. Good!. The monkey started climbing the trees and picked a few bananas.

He tried to savour the bananas in hand, but he can't concentrate on eating the bananas. He felt that the bananas he has are tasteless and does not give him strength. He could not take his mind off the fruits in the heavily guarded banana farm. It should taste better! The bananas should be juicier! shapely! and should give him strength to carry on with his journey.

He decide to make way for the banana farm.

Upon arrival, he saw a 10 foot high wall, with broken glass and barbed wires all around it. He heard sounds beyond the wall. Something roaring. Must be guards on a shiny moving yellow vehicle. The monkey saw two weeks earlier how strong the vehicles could be. It could tear apart trees and also dig up tonnes of ground.

The bananas must be really,really good, since the owner must love them so much to protect the bananas with such monstrous machines, he thought.

He walked around, trying to find some way in, but the only way he found was through a door.

Somebody, someday, must open the door, he thought again. He decided to wait.

He waited, waited and waited, but the door won't open. He remembered what his grandmonkey said : "be persistent and patient, something beautiful will wait for you in the end".

He decided to take the advice and wait.

It is already now 10 years of wait. And if you visit the farm, there are no more trees in it, as the owner has already decided to turn the farm into a hotel. It is a glamorous hotel, with hundreds of statues and thousands of rooms. It actually took him 10 years to finish it. However, he decided to keep the wall with the broken glasses and barbed wire for safety reasons, since the jungle next to him might be a breeding place for lions, snakes and other predators.

How about the monkey who decided to wait for the door to open. Where is he?

Well, if you dare, climb up the north-east wall, exactly 10 feet from the wall. You can see a corpse of a monkey, holding a map.

That is what you get, when you wait for the forbidden fruit.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


A father was walking with his son to the playground. For the son, this is the his happiest day, because this is his first trip to the playground. He felt that he has gone up to another level in life.

Levels in life? There are lots of levels. Level where every body has a crush, gets a license, buys a car, gets a couple, clash, gets engaged, gets married, have children, buys a house, get a new car, buys a second car, have more children, children gets married, have grandchildren, and start reflecting on life, and then where everybody dies.

But that is just too far ahead for the boy. For him, today's level is just where everybody goes to the playground. Which is a big deal. Happy happy happy!

They arrived at the playground. The father looked around, searching for something. Yes, he found a bench. He sat down and let the son run around. He saw how happy his son was, playing with his friends. He lets him play and have fun. That is his plan : To let his son mingle around and have fun.

After quite sometime, the father decides to call his son.

"David!, come here!"

"Yes dad?", Panting..

"Dun't you wanna play with your dad?"

"Yes sure!" joyfully answered.

"See this wall? come, let me put you on top" fingers pointed at a 7 foot brick wall nearby.


"Now i want you to jump"

"Huh? what if i fall?"

"It's ok.. i'm here to catch you. trust me"

"But dad.. i'm scared"

"Dun't worry, trust me. i have something to teach you. But you have to jump"

"Ok.. here goess!!.. wheeeeeee"

Crack! Bump! Thump!. followed by OOOOwwwwwwwwwwwww!

The boy was lying down on the pavement. Hands on his ankles. Might be broken.

"You know son, the lesson is.. , never trust anyone. Not even your own dad. Remember that"

This is a story about trust.

And yes, they lived happily ever after.

The End.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Engine nak start

Hek ho hek ho,
Start Engine Kereta,
Hek Ho hek ho,
Tapi Engine dalam kepala tak start lagi,
Hek ho Hek ho,
Try nak start tapi tabley,
Hek ho hek ho,
Nak bercakap pon lembap, Nak menulis pon sembab
Hek ho hek ho,
Nak kena lawan ni
Hek ho hek ho,
Nak kena lawannnnnnnn
Hek ho hee.....zzzzzzzz
ISykkk... tolongg.. somebody gimme a jumpstart!


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Jangan Tangguh

The other day lepak with Erly in CBJ (that's cyberjaya.. duhhh) and i realized that he is a psycho. Nothing is left unorganized.

I was entering the surau and noticed there were a few slippers lying clumsily around in front of the door. After prayers (which was joined by Erly a bit later), as i walked out of the surau, i noticed that the slippers are neatly arranged on the shoe rack.
(logic ke Erly yang susun?)
Then i walked to his car and looked into the car-boot. Everything is organized in boxes. There is even a shoe-box-like-place in there!
(What the?)
Then i noticed that everything in his office is tidy. And when i browse through his laptop, everything is organized.
It was just unbearable just to let this slip,so i just had to ask,"weh, camana nak jadi kemas?"
(aku tahu, kalau aku tanya Ayil, sure kene gelak 10 juta round dulu before jawab.. itupon kalau nak jawab).
Erly replied," Jangan tangguh"
Simple... but damn powerful.
Since then i tried this new revelation/finding that i got and tried to not delay everything and lots of good stuff happened. Not only things became organized, but everything kinda fell into place. Things were done in a more efficient, more confident, and, more... happy manner. This includes, work, theater, and all other stuff.
I know, i know, it might be a small deal for you guys. And i know cheeps would have sumthing to say/comment/make fun about this.
(But before you do cheepok, make sure Ajon takes out the the garbage and clean up the worm-infested tong sampah in your dapur. Hehe.)
Now, if only i can make this habit permanent... hum hummmm....
And by the way, Thanx Erly.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Choices (mostly dedicated to Nini)

Hari Raya Korban is here!.. yes.. keyword : Korban, directly translated as sacrifice (Ada ke translation lain?).
Ok, not that i'm gonna write about Hari Raya Korban and it's origin (Ustaz Cipok can cover that topic.. haha), I just suddenly felt this urge to touch about sacrifices. Or actually, i wanna talk about choices. BUt it is just so convenient to start this entry with Hari Raya Korban. Baru la relate dengan kejadian semasa. Ahaks.
(Scrubs J.D monologue in head mode)
Everyday we have to deal with choices.
There are times you have choose between 'kacau'ing ur beloved friends and become deoendent or try to survive alone and learn to be independent.
Choose between focusing 100% towards your career, or focusing on family and time for yourself
There are times you have to choose between pursuing your hobby, against pursuing your future.
Times where you have to choose between doing what you really want (though it's wrong), against what is right (but things will not go your way)
Times between choosing your happiness against doing what everybody tells you is right
Times where you have to choose between upholding ur ego, or bowing down to get what you want.
The list goes on.
Well, ultimately, life is full of choices. You just have to be strong and be responsible with the choices you have to make.
But of course, you can choose the other option, but at one time, you can only choose one.
Take ownership upon the things you have done and deal with its consequences. If you feel you don't want to, or cannot deal with the consequences, then don't do it.
I had my fair share of choices that i had to make. Some small, some big, some painful, some so-so.
What about you? What do you have to choose? what would your consequence be?
(camera focus on J.Ds face, then zooms towards a butterfly.. )
End of episode.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Jom Nuang

Yes.. setelah begitu lama kepingin nak naik gunung. Berjaya jugak nak racun Aspa unutk organize naik gunung Nuang. Tak confirm lagi.. tapi tentative date 10-12 February.

A few ppl yang tergerak nak ajak.. tapi what would their response be? hum hummm...

(ALphabetical order namanya.. rajen kan aku?)

Asyie : tak suka laa naik gunungg

Azlina (member esah) : Err.. you ni sapa?

Along : Hah?? boleh boleh jekk..tapi makan apa?

Ayil : Naik Gunung? ajak aku? Ko gila ke apa? Whutdehelllll

Ceng: Nak gak.. tapi kene tanya along dulu la

Cipok : Ada booze?

Erly : Tak bley dah nak active active.. sakit arrr

Esah : Eyh.. tempat aku first bercakap ngan ko lepas ko selamatkan aku dari jatuh bukit.. nak pergi.. tapi marisa x bley tinggal la.

Farul & Jue : Kitorang balek perlis kot.. tapi nanti aku konfem balek.. cam ok jek

Iqbal : On jekkk.. (tapi akan cancel last minute sebab ade date lain)

Lin : Naik gunung? aku tak mentally prepared laa..

Mama : Aku dah nak kawen aa.. tanak amek risk

Mueya : Tak main la naik naik gunung niii

QZ : Kalau ko boleh angkat aku sampai camp site, boleh la aku pergi

Rodek : Ada cermin tak kat sana?

Rumet : Best gak.. kalau qz tanak pegi.. aku bawak second wifey aku.. ahhaha (terperasan qz memandang lalu terus menggelengkan kepala tanda tak jadi nak ikut)

Ros : cam ok jek..

Salina (member mama) : Ok, tapi i kat labuan la.. camne nak pi.. Miss KL!!

Zemie : On jekkk

Ada nama yang tertinggal ke? hem hemm

Siapa nak ikut? jom! kalau idak, aku pi ngan aspa and the geng jek la

Aspa.. ko nak ajak sapa?

Jeng jeng jengggggg

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

List of Things to do in 2006

In no particular order (Except for items 1,2,3 and 20)

1) Snooker
2) Snooker
3) Snooker
4) Masters in UK
5) Theatre
6) More Theatre
7) Ladang Cili
8) Mineral Water distributor
9) Will Writing and Unit Trust
10) Improve work place
11) Avoid relationships
12) Concentrate on Work
13) Widen circle of friends
14) Practice Silat
15) Urut Kaki so that i can play basket ball again
16) Meet more people
17) Pi Labuan, Indonesia, Jepun,
18) Naik Gunung Nuang
19) Get More acting jobs
20) Last but not least, Snuker

Jom snuker weyh!!!

A New Beginning

A new beginning coz of 2006? Nope!
It's a new beginning becoz i just lost my office laptop (damn u druggies!), along with 2 years worth of hard work in it.
A bit kusut at first, since you don't really know where to start. Too much of everything to re-sort all over again. However, on the first day i arrived at the office laptop-less, a feeling of serenity overwhelmed the kusut-ness.
I get to re-start everything!
Obnoxious Other TM Staff : Hey, Where's the report that u promised to send in today?
Tapai : I lost my laptop, so i have to recollect all the data.
Obnoxious Other TM Staff : Oh.. ok..
Hehe.. best best. Bets nye dapat format Balek hidup! Yee ha!