Friday, August 31, 2007

Thesis Update

30% completed.. 70 pages to go.. whoo hoahhhh! I've heard of Speed Reading... but has anyone heard of Speed-Thesis-Writing? hehe.. may be i can write a book after this.. :P

Thesis write up

I think i am now aiming for a new guiness world record or something. I am supposed to write a 100 page thesis (about 20,000 words) within 5 days. Hoo waahhh!. All thanks to the extra time spent on debugging my web application, trying to get everything to work. Haihh..

Well, i guess old habits die hard.

Anyways.. just to release some tension.. found a few videos.

Paris Hilton Song
Russel Peters Stand up comedy
Rowan Atkinson (Invisible Drum Kit) Monolog


And please pray for me!


Friday, August 10, 2007

Uk road trip with Family

links to some pics fo our journey. Will elaborate more after my thesis submission. These links should last you guys for 1 month.. heheh.. don't expect any updates till then. :)

Seaside at Whistable
Harry Potter
Breakfast at The Saint & Scholars
Birmingham Fruit picking

Went to a few other places, mostly carboots and shopping places. Was too busy buying stuff that we didn't take any pics. haha.. Khusyu'!

Oh guys.. wish me luck for my dissertation project!