Thursday, December 15, 2005

Love of a Brother

How do you play this character? :
A spoilt brat who is spoilt by his brother because the brother gives him anything he wants since he was little. Their parents died early and his brother quit school to pay for his school fees and for food.
The conflict now is that, this spoilt brat is in love with his brother's fiancee. He goes behind his brother's back and confessed to his brother's fiancee that he loves her and to his surprise, the girl responded positively and told him that he is 'the one' and the perfect guy of her dreams.
And oh, he is kind of a player. However his current relationship is the most stable and might lead somewhere. Which one to choose : Steady girlfriend? or Brother's fiancee? Quite a tough one, ain't it?

For me, this is quite hard to imagine because i never had a brother.

Now, the challenge here is to establish the connection between the two brothers. How they are really-really close so that in the end, it will leave a bigger impact to the audience when the spoilt brat confesses to his brother of his doings.

Like En Effindi said, "it is like an artist finishing up the work of his life, something beautiful, and when it is completed, rips it a part in front of everybody".

I guess its true, when you have sumthing really special and everyone knows it, but then you just destroy that special thing, it leaves a state of shock because it is kind of not in the norm. Like Rodek said, "Conforming is boring".

Yeap, so we will have to do things which are out of the norm so that the audience won't sleep.

And we have 2 weeks to go till show day.

Good Luck to Us.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Journey of the Morning

I woke up one morning. Opened my eyes, stretched to the left, stretched to the right. Sitting position on the bed. Stretched some more.

Looked at the clock. ALready 6:45 am.
Stood up. Thought : What am I gonna do today? Rite, work..
While thinking, phase out to another world. Imagined the day's scheduled in head. From going to the office until i get back home at night.

Woke up from daydream. Looked at the mirror. Pick up towel. Undress. Walk straight to the bathroom. Pick up toothbrush. Brush teeth. Gargled Listerine. Wash face with face cream. Turned around. Walk towards the shower. Put away towel. Apply shampoo on hair. Apply bodywash.

Dried self up. Apply teeth whitener. Done.

Walk towards cupboard. Put on boxers and pants. Fingered through selection of work shirts. Checked for Shirt-wrinkles. House Helper ironed all he shirts the day before. Put on powder. Sprayed Cologne. Put on shirt. Tighten belt.

One last look at the mirror. Take socks from drawer. Put laptop on shoulder. Ready to go.

Suddenly i realized, i was still in bed. In the Sitting position.
Look at the clock : 8:30 a.m.


Aeon Flux @ Mid Valley

Heheh, Ended up, had a great time in Mid Valley. Went via Komuter (convenient weyh!). Watched Aeon Flux. Don't wanna spoil it by giving details. I give the rating 4/10.

But still.. had a grrreaat time!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Watching Muvi

Me feel like watching movie,
Me feel like going to the cinema,

First thing first,
Where should i go?
SHould it be One Utama? (is sound system important?)
SHould it be Pyramid? (Macam jam jek hari sabtu ni?)
Should it be MId Valley? (Confirm jamm nak mampus!)
Or KLCC? (Sapa nak hantar pi LRT?)
Or summit? (Tempat tak kewl)
OK, Pyramid la kot.. at least dekat, petang boleh main basketball.

What muvies are there to watch?
There's Aeon Flux( Cam ok),
There's Harry Porter (Dah tengok),
There's Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam (Never!),
There's Chronicle's of Narnia (Cam best)
There's Kong (Cam lagi best..)
And There's Zathura.. (DOn't feel like watcihng Jumanji all over again)
OK, it's a tie between Chronicle's of Narnia and Kong.
Decide when i get there.

WHat time is the show?
Alamak, KOng starts showing on the 13th.. so i guess Kong is out
Chronicle's of Narnia.. 2:20, 3:05, 5:10, 5:55..
Kol 3:05 sempat ke?
Slambe badak ah.

Eyh.. what's this? hujan?
eyh.. Best gile tidor... damn..
Layan That 70's Show on VCD best gak nie..

And then go to sleep.

There goes the movies...

Damn Nini for burning That 70s SHow.. now i'm addicted..


p/s: Ceng Baru bukak Blog! tengok weyh!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Alphabet recap

Once there was a kid who travelled from A to Z.
Everyday A to B to C to D to E to F to G to H to I to J to K to L to M to N to O to P to Q to R to S to T to U to V to W to X to Y to Z
An he became an engineer, travelling from A to B to C to D to E to F to G to H to I to J to K to L to M to N to O to P to Q to R to S to T to U to V to Z
And then A to B to G to H to I to J to K to L to M to N to O to P to Q to R to S to T to U to V to Z
And then A to B to G to H to I to J to P to Q to R to S to T to U to V to Z
And then A to B to G to T to U to V to Z
And then A to B to V to Z
And then A to Z
And then A to Z
And then A to Z
And then A to Z
And then A to Z
So frequent that he forgets that there are more to the journey other than A and Z.
One day, he realizes that there is more to the journey than A to Z. There's always B, C, D that makes him laugh. E,F,G to make him sad. H,I,J to tell him that he is worthless. K,L,M to cheer him up. N,O to build his confidence. P,Q to make him wiser. R,S,T to add experience. U,V to make him more brave. W,X to share with. and Y to Love.
He just needs to open his eyes more to see that he is still in the same journey as he was when he was a kid, going through the ABCs of life.
Apa aku tulis pon aku tatau... tapi mampus la kan.

Macam Macam Ada

Me, Iqbal , And Ain (Tuk Guru Gitar)
Macam-macam ada - The Gang
Above are 2 pics. I like la the wig. Tambah dengan Spek Hitam.. Ngancam weyh! ada lagi gambar, but don't feel like posting about malam kesenian TM. Furthermore, the network is f88cking slow and i have to wait for 5 f99kin7 minutes to upload 1 pic.
Yes, i'm irritated.
Have you guys ever been with somebody who you just can't stand? for some people i could be somebody who talks too loud, insensitive, and only thinks that he/she is the one who is rite. That is just the tip of the iceberg.
No, it's not u Rodek.. but u nearly reached the mark haha..
No, it's not anybody any of us know well. It's just a general remark.
I wonder what are these people thinking of when they shout at people telling others how they are stupid. Herm, are they thinking in the first place? Must be emotionally crippled as well.
I pity them. They must have problems at home, or sumthing. But i guess what goes around comes around. They must have done sumthing wrong to be in that position.
Being annoying is ok if you produce results.. but if not.. then you should just shut the yap up.
It's just that when these people are not around. everything is serene, and going according to plan. But in their presence, the uneasy aura will set a disastrous environment that spoils everybody's mood.
What can we do about it other than kutuk in the blog? well.. Doa would suffice. Like a friend told me, You can't really change people. It is gods job. You can just doa for the best.
"Tak perlu buat baik. Cukup untuk jadi baik."
"Buat Baik berpada-pada. Buat Jahat Jangan Sekali."
Pikir-pikirkan la.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Malam Anugerah & Kesenian TM Selangor

Was selected to become the producer to represent O&M Selangor (Haih.. producer lagik). One of the group member decided to go crazy and took pictures.

Cam siyut kan mamat ni? Haven't receive the pics for the performance yet, i'll update later.

Senapang Kontot, a replacement for Parang Kontot in the sketch during the performance of the song Aci-aci buka Pintu.

Jambu gila

Macho Gila

Just Plain Gila.

Ahahhahah. Really enjoyed ourselves. Tell you guys more about what happened during the show when i get more pics from the group.

La. la la laaaaaa

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

You Live, You Learn

Learnt a lot of things about relationship lately.. the hard way through self experience. Did lots of unpredictable and illogical things that made some of my close friends question : is this Tapai? Well. This IS Tapai. Though most of the time this guy does not have much wants in life, but when he wants, he would do anything for the thing he wants most, including crazy stuff that might even go against 'adat'.
That's the thing with Malay culture. It is full of 'Adat', which it's objective is more towards 'sopan santun', 'jaga hati' and 'cakap berlapik'. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for 'Adat' because it is the identity of one society. However, i do think that there is a borderline between satisfying the criterion of 'Adat' and Satisfying ones need for happiness. Breaking 'Adat' would cause shame. Quoting a good friend, "Shame is temporary, Happiness is Forever". I do think that's true. But some people prefer short term against long term so if that is what they want, that is what they get.
But that's all in the past now. What should have happened, happened. What i should have done, I did. I shed new light to other peoples lives and i really feel good about it. No regrets. As my mum used to say, "Jangan sampai cakap 'kalau' ".
A new perspective about the term ,"Is He/She the one?". Farul told me," The one means the right girl at the right time". These previous weeks, i may have found the right girl, but i must have left my brain sumwhere and left out the 'right time' factor.
How do you know that it is the right girl? Well, for me, you just know. Before this, i could not tell the difference between infactuation/fling or Love. But now at least I do. And i guess i'm lucky to have a few friends beside me as an acid test. The simplest way is to look Ayil in the eyes and say ,' Aku suka dia' confidently. If I move away my eyes, then i am just forcing myself. There are others tests, but i would not dare to reveal it here.
Ayil, Ceng, Rumet, and Farul can always tell if the girl is suitable. That is just how close we are. And of course i would always note that their point of view is always the out come of discussion that they have with their wife, Esah, Along, Qz, and Jue. I can't really imagine where would i stand now if they weren't there to support (and also to make gay, loser and other inappropriate jokes as well).
Suddenly, i think i've exposed my self too much in this blog.. but i don't think i give a damn.. wait a minute....
yeah.. Don't give a damn.
Farul advised me to treat this as a learning process, and try to turn things in such a way that it becomes a motivation. Well, I do believe that i learnt a lot, especially in discovering my own self. And i guess, my friends would have learnt sumthing from my experience. Esah said,"Tapai, At least kitorang tahu ko bukan jenis yang sanggup break up somebody's home for your own self interest". And She also said "Tapai Lagi Handsome dari Ayil". Ahahaha.. (Teka, which statement yang Tipu?).
"Tuhan takkan bagi dugaan yang tak tertanggung". I heard that from sumwhere, and it basically means that if sumbody is meant to be a great person, he/she will have to go through great hurdles in life. There are times that i feel that i am tested until i nearly cross the borderline of sanity. Times that i feel that my chest is about to explode. Times that i feel so helpless. But hey, this means that my 'dugaan' is great.. and I am destined to be a great person. Hurrah!
Emotional Roller Coaster. That is what this experience was. If given the choice to choose between Genting's Triple Looper, Korea's Gyro Drop, and Australia's Lethal Weapon ride combined against Emotional Roller coaster, I would choose the first without hesitation. Well at least I survived the last one. Barely.
So what did I Actually do for the past few weeks? Must've been something sinful, sumthing bad, sumthing in a great magnitude. Well, let's just say something big could have happened. For better or worse? I would not know. But since in everyday Doa we always ask for 'Petunjuk' and something better, i should say what happened is for the best. And for those who knows.. cherish and learn from it.
I know i would. Till the end of time.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Congrats Te!

Unta Kahwen

Unte kahwen? mesti la roommateku Mizie! (spelt roommate sebab tanak confius dengan rumet, takkan kawen 2 kottt) Macam pesta muda-mudi la smalam kat putrajaya. Pesta pertunjukan Bayi Comel Jugak. Masing masing berpeluang untuk menunjukkan kebolehan bayi masing masing (Ayil nak ajar Marisa buat Summersault.. Good Luck!).

Didn't know there's a space under Masjid Putrajaya that you can rent for functions. Not as big as Merak Kayangan, but good enuff lahh.

Anyways.. selamat Transform kepada bapak org to you.. roomie. ;) May your life be more prosperous with the introduction of a wife in your everyday endeavours.


Snooker & Smallville Marathon @ Seri Kembangan

I have decided life must go on. Que Sera, Sera.. What will be, will be. So.. it shall.

Decided i will start by reprogramming my self to not depend too much on other people and have my own backbone.

Decided to go to Sei Kembangan to have my revenge at Cipok and Zaki (Arib kecut.. so dia main futsal.. ahah). Menang Second game! ho yeah. Improved a lot! tak caya, tanya Cipok & Zaki. I guess it's the pressure of having to pay if you don't get 1st Place. Patut la depa improve tak hingat! Played three games.. and we decided to give away the third game to Zaki (kan cipok kannn?)

Arib.. ada berani ka?!! confidence tengah tinggi niehhh.. jom ar weyhh.. lawan PJ Utara vs PJ Selatan. Well.. tak jamin sapa bley datang, tapi kalau semua nak lawan aku.. bring it on! (hehe.. cakap besar nie, ada can lauk nak mampus nanti)


Breakfast at Tiffany's @ TTDI

Nope, no such restaurant at TTDI. Just for the fun of saying it. (I seem to do that a lot, but who gives a damn, it my blog!)

Earlier that morn had breakfast with Ayil to clear up a few stuff and talked about a few things which i will not elaborate further here. A fruitful breakfast. Planned a few things and picked up chunks of leftover self-esteem, ego, and the will to live left and pieced it up together.

Thanks Ayil at that. Again, forever in debt.


Kiss Ass My Ass! Kick Ass My Ass!

Raya at Hj Romli's before going to Seri Kembangan. For all of you who don't know, he's the Vice President of Customer Service (Retail) of Telekom Malaysia. Got a few updates on how TM is faring nowadays.

One of the issues: It turns out that the license that for granted by MCMC is for TM (Wholesale) and not direct to Celcom. There fore, TM needs to operate 3G under TM Wholesale. If so, it means that if Celcom wants to operate 3G, TM has to sell wholesale to other operators as well (Digi, NationCom, etc.) Oh well.. let us see how this story goes.

Got a few pointers on how to excel in career.
1) Ask yourself.. Why not Me?
2) Grey Areas of job Scope.. take lead.. that is where top management gauge ur initiative and proactiveness
3) When Receiving email from senior leaders.. they want feedback.. so reply back!
4) There is no such thing as Private victory in a company.. so always Think Public! (but note that in order to achieve public victory, u have to achieve private victory first)
5) Office Politics : Ask superior to open up meeting, and have him hand over the meeting to you. That way, the authority is passed down. (How u use the authority is a different topic altogether)


Phew, quite a long entry. Nuff Said.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Congrats Pijat & Melor!

Wah laaa wah laa.. congrats Pijat and Melor for your engagement. :) looks like ur the second(and third) SRC to get wed. Congrats congratss! Hope ur Wedding in 14 January and 4th Feb runs well. Pijat, just make sure you say the rite name during the akad nikah.. and try to get it perfect the first time! Unlike ceng (refer http:// <-- punya la malas nak buat hyperlink.

Anyways, it takes no genius to guess that i am having quite a difficult time for the past week. A lot has happened and i would like to say sorry to those who are affected. Hahah..

I just realized that the we just have to keep our heads up no matter what happens. However difficult the path is, surely there will be sumthing sweet at the end of it. Hey, No Pain No Gain Right?

So now i will just put my battle face and sing my battle cry.."ayyiyiyiayiyiyiyiayiayaaaaa".
Bring it on... suckerzzzzz

(God save us all.)

*yes, the last part of the entry is a bit wacky and has no relation whatsoever with the previous paragraphs..just felt like it. Heard it in sum old movie.. :P

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Jason Mraz : You And I Both


Thank you for reaffirming my long-lost abandoned belief that the perfect person does exist.
So i'm gonna keep my heads up and never give up my search.

Was it you who spoke the words that things would happen but not to me
Oh things are gonna happen naturally
Oh taking your advice I'm looking on the bright side
And balancing the whole thing
But often times those words get tangled up in lines
And the bright lights turn to night
Until the dawn it brings
Another day to sing about the magic that was you and me

Cause you and I both loved
What you and I spoke of
And others just read of
Others only read of the love, the love that I love.

See I'm all about them words
Over numbers, unencumbered numbered words
Hundreds of pages, pages, pages forwards
More words then I had ever heard and I feel so alive

You and I, you and I
Not so little you and I anymore
And with this silence brings a moral story
More importantly evolving is the glory of a boy

Cause you and I both loved
What you and I spoke of
And others just dream of
And if you could see me now
Well I'm almost finally out of
I'm finally out of
Finally deedeedeedee
Well I'm almost finally, finally
Well I'm free, oh, I'm free

And it's okay if you have go away
Oh just remember the telephone works both ways
And if I never ever hear them ring
If nothing else I'll think the bells inside
Have finally found you someone else and that's okay
Cause I'll remember everything you sang

Cause you and I both loved what you and I spoke of
and others just read of and if you could see now
well I'm almost finally out of.
I'm finally out of, finally, deedeeededede
well I'm almost finally, finally, finally out of words.

And I am Really... Really out of words...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Jack Johnson : Better Together

Dedicate to that special someone. Congratulations and May you lead a wonderful life.

There is no combination of words I could put on the back of a postcard
And no song that I could sing, but I can try for your heart
Our dreams, and they are made out of real things
Like a shoebox of photographs with sepia tone loving
Love is the answer At least for most of the questions in my heart

Why are we here and where do we go
And how come it's so hard
It's not always easy and sometimes life can be deceiving I'll tell you one thing
It's always better when we're together

Mmm, it's always better when we're together
Yeah, we'll look at the stars when we're together
Well, it's always better when we're together
Yeah, it's always better when we're together

And all of these moments just might find a way into my dreams tonight
But I know that they'll be gone when the morning light sings
Or brings new things for tomorrow night you see
That they'll be gone too, too many things I have to do
But if all of these dreams might find their way into my day to day scene
I'd be under the impression I was somewhere in between
With only two, just me and you, not so many things we got to do
Or places we got to be, we'll sit beneath the mango tree now

Yeah, it's always better when we're together
Mmm, we're somewhere in between together
Well, it's always better when we're together
Yeah, it's always better when we're together (mmm)

I believe in memories, they look so, so pretty when I sleep
And when I wake up, you look so pretty sleeping next to me
But there is not enough time
And there is no, no song I could sing
And there is no combination of words I could say
But I will still tell you one thing
We're better together


Monday, November 07, 2005

5th time is a charm.. for Ceng!

Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Deepavali to All!

wargh.. still in the holiday mood.. miss my katil! Slept too much during 1st and 2nd raya that my head hurts. uhuh.. Kesangapan tahap maksima, plus, i wanted to make sure my energy level is tip top for Along and ceng's wedding.

Anyhow.. Along and ceng's wedding was quite a blast. A part from ceng's 5 time "aku terima nikahnya...", everything went smoothly. (note: 5 time does not include practise). Haha...! lawak la..

I know that Rumet will write a full report in his fotopages/blog, so i'll leave all the details to him.

well.. at last.. ceng got married. Wish both of u well in ur future undertakings!

Along.. pas nie kitorang dah tak ajak ceng main snuker dah.......
Jangan Harappp! :D

Friday, October 28, 2005

Lesson from Scrubs

A scene from scrubs

Bob Kelso:

"You are gonna shut your damn yapper and listen for a change coz i got you pegged sweet heart,
You wanna take the easy way out with this surgery because you're scared and you're scared because if you try and fail ther is only you to blame. Missy, let me break this down for you bob-O style. Life is scary, get used to it. There are no magical fixes, it is all up to you. So get up of your keyster and get out of here and go start doing work.

What if it's too hard?

Bob Kelso:
Nothing in this world that is worth having comes easy.


Lesson learnt.. and now.. if we can all put this to use... hummm

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ceng's Send Off

Had a grrrreat bachelor's party yesterday, considering that it has been 1 year since we had any bachelor parties. Am not gonna tell you the details, since you can read it at rumet's blogspot. <- Click here (apsal hyperlink ni tak tukar kaler lain? demm)

But some additional note:
1) I won the first snooker game! loserrrrrrrrrrrrssssss.. ceng rumet ngan ayilll u sakk!
2) I was acting as Along when i sang A la la la la la long! Dem u rumet!

Aaanyways. Just wanna wish Ceng a successful marriage. And good Luck for the Pilot thingee.

I Have one pic to put in actually, but i know what these few losers would have to say.. so tak jadikk.

If any of you are wondering if i am ok.. I AM OK..

I am OK.. I Am ok.. I Am Ok... I Am Ok..

Am I?

Whatever. When will be the next bachelor's party? god knows when.... :(

p/s: Dem u people for leaving me behind! But i guess i should be happy..:)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sky High

Hohoho.. sorry la people. Seems like i have been dormant for quite some time now. Wanna kumpul things to put in the blog (alasann.. alasann..). Also, i noticed that i have a very routine life and i dont wanna bore u people (alasann laagiiii)..

Okla mengakuuu.. i was just plain lazy.. satisfied? :P

Yesterday i went to KLCC with Rumet n Qz. Jadi kambing. Qz had this gathering with her x-TKC fwens (onggg gedek gedek gedekk) near lotus (yang dekat nikko hotel tu), so rumet was left alone. I was feeling quite exhausted yesterday, but also felt like rewarding myself after 2 days of working extra hard.

Rewind:(eekekffwyuypupup - tape rewinding sound effects)

Fri, 14 OCT - had to work until 2 a.m in the morning
Sat, 15 OCT - My dear GM called for a meeting and asked us to do a report from 1030 until 1600, on the spot. (Luckily i was half prepared)

Fast Forward: (ekkekefyuyupupupww - tape fast forward sound FX)

So decided to lepak with rumet at KLCC. Ok, la, not as crowded as i thought it would be. But Chilli's was full, and other restaurants are either full, or i just don't fell that the price is reasonable. Don't get me wrong, i don't mind paying if it is good food.

So we bukak puasa with some pretzel, and semayang. By 815, most of the crowd was clear and we 'lepak'ed at KFC.

And for the nites finale, instead of going to Terawih, we went to watch Sky High. Heheh. It is a very simple yet interesting story. Think of this, a normal Teen Flick, but set in a school of super humans. It is about seggregation at school. E.g jock never lepak with nerds but in this story, Heroes don't lepak with Sidekicks. You have some teen flick ingredients in it, like a-girl-likes-a-boy-but-the-boy-likes-another-girl, school prom, nerds kene bully and lots more.

For all you people who likes teen flicks or feel good movies, you'd probably enjoy it. But if you like complex story line,flawless visual effects, and horror movies, stay away!

I know i am easy to please and my analysis is not as good as Cipox's, but here goes.. I giveee.... 6/10! plus another point for cheering me up, so 7/10! tra la laaaa..

Thursday, September 29, 2005

What does this mean?(short stupid story)

Talapya Had a great 1 hour gayut-session with Ms Cranky. It was interesting.

Disclaimer :
1) The script has been slightly altered from the real conversation, but the geist is still there.
2) All the characters are fictional.

Just remember, Tuan = Two One = Twenty One, so my birthday is 21st June 80
Ms Cranky
You serious? 21st June 1980, Same birth date as my boyfriend..
(Excited) Wow! That's kewl...
Ms Cranky
My birthday is 12th June .. Me a gemini.. We Geminis can easily blend
(SIlent for 4 Seconds). .. That's exactly the birthday of the the girl whom i fancy at the moment

A thought struck Talapya during that 4 seconds. What does this weird conversation mean? is it a sign, or just coincidence?

Flash back.. 3 hours before : Menara Telekom.

Talapya was sitting alone waiting for Moms at the Food Court (tepi longkang). The Aci from the stall asked for his order,
"Mau minum apa?".
"Milo Ais", he replied.
"Makan?", the normal Mamak getting-the-order script.
"Nanti dulu, tunggu kawan"

The Aci came back several minutes later and brought him his glass of Milo Ice. He stirred while looking around at a bunch of TM staff, chatting loudly about sumthing that is supposedly be interesting. He was not listening at the conversation, but the way they are laughing, he assumes that it is sumthing interesting.

Assumes. Ass-u-me. Assumed that a checkered shirt girl was genuinely interested in him 3-4 years back, which made him wait for her for 3 years.

"Masuk angin, keluar asap", he tells himself.
He met the checkered shirt girl a few days back during lunch time. He told himself to be strong when he saw her, but inside, he felt like his heart was torn apart all over again, with the words "Kawan aje" playing and infinite loop inside his head.
Stomach Grumbled.

"Aci, kasik la Maggi Goreng satu",Talapya decided, to-hell with Moms
While waiting for the maggi goreng, he decided to send an sms to Ms Cranky (Nickname is given due to crankiness of the person, which was a result of her, not being able to answer her exam questions)
and the flow goes:

Maggi goreng arrive.Sms Ms Cranky
Finished the whole plate.Sms Ms Cranky
Sms Moms, " Gua chow dulu, dah habes makan dah". Sms Ms Cranky
Moms replied, " sorry la, banyak kerja, tak sempat." Sms Ms Cranky
Walk back to the car. Sms Ms Cranky
Stuck in the traffic jam. Sms Ms Cranky
Arrived at SWY exchange. Sms Ms Cranky
Reboot Laptop. Sms Ms Cranky

COmplete the standby list for month of October. Call Ms Cranky.

Ms Cranky taught Talapya a few things:
1) What is intelligence? How do you define an intelligent person?
2) (lesson is secret : sumthing about *tootttt)
3) Buying a flower as a present to a girl is sensitive and romantic, not gay and softee.
4) Talapya is a good person and achieved a lot of things that he should be proud of.

After a 1 hour of not-so-intelligent conversation, they arrived at the conversation above.

What does that means? is it a sign or is it just coincidence? Should he proceed?

God i pray and beg for him to get the hidayah, and if it is good for him, please give him the strength to proceed, and make his heart "tetap"


I know this story sucks. Sorry if i bored u people to death.

p/s: Ms Cranky, wish you all the happiness in the world and may your wish come true

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Good Luck

Wellosss peeps. I wanna wish Good Luck to all the MMU students ( and uni lain) who's gonna take examz starting tomorrow (especially nini kuunnn.. meyorrwhh meeyorhhh). Study smart and study hard, but please remember to keep urselves in good health. Make sure u guys get enuff sleep.
And before the examz, make sure go back home, or at least make a phone call to get blessings from your parents. Remember: Usaha--> tawakkal--> Doa.
DOnt' la tension tension. But if u r stressed.. u alwayz have....

ahah.. animes that entertains you. Haha. Guess which one is which.. we have here Golden Boy, Saber Marionette, Love Hina, and Tenchi Muyo. I know, i know there are lots of new animes like bleach and others that are better. But these were the animes that entertained me during times of darkness in MMU. Yes, Darkness.. is when u sleep all day and wake up only at nite,..muahaha (kids, don't do this at home)
Note : I know Farul's favourite is Golden Boy.. coz he's such a jamban. :P
However, warning, make sure u hvae sufficient self control before starting to view the first episode. Because before you know it, u'll be having a 23 episode marathon, and you wouldn't want that during the exam week don't you? :P
Before signing off.. good luck once again! and remember to go back home after the examz!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hold You Down - J. Lo Feat Fat Joe

I was stuck in a jam when i heard this song the first time. It has a catchy tune, and the lyrics are simple. That was like 2 months ago and i have been trying to find the title ever since.

At last! found the title while watchin astro in Kelantan. (yes, they do have astro in Kelantan.. huh) . Saw the vid clip and thought it was kinda kewl.

But took me a while to find the mp3. Haihh.. missed the MMU days where u can practically get any vid clips/mp3 anytime.

Some captured scenes from the vid clip. ENjoy.

Yo.. Wasap, Fat Joe indahouse!!

Yummy, imma gon' hold you down!!

Watcha lookin' at bro?

Princess Leia?? what thee.? Yummyyyy!!

Hey, Jauh jauh skett bebb


Lyrics? get it at

Enjoyyy... .. are you enjoyssss (gaya Ella)

Friday, September 23, 2005

Mmmbop Dare

How the hell do you type the mmbop part in the mmbop song?

My version : MMbop bedebab ba dubap dubidabadubap emdap bop duuu

Haha.. i dare you.. try weyh! this should be fun.

Happy Birthdayyyy!!

Yo wasappp peeps!!
As promised, i'm backkk!!! not gonna leave u peeps with the last entry for long, coz it was bo-oh-ring. Somebody actually said that my writing showed that i was in the 'serabut' state. Which was quite true. But nuthing but a good nite's sleep to boost your energy level up and put away all the negative energy in ur body.

I wanna wish happy birthday to 2 of my fwens who share their birthday today. Happy birthday to Salah and Zaki Bluespect!!

(Compliments to Zaki & Salah's Friendster page)

Aaanyways, i suddenly noticed that the last few weeks ended so fast. It's already the weekends! With all the hardwork, day and night, the feeling of time just disappeared. Have u ever went to a movie where time seems to be running slow? Lots! That's when u know that the movie sucks! Have u ever went to a movie that suddenly, it's already the end? ALso lots! That's when you know that the movie was a good one. But does this mean that when you don't feel the time doing your work, it means u enjoy ur work?

Definitely N...O.... No. It's just that you are to burdened up with work that you don't have time to justify to urselves whether u enjoy ur job, or not. U just do it, without feeling. LIke a zombie.

Well i'm not gonna be a zombie. That's why i told myself.. hey!, stop for a while to look back and reflect. The answer? Yes, i do enjoy my work. Tho sumtimes things are sh*tty, i still enjoy it.

How? , sum might say? How can u still enjoy ur work? Well, the secret is, i decided not to ignore external thingies that are not within my control, and tell myself that if i wanna be happy.. then i will be happy.

Tho at times u 'kena bambu' by customers... :))
Tho at times u feel unappreciated .... :)
Tho at times u feel used.... :I
Tho at times u feel overshadowed by other peoples skliz .. :(
Tho at times u feel u have no control of anything.. :((
:)) --> :) --> :I --> :( --> :((

Damn.. i'm turning into Nini. Maybe i'm just tired.

But on a happier tone & Note,

Happy Birthday Salah And Zaki

--- eeeendddddddddddd ---

p/s: Bila nak belanja weh

Relationships 101

I know, i know, i am not the person who has the experience and the credibility to talk about this subject. But somehow tonite, after god knows how many hours of slaving myself for TM (now = 4 a.m., just got back), i feel like writing about this subject.
Ok i'm blank... me don't know nuts about relationships. I give up. SO lemme think of another topic.
Haa! i know, lemme talk about politics..
Ok i forgot. I don't give a damn about politics all i know is that i was suddenly elected as Ketua Pemuda UMNO at my residential area.
What next? what do i know.. hem hemm..
1) I do know that out of the blue i am back in touch with Anis, my Primary School friend
2) I do know i like this cartoon (compliments to Hamam)
3) I do know i Like like to sleep.. and it already 4:43 a.m.... and i am getting sleepy.
Thus proving that blogging has turned me into a self absorbed person.
SOrry guys.. this is one of those days that i write something meaningless and a waste of your time. Promise I'll update again asap.... promise!!!!
p/s: A kewl website : <-- a webbie that makes u think.. (duhhhhh!!)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Scent of a Woman, and Perdana

Hurray! Managed to get Scent of a Woman DVD! whoo-ah! (gaya Al Pacino). Bought it at Amcorp Mall, third floor. It's the mot reliable shop for DVD's. Trust them to have movies which people never speak off. (yes, including 'yang baikk punyaaa')

On the way to the car, i was stopped by a few chinese men. Thought they wanted to POW me, or sumthing, but instead, asked me to open up a coupon. Surprise! i am the lucky few who got a chance to win a Perdana V6. Yes, a chance. But in order to enter the contest, i have to buy RM 2997 worth of their products. Damn, i was happy for only about 2 minute.

Decided to play along and went to their office, hoping to get more info on this competition. Ayil told me it's a scam, but, whutdehel.. selamba. Bagi puas hati. But then, after seeing their office (in Kelana Jaya) and the agreement form (which was photostated), i couldn't care less about entering the competition. Furthermore, my mom stopped me by saying that we don't need no more foot massagers or sewing kit. At this point, since entering this competition can be labled as an act of 'menderhaka'ing, so i stood my ground and said no.

This was a test of my loyalty to my mom. If i have had entered the competition, it would be a lose-lose situation:

a) If I win, Yes, i'll get the Perdana, But it would be Derhaka.

b) If I didn't get the Perdana? No need futher elaboration on that!

Back to Scent of a Woman, SUperb la AL Pacino. But to those who like action, stay away from this movie! it is all talk! I like the part where AL Pacino courts a girl and tangoed with her.

How i wish i could tango.

Oii.. anybody.. can teach me ar?

p/s: Tango, when you get tangled up, just move on, like life.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Bangsawan & The Start of a Journey

Part 1 : Bangsawan Theatre

Bangsawan theatre : Usually it involves me bitching endlessly during and after the show.
After countless contemplation, I went to a bangsawan theatre today.
Expected that it would suck and that's why i didn't even bother to ask the title fo the show.
Frankly, I just went because Mama and Megat is in it.
SUrprisingly i enjoyed every minute of it (Qahar would disagree, but whutdehel)
Koodos to En Effindi (the director) for conjuring a magnificent bangsawan. Just when u start to get of focused because of things starting to get serious, he sprinkles a wee bit of comic and laughter.
Koodos to Mama and Megat for giving a wonderful performance.
Koodos to other actors too. Koodos to that somebody who drew the backdrop. Marvellous.
I Have no pictures, cause i haven't bought my digicam ..:(.
But i would like to put another picture and dedicate it to myself:
(Compliments to my friendster friend : Fara.)
For all the guys wondering, her name is Bea Alonzo. She is a phillipine actress.
ON TO PART 2 : Start of a journey
Had a sort-of-heart-to-heart discussion with Wahidah while i was culik-ing her after the bangsawan show and one of the many thing is concerning a saying that i got from the movie "Juwana Mann" :
Being alone does not mean you have to be lonely.
But come to think of it, Being in crowd does not guarantee that u are lonely-free.
So what DOES make you feel 'un-lonely' ? (no such word, but just bare with me, i know Farul and Qz can't stand this) .
A wise man once told me that when you get close to god, u will never feel lonely.
Well, i guess, if you want to be close to god, you have to find him first.
and so, begin the journey of a thousand steps....

Friday, September 16, 2005

This place, 8 hours a day

My nameplate :

I just noticed that 8 hrs a day, like it or not, u spend time in the office, and you have to meet your officemates. And if i get stuck in the same department (and my officemates get stuck too) then we'll spend 8 hours together until we retire. (let us pray to god that does not happenn!)
They are : Chot, Iqbal, Rafiz and Asyie. Erly and Amai are also in the same department. But since they are stationed in CYberjaya, i don't really see them much.
Aaaanyway.. this is my boss's nameplate :
The place i spend my time 8 hours at has an environment that fluctuates. Sumtimes it is so serene and you can see people reading newspapers, and chatting along happily. There are also times when it is worst than wall street. You actually here people shouting things like "kau gila!" and "kau la lembu!".
and you don't even hear that in wall street
but you don't here that much anymore since the warning from our boss (hurrah!, but hope it lasts)
However, things has start to pick up its pace lately, that when u punch in at 830, you never stop working until 6.. or 7 p.m. you read emails of people expecting you to do things for them, receive calls from people who complaints, write reports so that the boss can answer to his boss, and again, calls from ppl who wants you to explain, but once you explain, they totally ignore what you said and 'buat kepala sendiri', and the list goes on..(blood pressure naik once i start thinking bout it)
But it is also a place where you meet ppl, where you meet new challenges and you show your worth. That's what keeps me going. AFter sum time, when you've made improvements, you start to appreciate this hell-hole and the ppl in it, coz this hell-hole is actually yours, and these people are your friends.
Centre of My hell-hole :
La di da.. life goes on.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Curse on You (Part 2)

Curse on You people!


Found out that the slow IE window is due to the Google and Yahoo Ie Toolbars. Nuthing to do with the virus that was cleaned.

Uninstalled the toolbars and voila!

But still,

Curse on you people! Curse on you people who upload worms and virus and trojans on the net!

You guys made me write an entry tonite when i vowed to my self not to blog for one day, just to show that i have self control and am not addicted to blogging

(in your face Emi!, I nearly succeeded)

But wait.. i did is past 00:00 a.m, wed, 13 Sept 2005... means i past the one day/24 hour mark!! (started counting from 00:00 a.m., tuesday, 12 Sept 2005) .

In your face Emi! i am not addicted. But thanx for the warning anyways..:)..


But still,

Curse on you people!

Curse On You

Curse On You people Who uploads virus and worms and trojans on the net!

Tried previewing a few blogskins on and suddenly Trend Micro pops up and say 2 trojans detected.

Spent 4 Hours cleaning up my PC and luckily got rid of all the bad files. There were approx. 49 critical files.

Thanx to Trend Micro and Adaware (No thanks to Norton)

However, still have one problem unresolved.

Now, it will take approximately 10 seconds after i click on the Internet Explorer icon before the IE window to actually comes out.

Helpp.. anybody .. How do i repair this?

Curse on you people!

Monday, September 12, 2005

You know

You Know...

When it comes to Mamak, who you gonna call? (you know),
Ayil, Tapai, Ceng, Farul and Rumet, that should complete all.

You know there is always room for forgiveness,
Who to turn to when you fell the loneliness.

You know there will always be someone to pick u up at KLIA/Pudu,
Maybe it's Ceng, 10 hours after u turn blue.

Of course, You know u'll never feel blue,
Because Ayil will always be there for you,

You know who to call when u feel like talking,
Or when Along really really feels like really eating.

You know who makes the best apple crumble,
When Esah serves it, evryone's ready to rumble!

You know who makes the best lemon meringue pie,
QZ make way! ready for Tapaiii!!

You know who has the most expensive camera,
Mestila Rumet.. Siapa lagi la??

You know they are concerned with your well-being,
When it comes to craziness, Farul's a ring-a-ding-ding.

You know who makes the best teh tarik?
It's Jue that is, Gimme a break!

New addition to the group, they make us shout with glee,
Must be Allya and Marissa, Duh..who else could it be!

Most importantly,

You know who your eternal friends are.
Those mentioned above that's who they are.

Jiwang kan? Muntahhh... Jom snuker weyh!!

(Disclaimer: member lain jangan jealous. Tujuan entry ini adalah untuk bodek Esah,Jue,Qz,ngan Along untuk membenarkan satu game snooker.. wuuhuh)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Today is Sept 11

Hey, i just noticed that today is Sept 11th! Since today is the first day of blogging, i should be excused from being over-eager to write 3-4 entries per day. Dun't worry, this will phase off soon.
Just repaired my sis's Samsung E-700 phone. Love the design. Went to summit to repair the casing/housing, since it was broken an the battery was loose. Cost me 45 bucks just to change the housing/casing (which one ar?). The kedai girl told me that if i were to go to an ori samsung service centre, they will charge rm 200 just for the service. Damn. WIth that, easily she convinced me to repair at her shop. Forgot to bargain.. haiya. STuck with RM 45. Should have bargained.
Also, 'usha'ed for a good camera to buy. Since now i have my own blog and it would be dull without pictures. Any recommendations anyone? Usually for tech stuff, i'd turn to rumet, since he is such a whiz when it comes to gadgets and techie stuff. He'd turn down a ferrari to buy a wira with all the functionalities a human could think off. I salute you.
Since i have no camera, here are 2 pics taken from the net to remember Sept 11 by:
Yes, it is the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon
Went to chatterz subang to lepak with Lin n Zemie. The usual topic of "bila nak kawen?" and "how to get a girl/boyfriend?" and also " Ceng amcam aa, smooth ke nak kahwen ni?". Yes, Ceng u have always been our topic. :). And yes, the topic of "Tapai vs. Ayil : Siapa lagi player?". Mesti la Ayil!! tok gurukuuu.. ahhaha.
And oh, whoever wants to go to Anugerah Erra on the 17th, Zemie has 5 tickets (2 tickets still free). Only handsome and 'beriman' guys should call her to get the tickets (Conversation on the topic "what is zemie/lin's taste in men" referred).
(Aku tolong ko ni Zemie, good Luck!)
Damn, i wish i have a camera. I really do.

Uploading Pic in Profile

Haihh, why la so complicated? Cannot design so it can be at a click of a button mehhh. Well for all beginner's (like me self), u have to post it, and while editting, you :
1) go to Edit Html mode and copy the URL.
2) go to edit profile and paste the URL.

Well here goes:

1) Pic of me At london starbucks, Coffee anyone? (Note :this, i wanna put in my profile)

2) Pic of my girlfriend.. Not!!! But definitely any guys dream girl. (Note: definitely don't wanna put this in my profile. Don't want guys flocking all over me!).

Footnote : For all you guys wondering, She is some Phillipino actress. Why la they don't make girls like that over here? whyyyyy??

My First Blog Entry

This is my first blog entry. Used to think blogging is stupid. Why the heck would you want everybody to read your whole-life journal for?

Here are the reasons y i start blogging:

1) Well, when ur 25 and u start forgetting ur past, (things you do and people u've met), that's a humongous problem. However, this still does not justify blogging, u can always write the old fashioned way : the diary, which leads to reason 2>

2) I lost my diary! damit. Being absent minded, i always loose my stuff. So koodos blogspot for their time and effort to keep everybody's life journal! (who runs blogspot, does anyone know?) Makes my life easier. Just hope i don't forget my username and password!

3) My 2 cute sisters started blogging before me and reading their blogs are cool. Though Nini's blog is a wee bit depressing, but i still enjoy reading them. (Elin's blog is full of chicks, check it out guys!) Both of them have far more superior control over the English language than me and that sucks! (so excuse my grammar and feel free to correct me if i'm wrong) In my defense, Working in TM and having a background in a Malay Boarding school does not help my english much. But at least i'll have this blog to practice English, written English, at least. (have to join toastmasters club or sumthing for spoken English)

4) Just for the fun of it. Found out that you just have to have the right amount of exposure in your entries. Surely you can't just declare ur love in a blog and hope that girl will read your blog and put the reply in her blog (or, can you?) . So to keep this balance between over-exposure and under-exposure is a challenge to me. And this is fun!

Conclusion : Though some things are meant to be put in diaries (where it's private), but still publishing ur thots is a kewl thing so that deaf people can at least read to what you have to say.

Definition :
Deaf People : people who are self obsessed that they only listen to what they have to say, not others.