Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tat nenas

Haih... teringat zaman muda muda dulu (although i look the same.. hehe)

Yo Aroma peeps.. miss you guys! sighh!

Anyways.. here are the pics, thanx to saifulnang photopages. :)


Me pics in Prague! + Mnite!

Me pics in Prague.. check it out!!

Link to M-nite page! Get details here!

I just submitted one MAJOR assignment, which literally will decide whether i am worthy of a MSc degree, or just cut for a higher diploma. Alhamdulillah, everything went well. Submitted 2 hours before the actual time, which actually is quite a record for me. Kira awal la tu! hehe. normally it would be 10 minutes bfore deadline. :P

Other updates would be M-Nite. Yes yes.. its just around the corner! This Saturday! I definitely think that it is going to be great. I am not saying this because i am the director or anything (if it were up to my directing skills, it may suck!), it is because of the quality of people i have been working with. MSSM's support, the ever-organised producer, the choreographers, Very.. very talented actors/actresses, and also the efficient technical from the crew. Long list of very good people i have worked with. Believe me.. Loongg.. longggg list. Anyways, It has been a very enjoyable experience.

Personally, i can't wait to see the show on stage. It's just that the design of the play is minimalism on props, but heavy on the technical. We can't really get to see the actual "look" off the play. I like this design because it is more practical, since i am not familiar with the stage and all. Don't wanna take unnecessary risks. And it will be less work for the props people.

Hope i've thought of everything though.

However, i can't help but thinking how i am going to miss this afterwards. I drag thinking that this is gong to be over. Wish i can stop time. :). But not everybody can be like Hiro Nakamura. :)

And owh.. other than M-nite.. there is this other thing called exams. Don't have much to say about that. So..

Too dee loooo!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Malaysian Night Unofficial Footage

Check out the featured video column unofficial footage of Malaysian Nite 2007.

other links to Malaysian nite promotional video:

Video 1

Video 2

Datang .. jangan tak datang!!! (Do come!.. it's going to be... GGrrrreeaaatt!!)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

WLM and FaceBook + Pics of Eurotrip!

I am now on Windows live messenger : & also Facebook so.. here are the links for :

Vienna Pics

Venice Pics

Amsterdam Pics

Hehe. Luckily facebook has a very good UI for uploading pics.. just 2-3 clicks of the button!

Happy.. happy!!

Prague pics coming up!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Exam time tables are out!

Hey ho! Exam time tables are out! Mine is 17,18, and 23rd May.

Not too worried though. I am too distracted by the fact that this may be my last academic exam in my whole entire life. Haha.. classic Tapai, always seeing things in a dramatic way.

ANyways, have to get back to work now. I have 1 preparatory report that is very important due in 1 weeks time! and i have only started page 3 out of 20!. Heheh.. Yes.. yes Subbu... i need this adrenaline rush, so that's why i prefer to start late. To illustrate the cruciality (ada ke perkataan ni?) of this preparatory work, if i dont come up with a satisfactory background reading and presentation, i will NOT get a masters, but a higher diploma instead. Scary huh..

OK now back to workk!!!!!!! Sorry guys, u will have to wait till after exams for the Eurotrip pics. I am now too occupied dealing with both Academic and also curricular stuff. Itu la.. Elin has warned me not to be too active. Hehe.. But sorry lah Elin, my hands are itchy and they cannot be left alone. (why does this sound dirty.. dammit).

Owh.. Malaysian Nite is drawing near.. rehearsals have been marvellous so far! DO come for Malaysian nite.. it's on the 28th of April. Expect to be mesmerized by the talents of actors and dancers! :).

Ok.. Back to workkk... arrrghghh!..(slaps face to gain conciousness)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Apsal hyper sangat ni?

Yo Clown! Why are you holding your crotch.. huh!! HUHHH!!!!!
Trademark pose in Amsterdam

Si pengacau gambar strikes in Vienna! Notice Janet is behind me.. yes, that little speck behind me arse.

Pura-pura jadi dolphin
Pura-pura jadi modelDaffodils!Si pengacau gambar strikes again! This time in Venice! Subbu is the victim! yeah!
Villa Dori mascot

Pengaruh rakan sebaya ni.. I blame Syed and Janet for me being hyper! Isk isk isk.

Bicara Tokoh in London

Went to London a few weeks ago before the eurotrip. Thanx to Pau, tho Dodo didn't bring her trustworthy camera, we still get to take photos. Sharul, Shahril and Alif went as well. Surprised to see Janet and syed sitting down in the hall when we arrived. Cilakak tipu! Thought they were supposed to be in Manchester, preparing for the Eurotrip!

Unfortunately, we met Pau after the talk, so, no pics with the menteris. Haih~!! (Pau, ade gambar masa ceremony tak? kalau ada bak meh?)

No time for elaborations. Just pics pics pics!

Meself, Dodoe,Alif, Shahril & Sharul after the presentation and free lunch. Nasi Ayam!

Alif, Sharul, meself, Pau, and Shahril in monotone

3 Sekawan (bak kata Shahril) + Pau from the roof of Cik Non's car
p/s: Shahril, apsal mata ko Stenggg?

Shahril, Meself, Aleen, Alif posing as Jejaka Tampan bergaya

Err.. Dodoe, habes comel la tu?

Two guys. Looking forward towards their bright (or dark) future

This is what i benefited from being friends with dodoe. Learn how to take a (fake) laugh picture. Nampak tak betapa fakenye gambar ni? Heheh.

Look forward to go to London again, but in a more informal setting. It was really cold wearing only a shirt and a coat. Tapi nak smart punya pasal.. what the hell!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Back from the trip!

Heyo peeps!

I Just got back from the trip of my life! went to lots of places, made lots of new friends! Did lots of new stuff!

Tell you guys more about it when i have time. Just wait for the pics! :)