Friday, May 25, 2007


The lights switched off.

When the lights goes off and the movie starts, you suddenly forget that you are on another continent, and surprisingly feel at home. You get sucked into this black hole and immense yourself with the movie plots and emotional offerings.

The lights switched on.

Movie has ended. Plot lines all neatly concluded. You suddenly gain consciousness of where you are. You look around and you feel lost. Disorientated if you may. Then it strikes you. You are thousands of miles away from home.

Interesting place.. this cinema.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Interesting statistic

Interesting thing happened this morning.. having too much time in my hands, I decided to ym! five friends, just to catch up on how they are doing. Out of five, 1 is married and has a baby, 1 is getting engaged in August, 1 is getting married Jan '08, 1 is thinking about getting married next year, and 1 just started a relationship. In addition, i got to know that another friend is getting married next week, on the 29th.

Wow.. what a wide relationship spectrum of friends that i have. And all sampled within 1 hour!


Yes.. I have oficially completed the taught course part of my masters Program... wuhuu!! Just completed the last exam paper for this final semester. Now.. all is left is the research/dissertation portion of the course. Huuu yeah! Now i have to put on my programming cap and start doing some programming! nyehehe..

I thought only working in TM can give this effect of no-time sense, and doing a masters programme can help slow things down.

I was wrong. Can't help thinking that this year has passed so quickly.

By no time, within 3-4 months, Insya Allah, I'll have my masters Degree and then i can proceed with the next step.. which is yet to be decided. Hope for the best yeah!

And those who are still having exams.. All the best!. Semoga berkat ilmu, kesihatan, rezeki dan jodoh.

Oh did i mention?


p/s: check out the featured video update - steve millers band

Monday, May 21, 2007

Tangan Kanan Menjerit lagi

Yes.. Tangan kanan menjerit lagi.... 3 hours of writing for both exams. Wuh.. i tell you, if my right hand can walk, he'd go to the nearest clinic and buy himself an MC for 2 weeks!

R.H : Right hand
L.H : Left hand

During the exams

LH : ahhahahah.. hahhaha... padan muka.. painful innit?

RH : Why are you laughing? I can't wait till exams is over! this guy is killing me.. i wish i have a pair of legs so that i can run away!

LH : You wish! but that you know, that is what you get, when you do an honest job! you have to work your ass off!! Ahaha.. get it? Ass off??.. Ass off???

RH : What the.. i dont get you..

LH : Haihh~~!!.. Hands dont have an ass.. nvmd.. nvmd.. forget what i just said

RH: ... (dry sense of humour.. this neighbour of mine) groan.. arghh.. it is getting more painful, i think my skin is peeling off. why didn't he buy one of those rubber coated pens??

Faisal : (Ouch, my right hand hurts..time for a break) Invigilator.. i need to go to the toilet now

In the toilet..

LH : What the.. noo!!! noo!!!!! aarghh.. not this againnnn!!!


RH : Now i know what he meant by dirty job.. hehe..(slow giggle) haha....(slightly louder) ahhahaha (louder).. ahahahahahahahha (evil laugh.. turning psycho)

Back in the exam room

Faisal : (why is my right hand trembling?). ouch!

Erkk.. wait a minute that was not the originial idea i had.. haih..

anyway.. the first paper was alright.. better than expected, really. The second paper was a killer. While answering the second paper, i then understood what Prof L meant when he said,"If you study.. you can only answer 20% of the examinations". At first,during class, i thought he was joking, but after looking at the past exam papers.. and actually answering the exams.. how right was he! the other 80% requires you to think on the spot.. making associations and sometimes you don;t even know which part of the syllabus is the question asking about!.

But it's good for me i guess.. being a 'kaki goreng' myself, and having lots of 'goreng' training during MMU years..(sedapkan hati.. hehe) i have learnt that a fresh body and mind is far desirable than to try and cover everything and go through it 7 times before exams and lose sleep. Yes.. there are actually really hardworking students who went thourgh the syllabus 7 times!! psycho! (but a bit jealous)

Now.. one paper left.. 600 pages to go.. how the speed reading had paid off.. :) study smartt!!

Ganbatte nee.. tapai-kun!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Random posting

Yoh yoh.. have not been studying productively. 30 min of studying at one given time, followed with 20 minutes of friends or naps before the next 30 minutes of studying. Now i know why people used to tell me,"Do your masters as soon as possible, when you are older, your pickup gets slower".

Hell, i think it is not just that.. maybe it is the fact that masters subjects are more applied. So when reading one paragraph, the amount of associations and concepts that you need to execute is much more compared to the straightforward concepts during degree. Well, degree in Malaysia, at least.

Owh.. was lepaking at Auntie Azima's house the other day, and uncle Fawzi (her husband) gave a few advice. There were things like:

"Itu la, susah kalau dah senang ni"


"The main rule i give to my team is that you gotta have balls, and as long as you don't end up in jail, you'd be fine"

High-risk tolerance man he is, i would say. But he got what he wanted, and he has achieved a lot with that belief system that he has. From Malaysia to Germany, From Diploma to MBA, and many many more. I think he manifests the saying,"if you are afraid of losing, you'll gain nothing".

I think i've found myself a new idol.. :P

Btw, Shahrul.. there is nothing to think about.. go and do your masters!!!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

M-nite Over.. it's Exams time now!!

Hey ho.. i just noticed that i haven't really blogged for nearly a month now. Well.. I've been busy with all the preparation and all.. and bla bla bla.. I'm sure you won;t be interested with my excuses.

Anyhooo.. Malaysian NIte. went marvellously. Everything sort of fell into place and every piece of the jigsaw puzzle was in their respective place during the show. I can still remember sitting behind of Ikmal, the Stage manager.. with my body shaking and the sudden coldness that i felt in my hands. It's like a father waiting for the birth of his child, or maybe 20% of that feeling (I wouldn't know.. would I?)

It was my first time directing. So who wouldn't be nervous?

Here are a few clips available on youtube. These were taken by some of the audience. Amateur shots.. Can't wait to get the original DVD.

Vinod's opening Dance

Zapin (part 1)
Zapin (part2)
Candyman Dance
Thriller Dance (find me!)
Indian Dance (find me!)

There are a few more dance and defining moments in the play that is not available on youtube. Haih.. Mana DVD ni!!!!!! cepattt!!!

Owh.. am already thinking about the next play, which is planned to be in October, before i come back to Malaysia. It's going to be a serious one, and the script will be written by my friend Andrew from Poland.

This should be interesting.

uh-oh. now back to books!!! examm examm!!!!