Friday, June 30, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I just realized that August 2006 would probably be the last month that my siblings and I would be staying under the same roof. Wow..

After that, Nini would be in Romania.. I would be In UK, and Elin would be in Malaysia.When we do come back, at least one of us would be married, or move out of the Subang Home.

Nothing is for sure yet, but i do know that this expression will still hold :

Meyorhhh.. meyorhhhh! (scratching tummy)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Arghh... siapa ada pakai O2? Nak pinjam CD buleyh? CD dulu hilang bersama laptop.. My dad's CD pon missing somewhere in the house. I need to upload pictures! Needd.... toooo... uppp loaaadd.. picturesss..

Anyways, things are now quite slow in the office, Trouble Reports are much less (In my place that is). Maybe everybody else is filtering the reports kaw-kaw! Cayalah. But there are other "extra-curricular" stuffs that I am assigned to do.. so job load is still the same (though not exactly KPI related).

One thing that i was assigned to do is a poster. Well, u just know that when you ask an engineer to do design, everything will turn out symmetrical and the colour would be boring. Argh.. no wonder my sense of dressing teruk. Colour matching Kantoi! (Sedar pon diri kan?). Furthermore, a simple thing that would take me (Photoshop illiterate) 5 hours would only cost Nini (Photoshop literate) 5 minutes! Sakit hatiii.. hahaha..

I would not dare to post the outcome here.. damn buruk weeyh!

Btw, Nini introduced me to her friend's blog, Ismail.

Go ahead, have a click. I just like the way he sees things and put it on paper. Reminds me of Rodek (somewhat).

K.. Cha chas!

P/s: Ismail, if you are reading this, 1 redirect from this blog would cost you 25 Liras. (Betul ke currency Romania ni?)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


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Now oledi 26

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

26... and still growing.. :)

Lucky number 26

Terima kasih buat semua yang sms. Boleh tahan banyak jugak sms yang dapat. Oh.. yang call pon terima kasih banyak banyakk!! :). terharu.. terharu. Pada FTFTM yang tak wish... U suck! haha. Sebab aku lagi tua dari korang, so aku merajuk dan cara terbaik ialah belanja Chilli's.. mampus!

Everything went well today. Tengah hari tadi had lunch with my officemates. Now waiting for Umi untuk bersiap. Nak pergi dinner plak. Sorry la geng silat, malam ni tak dapat nak turun USJ. Maybe lepak after kot.

(jap.. umi panggil)

Eh? huhuhu... Umi said she's too tired. So have to postpone tomorrow. Oh well.. malam ni celebrate ngan bebudak silat la kot. Nampak gayanya... Nak pi Umah ayil pon.. entah ingat ke idak

(Backkk... after 3 hours!)

Yeah! Just got back from makan. Lepak Mamas Chop & Papas Grill Subang. Food so-so la.. but environment good enuff for good family talk. Belasah kambing and ayam.. ahaha (belasah not equal to spank ok.. i know some of you people are imagining a chicken and a goat getting spunked. :P

I'll publish some pics later.. after nini uploads the pics from her trusty Nikon D70 DSLR. Ohoho..
Anyways, i'd expect nothing much from today. I'd expect that as you grow older, your birthday will become more meaningless. Haih.. missed those hoya-hoya days. I guess when you do sumthing, you shouldn't expect the same thing back. Just be sincere. Betul tak Cipok?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Angin jahat

Jahat betul la angin dalam perut nieh. Kalau makan dia tendang tendang.. kalau tak makan, perut pulak yg dia makan. Gastrik ni la dia.. nak kena buat sumthing nieh.. kasik buang angin jahat nieh..

Tahan.. tahan.. :) sampai tangkap kepala pun tahan.. ;)

Anyways, semalam reapplied informally for study leave. If everything goes well, Aug 06 ni start cuti. I realized this means i'm left with 42 days to go before i leave my unit. I really hope that i can come back to the same place after my postgraduate program, but it would be unfair for my boss to deny other people in the company of the post just because of me. Some more if the applicant is muh much better. Furthermore, if job load continues to increase, than definitely they will need somebody to man the post.

I have really learnt a lot while serving in this unit. And i owe a lot to lots of people, whom i dare not list because i dare not miss out any single one. But i do know that i am really in debt with my boss, my colleagues, and my staffs, for if it not for them, i wouldn't be where i am rite now.

A million thanx. (ye.. ye... tak main thanx jek.. kene belanja piza.. aku tahuuu)

Good luck En Rafiz and Chot, thanx for your guidance
Good luck Erly (esp ko la erly, ganti aku), Iqbal, Asyie, thanx for your company,
Good luck to all staffs, you were my teacher all this while.

Good Luck.. Good luck.. i wish u good luckkkkk!! (Gaya Phoebe in 'Friends')

Saturday, June 17, 2006

I'm backkk!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah semua,
Sejak ana balik dari Umrah. Ana rasa ana sudah banyak berubah. Banyak yang telah dipelajari dan banyak pengalaman yang telah dapat di timba. Ana harap kawan kawan dapat ambil iktibar dari pengalaman ana di Madinah & Mekah.

Eh.. logik ke?

Nottt!! Silap tu..

Yo wassapp yoooooooo!! tapai in da haussss!

hehhee... No worries.. i'm da same ol tapai. Keyword.. 'old'. Who's getting older by the day (3 more days to be exact). Hint ni... kalau tak paham jugak.

21 st June each year. Ring Any bells? Yep.. tu bapak ayil nyer besday. Happy besday Uncle Damanhuri!.

Ring any other bells? Haha.. nvmd.

Anyways, my apologies for not updating this blog for quite sum time. Things have been quite hectic after i touched down in Malaysia. Imagine, i received a phone call from work immediately when i switched on the handphone at the airport, while i was waiting for my luggage!.

Things were very interesting in Mekah (Mecca) and Madinah (El-Medina). Everything went well. For the gejillionth time.. nothing strange happened there. No Kaabah disappearance, no man with no face. The strangest thing would be the lost of slipper. That ain't too strange ain't it?
I have to say this coz most people would ask this same q everytime they ask about my experience there.

If you ask me, i could not describe my experience there. I could just say that it is a magical eye-opener experience where you learn your origin. I can only say that you should try for yourself. I can only say that sugar is sweet, but i cannot describe what 'sweet' is. You hv to try for yourself.

I bet Hj Khairil and Hajjah Asiyah can testify to this.

I would really love to post pictures, but i haven't upload them yet. need to find installer cd for my pda. I lost mine along with my laptop, but luckily my father uses the same pda phone. but somehow is cd is also misplaced.

Nanti la.. you people can see me botak.. botak licin!. Haha.. it was atrange sensation, that one. It was hard to pull off my shirt because it would get stuck to my velcro-turned hair. I bet that was how they got the idea to invent velcro. (Not!.. it was actually 'pokok kemuncup')

And what of my plan to go to UK? well, after a long wait, at last, i received my offer letter, on which i replied to immediately. I'm really concerned because i'm left with less than 2 months till middle of august where i plan to go to Manchester.

Now.. i'm left with application of visa, finding a home, and getting a temporary work there.

Ganbatte ne!

And oh.

Go Brazil! England Sucks!