Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tak Tanya Pun

Always check when you speak, if the person you are talking to can just reply " Tak Tanya Pun?".

If no, then what you say matters.


Juice Online Mix Tape

Check the Playlist out.

Awesome new music artists out there. My personal favourite is Think Tadpole Thing - 250 Megabyte. Couldn't believe that this is Malaysian.

And be sure to check out Sehari Dalam Kehidupan as well.

Oh, and Juice should totally invite Projek Disko Baldi for the next party. haha. I kid.



James Morrison - If You Don't Want To Love Me

Mode Jiwang Pagi Khamis. Happy New Year Everyone!


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ramleefestasi @ Stor DBP

Went to Stor DBP yesterday to catch Ramleefestasi by the Revolution Stage. it is a tribute show to the great works of Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee.

It was performed by mostly first timers. It was enjoyable to see them having fun and this led to them being able to show their potential. And some of them really do have it. The directors/artistic director did a good job at optimizing the talents. Those who sang well were featured more in the singing parts and those who could act had more acting roles. It was smart in that sense.

Having said that, what could be further improved (if they decide to restage), is that the performance can have a better flow. This is what most deviced plays suffer, when trying to combine a few segments together.

Also, i'd like to see them challenge themselves more by being more experimental (without butchering) P. Ramlee's words and make it their own interpretation. It would be great to see more creativity (of which i believe they potentially have). The same script could be performed in a different setting, be it era or space.

Beto's performance was as expected. Talented as usual. It was funny when he said "I Love You" and some of the girls in the audience squealed. Heheh.

And it's good to know that Crissie has been bitten by the theatre bug. Like most of the MyHarapan talent, this is also her first time on stage and she did really well.We were chatting about the differences between screen and stage acting and how on stage, we are free to move and also do not have to be worried about contis and type of shot taken. Freedom!

We are definitely going to see more of her on stage. :)

I am hoping to see more of their work. It is is good to see new talents emerging in the theatre scene. Hope we all can grow together.

They have 2 more shows today. 3 pm and 830pm. Stor DBP

So go catch them.


Start with Why

We follow those who lead, not because of them, but it is because of ourselves. They start with a purpose.

So true.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Observations on Casting

Just concluded a 3-day casting session for our feature. Now i know how it feels being on the other side of the camera/table.

It was interesting to have met so many different types of people from different backgrounds who came for the casting session. Some were from ASWARA, and some came from as far as Johor to audition. Some who were really raw and has no idea on acting, and some were more experienced and have had some form of formal training.

I find that one of the most important thing in casting, is to just commit to whatever is instructed. This is assuming that you really listen well to the instructions. Also, it is also good to research the previous works of the production house to see what kind of acting style they prefer. Do they prefer a more natural approach? or the more "buat-buat" acting approach.

Another observation is that theatre actors may have better improvisational skills. However, they may need to tone down their acting, and really focus on the action given and to avoid theatrical acting. After all, the studio is quite small. 

Somehow, raw talents who have not had any formal training are more easy to direct. This may be because, (unlike those who may have had formal training, or may have acted before,) they do not have to 'unlearn'  their acting style to suite what is required.

Did i mention to LISTEN? yes, the most important thing is to listen to the instructions given, and also, if required to communicate in a given scene, listen, digest, and react accordingly. If you are busy thinking about what to do or say next, chances are you are not listening outwards. You may miss some moments where magic can happen.

But all in all, it was still a relatively good turn out, both in terms of quantity and quality.

Can't wait for our callbacks next week where we have a workshop. More improv!


Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Tayangan Filem Perdana : A Night for Palestine

Invited as a panelist to talk about the film "Lemon Tree" alongside Khairulnizam Bakeri (Novelist "PECAH"),Ahmad Amir Azfar Shahidan (student of International Relations and Law, from University of Aberdeen) 

This will be interesting. Can't wait to hear what they have to say about the film.


Bikin Filim - M. Nasir

Badai tengkujuh telah berlalu

Tiba kini musim mewah


Bikin filim

Carilah topeng pengarah

Sarung ke muka bergelar sutradara


Bikin filim

Ramai kini tahi bintang

Nan muda-muda dan cun-cun

Ramai kini mak janda seksi

Ditauliahkan sebagai pelakun

Ayuh Jack!

Bikin filim…jeritlah action..

Memang mudah!

Marilah bikin filim kata mereka

Telanjangkan hipokrasi kataku

Mereka mahu bikin filim

Aku mahu filimkan hidup

Jeritlah…jeritlah action

Ayuh jack! Bikin filim….

Mereka Cuma bikin filim

Mereka lupa bikin kebenaran

Aku terlupa bikin filim

Aku bikin kenyataan oh…


Memang mudah!

Pencipta: M. Nasir (lagu), Nasir Jani (lirik)
Album: Saudagar Mimpi


MC BMG 1992
© 1992 BMG Pacific Sdn. Bhd

CD BMG PMC/CD 8.1101
© 1992 BMG Pacific Sdn. Bhd.

CD Re-released Sony-BMG 82876873012
© 2006 Sony BMG Music Entertainment Sdn. Bhd.


Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Acting : Theater vs Film

The biggest difference between the experience of watching the theater and watching a film is the distance between the audience and the performer.

In theater, it is fixed throughout, and for some less intimate spaces, an actor will have to perform bigger actions to ensure clarity. The challenge here is to still be honest with the actions whilst performing these big actions.

For film, the performance can be varied throughout the movie. An action can seem to happen up close right in front of your face (POV shots), or it may happen so far away (cinematic wide shots), and therefore, the actor will have to be conscious of this when they perform.

Therefore, although the same approach may be used for an actor to prepare for a role, however, the craft of presentation is different. The best is to learn and get the best from both worlds and apply accordingly.


Introduction to Film - David Thornburn


Film as a Product of mass production is one of the frameworks to further understand film. The same principals apply to the factory production of cars where you can break the processes further into smaller and more manageable processes so that it can be replicated over and over again.

The interesting thing is that the terms used to describing the process has not changed much. The main breakdown is still Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. Terms such as exhibitors, to me is very nostalgic, since you can imagine, during pre-TV times, the approach to showing movies is the same as showing artifacts in a museum. This relates to how movies back then were an item of novelty. 

Another interesting fact is that movies started as and obsession to capture movements, hence the term "MOVies". The term is lost to us now, but back then, it was all about moving pictures. Now, personally, i think that it has evolved from moving pictures, to moving narratives, where the audience would want to follow a journey of a (group of) character(s). There is also a place for something that it is in between, where you line-up gags and slapstick jokes (remember movies like kindergarten cop?). I think this is where most Malaysian movies are. Nothing wrong with that, but i think we should progress even further and start focusing on narratives.

Now to research on how television affected the movies.