Saturday, June 30, 2007


Somebody told me that my blog is getting more and more impersonal, with all these random videos and other stuff. (Though i really beg to differ). However, after thinking about it, maybe that comment has some truth in it. Have not been updating on things that i have been up to. So here goes:

Dissertation.. Dissertation.. Dissertation!
Well, a few things are happening at the moment. I am currently doing my dissertation project, which requires me to learn visual C#.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, SQL Server 2005, Internet Information Services 6.0 and few other neat stuff. Things were moving slow at first, but i found a website which contains video tutorials on how to use Visual Studio.NET. After viewing most of the videos, i am now more confident about the project. The thing with Microsoft tools is that it is so powerful that if you try to learn everything before you start your project, you will never get to starting. Trick is to find the features that is related to your project and build on that.

Family Reunion!
My sister Nini is arriving next week. Might spend a weekend in London before coming back up to Manchester. Going to have so much fun, while waiting for Elin, Umi & Papa to arrive on the 19th of July. Can't wait! Truth be told, i am a wee bit homesick and since the weather is so grim here in Manchester, it is easy to get depressed. That is why i have been working out (Thanks to Din). At least i need someting to distract me from this autumn-like weather.

*Note: Dini, by the time you arrive, both of us will have at least 6 packs. Hahah. And owh.. then u and Din can show me Salsa dance moves. Elin told me you guys dance like you own the floor!

Cultural Show
Am also contemplating to perform a demo of Silat Cekak in a cultural show in Nottingham. There is this Malaysian-owned performing arts company in Nottingham (Notts) called Nusantara and they have shows regularly in front of local audience. This should be fun. I will be auditioning tentatively next week. Spoke to Abg Amin (Penyelia MMU) about this and he is supportive of this idea. Might even take a video of the rehearsals and performance and then ask some MMU students to edit. Video editing has not been one of my strengths. MOst prolly be only 3 of us performing, but am hoping to find more Silat Cekak members here in he UK. Hey, the more, the merrier, right?

Bicara Tokoh2 : Agriculture
Oh, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin is giving a talk tomorrow in Birmingham about agriculture oppoturnities in the RMK-9. Am going with 12 other friends to check out what he has to say. One of my friends actually want to open up a business in poultry. This should be beneficial. Hey, maybe i'd open up one ranch myself. Hehe.

KUSMA AGM : Step down
I've kept this quite hush hush (esp. from friends back in Malaysia), but i have been involved in Kelab UMNO Salford & Manchester (KUSMA) for quite some time now as Acting Vice President and Education Exco. Just can't keep myself cooped up in a room and do only studying. My hands and my whole body would start to itch! Haha. Anyways, the I've already stepped down during the AGM to make way for Effi (VP) and Ezlin(Education Exco).

Met lots of interesting people during my service in KUSMA. Am very proud to have worked with you guys. Anyways, good luck to the new committee lineup! (Yes, you can call me Tun Tuan Faisal now.. hehe)

Ok ok.. better end now before i overflow u guys with too much information. Will definitely update more..... Ta!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Alton Towers : Helppp.. can... nott.. brr..

Hey ho.. figured that since nothing much is happening around me, i reckon that i should just put interesting pics that i found lying around in my folders.

Anyways, it is 450 am in the morning and it is already broad daylight. Just to give u an idea of how the day is in Manchester.. here are the prayer times:

Subuh : 2.32 a.m. <--starts to get brighter

Sunrise : 4.41 a.m. <--total daylight

Zuhur : 1.12 p.m.

Asar : 5.38 p.m.

Maghrib : 9.42 p.m. <-- starts to get dark

Isya : 11.39 p.m. <-- total night time

Heh. i was taking to syed and we were wondering how is the prayer time up North or South where there is 6 months of daylight and 6 months of night. How would the prayer time be? Once a year? Huhu..

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Alton towers gangsta (wannabe)

Just got out of the haunted house. Macho la a bit.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fellow Wyverns

Fellow Wyverns (Afif, Et, MC)! Happy birthday to all of us June babies!! when i get back to Malaysia, we will celebrate our June belated birthdays together aight.. For now, I'll just leave you guys with this pic.

p/s: Wyvern was my high school basketball team.

Bye bye bye - Acapella

Dedicate kat ayil.. aku tahu ko suka!!! haha.. siap menari dlm room lagi.. Wee hu!

Human Computer Interface - Multi Touch Screen!

Cover album

Cambridge Night

Thursday, June 21, 2007



Ada org tanya, apa wish untuk tahun ni? well, All i wish is [keberkatan ilmu, kesihatan, rezeki dan semoga selamat seluruh keturunan dunia dan akhirat]. Amin.

I say yeah!

Owh, I received my Masters result (sans DIssertation Project - due September) yesterday. From the looks of things, alhamdulillah, i am able to get an M. Sc with Merit. If i work harder and lucky enough, might even be able to push the marks to a Distinction. Anyways.. wish me luck k guys?

Things are a bit quiet here in Manchester. Since Manchester is a student-infested city, the scene is more quiet now, a result of students going back to their respective countries. Most of the people who are left here are postgraduate students, final year (just graduated-waiting for convo) or working people. Some 2nd & third year students also stayed back, but not for long, i guess.

Ah.. so now i can concentrate on my project. No more "Alaa.. ni last dah kita lepak Faisal.. lepas ni dah tak jumpe lagi dah" shit that i can never get out off. (Although i know for a fact that i will be seeing them again after summer holidays). However this concentration towards my dissertation project is challenged by the existence of SKY TV and also Damn this fast internet. Hope i dont get stuck in any more TV series. HUhuu..

Well.. no excuses.. Faisal.. Nak buat cara nak.. Tak nak buat cara tanak... Jangan sampai ckp kalau. :)


p.s: Can anybody try translating the sentence in bracket [ ] above to english?

Friday, June 15, 2007

It's a tie!

Your major should be part Engineering. Logic is your friend. With enough work, you can find a solution to anything... Unless it involves dating or parties.
Your major should be part Art. You are sensitive, creative, and you don't follow established rules. Unfortunately, you'll have to follow some rules if you ever want that promotion at Starbucks.

Alton Towers

Went to alton towers with a few friends. Hesitated to go at first, but everything is paid for (very early birthday gift).. so what the hell! (Thanx belanja!).

Now i know why it was soo heavy!
This is while all the guys were playing golf. Smart eyh?

Lencoonnn.. after Ripsaw. I wonder if people get on this ride during winter.. Brr!!

The affect of queuing (betul ke word nieh?) too long
Friends la konon.. ceh.. org belakang tak dengar arahan!
Oblivion!Chuak beb! (somebody actually baca doa makan before jatuh.. hahhaaa. punya la chuak..)

Hostaz and I.. ready to party!
Nemesis - Ride yg best gile.. keluar keluar.. badan rasa ringan and nak melayang.. huhu

Had real good thrill and fun! Would definitely go again.. but definitely on weekdays..kan Peja? Baru dapat mengucap banyak sikit.. kasik insaf setan ni semua.. haha!

Britain's Got Talent - Conny

Budak nieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Congrats Ajon & Dali

Congrats Ajon & Dali. Smeoga selamat dan bahagia seluruh keturunan

Picnic.. Picnic.. Picnic

Ayam KARA yang 'Stengg!'
Arrival of Dato' Shahrul and Dato' Shahril
Cik Non and I
Cik Non sebuk lapor diri ke Malaysia ke.. isk isk
Nice day for a picnic!

Haih,, saat-saat terakhir hang out with friends, lepas ni semua balik Malaysia for summer holidays and i am stuck here doing my dissertation. Miss la plak bebudak niehhh..

Friday, June 08, 2007

MPP Visit

A few Malaysian Student Representative Council came over to Manchester for a visit to meet the Malaysian Student Leaders here. SO as usual, we brought them to see the old Trafford stadium. This time, i got the chance to follow them in.. yeay!

Auntie Azima and me in Old Trafford Stadium, tour., at the players bench near the pitch.

This is the famous corner, Solskjaer's, Rooney's and Ronaldo's spot (used to be Beckham's and Eric Cantona's corner as well)

Sir Alex's spot in the locker room!

Liverpool Fan in United Stadium.. hahaha..Look's Familiar? BBC interview spot

Dodoe, Nonie, Meself, Alif, Syed Hostaz, & Feedo at Platt Fields for picnic w the student leaders
Nasi lemak ayam tepi jalan.. yummie. Bas rosak punya pasal.
Vince, Wan, Nonie, Effi and Me.. tukang gelak sebab bas depa rosak.. hehe

To the MPPs. hope to see you guys again! hope that it was a fruitful visit! See you guys back in Malaysia!

ps. : Ayil.. panas dak? panas dak?

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Thousand Hand Guan Yin

A performance by deaf people. Every year during chinese new year they will perform (says Janet).

Next Malaysian Night weyh.. ada berani?

Tarian Saman - MMU (CYber Jaya, not Man Met) Indonesian Students

Was perusing through youtube and found this indonesian students from MMU performing their traditional dance.

It's a good thing i found something good by searching the keyword Multimedia University. It was quite depressing to find that most of the other search results were not very moral... If you know what i mean. :P

Kewl Wedding!

Me likey.. me likeyyyyyy