Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ceng's Send Off

Had a grrrreat bachelor's party yesterday, considering that it has been 1 year since we had any bachelor parties. Am not gonna tell you the details, since you can read it at rumet's blogspot. <- Click here (apsal hyperlink ni tak tukar kaler lain? demm)

But some additional note:
1) I won the first snooker game! loserrrrrrrrrrrrssssss.. ceng rumet ngan ayilll u sakk!
2) I was acting as Along when i sang A la la la la la long! Dem u rumet!

Aaanyways. Just wanna wish Ceng a successful marriage. And good Luck for the Pilot thingee.

I Have one pic to put in actually, but i know what these few losers would have to say.. so tak jadikk.

If any of you are wondering if i am ok.. I AM OK..

I am OK.. I Am ok.. I Am Ok... I Am Ok..

Am I?

Whatever. When will be the next bachelor's party? god knows when.... :(

p/s: Dem u people for leaving me behind! But i guess i should be happy..:)


rumet said...

now its up to u to keep us together la tapai.. as u can see siapa yang dah kawin ni semua sibuk semacam.. we need you to bring us back to the old times!

p/s: did u make ceng sweat that nite? me and ayil wouldnt know what happended at A&W that nite..

CENG said...

For the benefit of the doubt, Tapai is NOT gay. He's just *******. (Hint: word starts with 'b')

And yeah, he's ok. He still has Along's niece, who's gonna turn 19 years old in just another 19 years. Yeah, he's okay...

robotix said...

The only hope for tapai to not become gay now is to learn the art of incest from ceng.
Come on ceng don't keep it to yourself. Teach it to him.

Izamira said...

hahahaha sounds un OK... r u OK? really?

relaxx.. 25 is still young... enjoy while u can... bile dah jadi suami/ayah org xleh nak enjoy2 dah....

mama said...

Change tapai....change...
(ini rupenyer keje ko..)
so dah pilih baju raya??

wa8 said...

ahaa....who got the title MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR now huh...hehehe