Thursday, March 15, 2007


How do you feel when everybody has everything and you think that you have nothing?

Why do you even compare yourself to others?

Why do you like nature so much? is it a way for you to forget all your problems?

Are your problems real in the first place? or is it self imposed?

What exactly the things that you don't have compared to your friends?

HOw is your relationship with your mom before.. and after?

Why are you ashamed of your mom?

WHy does what Mr. Robinson think or say matters to you?

What change do you want to bring to your village and why?

Are your intentions good?

What about the way you want to bring change? is it any good?

Why do you want to change your village? isn;t it perfectly fine?

Is there any body who is wrong in this story? or is it the case of a jigsaw puzzle that can't fit?


Anonymous said...

how do you feel when everybody else is better than you and when you find people who are worse, they are actually not. They accept themselves just fine.

Emi-Eliza said...

Faisal, xkisah ke kalo aku tag ko... Kalo nk suka2 buat, tulis 6 perkara pasal ko yg pelik...

Detail kat fotopage aku