Monday, May 05, 2008

His Menipulate Promoshoot

Yesterdays shooting session was the bomb! Everyone expected to come was there and we had a fun time doing the photoshoot. The photoshoot started off with the cast :

Then the crew:
Then Everyone:
Then we decided to have some more fun!
Ho yeah! More coming out soon!

Note : Photos are from Facebook group (compliments to Menipulate production team).

1 comment:

Chocolate said...

hey faisal!

i was googling menipulate and found ur blog. heee.
yea, i do have lotsa time to waste despite im having final next week.
freaking out!!

the photoshoot was so much fun!
if i wasnt so ngantuk from the night before, i would have jump with u guys. hehe. i love all the jumping pictures!