Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mat Aris Lissukun

He does not care about rules as long as he serve his only one purpose in life.
He has no respect for everyone, since everyone is a bastard.
He blames everything on everybody else even though he is the one permitting bad things to happen to him.
He is the 'lurus' type. And people often take advantage of him.
Aris is "Aris untuk semua orang"
He only does things which he thinks is right.
He is sinking in a quicksand. Getting deeper and deeper.
He thinks too much. Often of what other people might think of his action.
Tho he might not care anymore now, since everyone is stupid.
His interest is not his best interest.

And he is eating me up. So god help me.


Anonymous said...

jack nicholson did warned heath ledger for the role of joker, just so you know.

anyway, surrounding bullshit isn't suppose to influence people. people influence surrounding bullshit.

Anonymous said...


fadh said...

funny, an anonymous person replied to my own angsty post with the solution to get married, as if THAT will solve life's problems rather than pose for more challenges to face. ape, ingat anak bini tu patung mainan je, without their own set of problems with them?

haha, i'm so typical middle child syndrome, wanna bring the attention back to ME ME ME! =D (hugzz abang)

Kupu-kupu Cinta said...

maybe you may help Aris by buying him some kueh raya :D

Anonymous said...

i dont think u could ever find sumone like u from venus.. the mars n venus is unlikely to collide.udah 2-2 nye ske pendam perasaan.mnnye nak jumpe...

love each other or perish.

Kupu-kupu Cinta said...

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