Sunday, February 28, 2010


Alhamdulillah, after all the challenges, we managed to finish our run in PJLA today. Learnt a lot from the team.

As mentioned earlier in the post mortem, as long as we all bersatu hati. Nothing can stop us. Datangla dugaan camana pon. Benda kecik tu biasa lah. Sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit. Yang penting jangan kayu makan kayu.

It's been a while since i felt this feeling of belonging. Didn't feel like a stranger at all, eventhough i am not a graduate for the same school. Made me feel rite at home.

I am proud to have worked with these talented young people and i look forward to working with Rumah Anak Teater again in the future.

Hope we get to pull through with the offers we got to bring Tanda to a wider audience. :)

Komuniti Kental!


hazera said...

tahniahh!!! nk tau tk kenapa tk stay long, even i really want to! :D:D

lapar lunch lagi..hehe so, pegi wendy's! hehe..pastu boleh lupe tinggal laptop dlm, terus blk..:D time i sound ok! dan, bukan ZA je tau org tgk..:P semua nya tengok. a performance so strong, you cant lose to have your eyes on one person only. hehehe. and you're good~! :D:D

alya285 said...

tak KECAHians pun bukan datang dari warga arts ni..tapi kita pun suker suker suker