Sunday, December 18, 2011


Songlap was awesome. To me, i think it is the best Malay movie for the year 2011. 

What really worked was the acting, whereby most characters are acting like normal human beings, not monkeys. The plot is very engaging, focusing on the relationship of the two brothers, which i find was easy to relate to. Most of the plot devices were justified. There were some funny moments, and some very emotional ones. I find myself engaged throughout the movie.

What could've been better was the plot resolution. there were some characters and issues that were not resolved. Also, the issue of human trafficking/selling babies was only dabbled upon on the surface. (which i actually thought was still ok, because the focus is the relationship of the brothers, not what they do). Also, how some things happened was not really justified, like, why would you go closer to somebody who is holding a broken bottle, is beyond me. Especially when you know the other person is feeling threatened by your previous actions.

Pacing could've been slightly better as well. 

This movie might also not work for mainstream due to its subtlety in relaying the nature of the characters. The movie makes the audience think, which makes it lean more towards the artistic spectrum of the movie classification. But to say that it is an art movie, is definitely an overstatement.

What i can say i that everyone should go watch.

Go watch!

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