Monday, January 02, 2012

New Years 2012

So, new years celebration this year was spent with good friends. 

We had a viewing of Laskar Pelangi & Sang Pemimpi. Figured that we end the year with a good movie, and start a new one with another good movie. Yes, most of us cried, although most won't admit to it!. And to think i have watched both movies more than one.

Haih, one day, i'll produce or star in such movie. you'll see.: ). Challenge Accepted!

In between the viewing, we took a break to enjoy the view from Sandee's apartment. (Thanks Sandee for hosting us!). We could see fireworks all over KL!. It was like a battlefield! A very beautiful sight.

After the movie, we chilled for a while. then we went straight to Bukit Tabur, where we had a 1 hour-ish climb to the top. Waited for the sun to rise. And after enjoying the view, we went down to get some ABC!. But unfortunately, the stall was closed, so we had McDonald's breakfast instead. 

Such a good start for 2012.

Sharon, can;t wait for the photos!

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