Monday, November 27, 2006

The Wonder Years

"Sumtimes the earth that seems so stable might be as it seems in the inside, and when it errupts, the best you could do is to hold the person closest to you"

Things you learn from TV series huh? I noticed that TV series from when i was younger have very beautiful messages embedded in it. Remember The Wonder Years? The story of a growing boy going through the complicated years. The story was told in the first person point of view. I guess it can be said to be equivalent to Malcom in the middle. (not to sure about that, coz i've only seen it once or twice)

And what about Sitcoms such Full House?(Olsen twins), Happy days?(Fonzie), The Cosby Show? (Bill Cosby.. duhh) or Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?(Will Smith) . Talk about walking down memory lane huh? I bet most of us (the Gen-X, they call it) would have waited in front of the tv every day at 7-8 to watch those sitcoms. Lots of family values in it.

However, they do tend to be preachy. That's no doubt about it. And it is also staged in this perfect world where all things can be mend. Somebody would have done sumthing wrong, and towards the end, there would sure a father-daughter/employer-employee/brother-sister heart-to-heart talk. Which is nice... if it all can be done in real-life.

Well, i guess when you know that it is not the way it goes in real-life, that is when you know that you need those good old-fashion shows, as food for your soul.



kiyaa said...

wahh your blog post wan. what the hell has UK done to you man XD

yela all those tv shows are made as perfect (or almost perfect) because it's all escapism.. we watch tv/films to escape to a world where things aren't as fucked up and as hopeless as real life. even in "v for vendetta", however realistic it was, there was hope in the end.. but our world? =D

oklah dun wanna spread my negativity to you.. muahxmuahx XD

Wolf At The Door said...

I love The Wonder Years.
Ending sedih gile seh..