Sunday, December 31, 2006

My New Sexy GIrlfriend Pt 2

As promised, here are the pics. Ahaha.. For those who could not really understand the first part, i hope these pics would help get your imaginations clarified. :)
She sits on the table with lust and temptation
For me to open her up! But when she opens up.. it's hard to close her back!
This is first thing i do in the morning..! (notice the droopy eyes)

Happy New Year to all! And Happy Eid Mubarak!


dena said...

hehe.. dh agak dh :P nway,salam aidiladha & hepi new year!

rumet said...

its not the droopy eyes lah.. more of the hairdo.. hehe.. happy new year!

mukeh said...

nih pehal selekeh sangat muka nih?