Sunday, December 24, 2006

My New Sexy GIrlfriend


I have a new sexy girlfriend.. she just came all the way from Malaysia to meet me. She arrived yesterday noon. I went to pick her up in the airport. She arrived with Syed's family. They came together in the plane. She brought lots of souvenirs, a mouse, mouse rest, some rewritable dvd/cds and lots more stuff that i could use for my coursework.

At first, she stayed in Syed's room because i had to cook for eveyone. But later, after dinner, i brought her back to my house.

She will be staying in my room. But i am not sure for how long. Maybe until i finish my masters. But, I will definitely bring her back to Malaysia and let her stay at my house in Subang.

Oh. my Family has approved of this relationship. Umi and Papa saw her off before she came here to Manchester. Papa said she's the best that he has seen. Even Elin testifies to that too.

I love my girlfriend. We share the same interests in music. Oldies.. Dance.. hip hop.. a variety of everything. She also like superman movies. Last night, i slept late coz we watched superman returns. After Superman, i slept, but she didn't sleep. She wanted to finish up a few file uploads that janet requested from me.

She also loves chatting. when i woke up, there are still a few ym! messages that were left unanswered. She also loves reading, because she brought a lot of bookmarks with her. She wants me to read more (since i don't really read much).

I would love to put her picture on the blog. but am still sorting out a problem with my PDA. can't upload the files. May be sumtime later yah?

Ok.. chowsin!


Anonymous said...

bro... perhaps she can deliver many kids, so that you can sell it us. Even Britons like Malaysian girl with lowyat accessories like yours hehehe. anyway its a creative writing... cheers!!

kiyaa said...

since when you talked about your love life on your blog. O_O

well, hola from milannnnn =D