Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Janet's Valentine Poem

Hey Baby
I am Sorry
Are U Lonely
Don't Worry
If got Money
I Make u Happy
Then u get Baby

(Copyright : Janet, 11 Feb 2007, 7:30 p.m, HD 12, Grosvenor's Place, Manchester)


janet said...

hey,,wat tha....wat janet's poem...u r spoiling my name man...n dear readers,my poem was much better than tat..it was made to express tapai's thought on his behalf and put it into words..trust me,the original version is the killer man!!tapai!!u killin me..hahah...

redza minhat said...
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redza minhat said...

your blog heading "Journey of A Thousand Steps" is tad funny. let us consider one step equals 0.5m = 50cm. 1000 steps then would equal 50,000 cm = 500 m. and let us also consider that you take the first step from your house in subang, the first 500 steps would take you down to that indian restaurant 250 m from your house. another 250 m would take you back to your place -again.

quite funny considering where you are now.

hmmm. just a thought.