Sunday, April 08, 2007

Bicara Tokoh in London

Went to London a few weeks ago before the eurotrip. Thanx to Pau, tho Dodo didn't bring her trustworthy camera, we still get to take photos. Sharul, Shahril and Alif went as well. Surprised to see Janet and syed sitting down in the hall when we arrived. Cilakak tipu! Thought they were supposed to be in Manchester, preparing for the Eurotrip!

Unfortunately, we met Pau after the talk, so, no pics with the menteris. Haih~!! (Pau, ade gambar masa ceremony tak? kalau ada bak meh?)

No time for elaborations. Just pics pics pics!

Meself, Dodoe,Alif, Shahril & Sharul after the presentation and free lunch. Nasi Ayam!

Alif, Sharul, meself, Pau, and Shahril in monotone

3 Sekawan (bak kata Shahril) + Pau from the roof of Cik Non's car
p/s: Shahril, apsal mata ko Stenggg?

Shahril, Meself, Aleen, Alif posing as Jejaka Tampan bergaya

Err.. Dodoe, habes comel la tu?

Two guys. Looking forward towards their bright (or dark) future

This is what i benefited from being friends with dodoe. Learn how to take a (fake) laugh picture. Nampak tak betapa fakenye gambar ni? Heheh.

Look forward to go to London again, but in a more informal setting. It was really cold wearing only a shirt and a coat. Tapi nak smart punya pasal.. what the hell!

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lembucomel said...

what the..!
i am NOT as gedik as faisal shown by the
self-explanatory pics above!