Monday, April 16, 2007

Exam time tables are out!

Hey ho! Exam time tables are out! Mine is 17,18, and 23rd May.

Not too worried though. I am too distracted by the fact that this may be my last academic exam in my whole entire life. Haha.. classic Tapai, always seeing things in a dramatic way.

ANyways, have to get back to work now. I have 1 preparatory report that is very important due in 1 weeks time! and i have only started page 3 out of 20!. Heheh.. Yes.. yes Subbu... i need this adrenaline rush, so that's why i prefer to start late. To illustrate the cruciality (ada ke perkataan ni?) of this preparatory work, if i dont come up with a satisfactory background reading and presentation, i will NOT get a masters, but a higher diploma instead. Scary huh..

OK now back to workk!!!!!!! Sorry guys, u will have to wait till after exams for the Eurotrip pics. I am now too occupied dealing with both Academic and also curricular stuff. Itu la.. Elin has warned me not to be too active. Hehe.. But sorry lah Elin, my hands are itchy and they cannot be left alone. (why does this sound dirty.. dammit).

Owh.. Malaysian Nite is drawing near.. rehearsals have been marvellous so far! DO come for Malaysian nite.. it's on the 28th of April. Expect to be mesmerized by the talents of actors and dancers! :).

Ok.. Back to workkk... arrrghghh!..(slaps face to gain conciousness)

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Roy said...

to add to your pressure:
if your preparatory work is rejected or failed, you will NOT be allowed to continue with your dissertation and you will have to re-submit it and you will graduate NEXT YEAR!!!

PRESSURE!! STRESS!! PRESSURE!! =P heuheuehuehe...