Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pinch Me

1992 - Before UPSR

"Umi, Sa nanti bila dah besar nak pergi belajar oversea, macam abg yang anak member umi tu"

"Heheh, ye ke? ke angan-angan je?"

"Tak pe umi, kita angan-angan dulu, nanti baru boleh jadi betul"

Yeap.. It has been 15 years since i made that pledge, and alhamdulillah, a mere dream of a boy has become a reality.

I still can't believe that my 1-year study in Manchester has come to an end. It has been a very good year, not just academically, but the process of learning as-a-whole. As you can see from my posts for the past year, it has not been just about studying (in fact, most of it weren't..:P). I learnt a lot from the interesting people that i've met, the places that i've gone, and books that i've read.

It has been a worth while experience. Believe me, i have not regretted even a bit, for having decided to come here to Manchester and leave lots of imprtant stuff behind for a while this whole year.

Thank you Umi and Papa for your support.

And Thank you friends, new or old, for the motivation that you showered for the past year.

I still can't believe that i'm here, at this point of juncture in my life.

Pinch me.. so that i know this is real.

That Tapai can now return to his home country, to continue his journey of a thousand steps...

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myjulieyana said...

kejap jer kan? rasa mcm baru jer ko pegi.. jgn lupe ole2 utk anak aku kay: he he