Friday, April 18, 2008

His Formatting Experience

Yeay! formatted the home PC.. thanx to Farul as the system consultant (dan dann jek appointed).

One thing that is not ok is this habit i have, where i like to look at progress of an installation. This bad habit made me sleep at 4 this morning! huhu.. good luck waking up.... me!

Uh oh.. btw.. Farul's band (GITN.. or G-10) qualified for finals of TM STAR.

All the best weyh! Aku dah cakap.. kalau ko dpt first. aku mintak sign.. and aku akan frame kan.. hehehe... make sure rawks beb!

In the words of Ella... Are you enjoyssssssss???!!

1 comment:

bigg said...

gitar ko pon sure dah berkarat gile. lets go do something (fun) about it ah