Tuesday, April 08, 2008

His thoughts on High Fidelity

I'm no movie critic. And i am not a good indicator of how good a movie is, since i am easily pleased. Well, to me, a movie which has all the basics is good enough. Doesn't have to blow my mind or anything. Something simple and maybe everybody can relate to. Like Juno. And also like High Fidelity.
Watched High Fidelity for the 3rd time, just to get a feel of how the 'break the fourth wall' inacting. A better reference would be 'Alfie', played by Jude Law, but our PC at home got struck by lightning and in the works of repairs.. so.. High Fidelity would do at the mo.

Here's the trailer :

It's a simple movie about relationships, and about a guy trying to find the reason why he always gets rejected. Finally, he discovers that the reason has always been himself, always having a foot out the door and not really committing to the relationship.

Sounds very.. very familiar.


Anonymous said...

sounds very-very mushy :P

fadh said...

what do you mean High Fifelity "will do"?

*snarls* it's nothing short of great, that's what it is!!