Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Declan Donnellan on Acting

Found an interesting read. Title is The Actor and The Target by Declan Donnelan, an associate director of the National Theatre, London.

The book deals with freeing an actor from 'blockages' like focusing too much on what to do? how to feel? where the actor is? etc etc. The author discusses all this in a very generic manner that i think that it can also be applied in real life.

No, this is not the "acting is life, and life is acting, to act is to breathe, and to breath is to live" bullshit. Well, not in the philosophical sense, at least.

It deals more with psychological stuff. Like how we perceive experience, How do we focus on something else other than ourself, how to differentiate between ourself, and the 'I' we see.

Here are some vids that i found on youtube of the Author talking about a few things:
Donnellan discusses Imagination
Donnellan discusses Language
Donnellan discusses Acting
Donnellan discusses Andromaque


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