Sunday, February 15, 2009

Notes from a Vice President

I met a very experienced uncle today. He said a few things, which i write here for reminder's sake.
on Money
Yes, money is not everything. But then everything is money.
Who does not want money?
on Ego
Yes, you can have ego, and you might think about what people would say when you do things. Because you want to make sure you are the best amongst everyone. But when the shit hits the fan (not his actual words), who else would help you, but yourself? So f*ck what everyone else thinks. (also not his actual words). Just make sure you make your own decision to your own best judgement. That is all you have to know.
on Excuses
If you catch yourself giving excuses, most of the time it is because you need to justify your incompetence, and by doing so you feel more happy.
on Failure
Siti Nurhaliza can have the best voice. If you have a kodok voice, then practice. If you don't achieve Siti Nurhaliza's voice, then at least your voice is better than a kodok's. The important thing is that you try your best.
Practice.. practice.. practice
Sometimes you are too comfortable with what you have.
on PR
If going for an interview, buy new clothes. It gives confidence. Need not be expensive ones. Just new.
Be different. The aim is to leave an impression every time you meet new people.
Capitalize on everything the other person says. That means you have to really listen.
It has been quite a productive day. I must say.


rumet said...

tu laaa.. screw what others think about your gay-ness. be bold! cipok is still single.

Andartu Timbuktu said...

Vice President mana yang kasi u advice ni..hmm