Sunday, November 21, 2010

Serangan Zombie Pertama Malaysia

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Malaysia’s first zombie attack. Like the first national car, is yet another milestone for Malaysia. The first known reported case was in Port Dickson, in a Tom Yam restaurant close to the army base camp. Shima Mat Jidin (victim) was singing Ku Cari Seiras Wajah made popular by SKOIN in the Sunday night open mic karaoke, when she started coughing non-stop with smoke coming out from her Japanese curled, artificial brownish gold coloured hair. She fell unconscious and a minute later started eating people alive, and then those people eaten alive started eating other people who were alive and then… well it didn’t quite stop from there. But then again, people do die due to strange causes in this country; like over eating; or being flattened out by concrete slabs; from having too much money or brain cancer from mobile phones radiation - mostly due to the way they live or perhaps haven’t been living any other way, being eaten by zombies? Why should it be any different?Nothing is certain at the moment apart from the fact that the zombies are coming to get you. We kid you not.

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