Wednesday, December 08, 2010


*Preachy post alert
It's good to count your blessings.

Sempena awal Muharram ni, i think it's a good time to reflect on achievements and also the turmoil and turbulences that one may have gone through for the past year. Well, make that 5 years if you want to.

After doing that, then you will notice that some things might have changed.

Like Different values or different views on things.
Like different how you write your blog post
Like how more matured you may seem
Like how different you approach acting
Like how less intense of a person you are.
Like how more open you are to things
Like how many new friends you've made and how diverse they can be
Like the type of car you are driving

But also, u'll notice that some things doesn't change.

Like your closest friends.
Like your passion.
Like your family and how they still love you.
Like your core beliefs.

and after doing all this, it's time to think about the future.

May all be blessed.

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