Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Walking Dead

Walking dead is awesome! It's a zombie Tv Series by AMC and it revolves around people trying to survive after the zombie-plague aftermath.

Awesome make up and special effects! And i like the fact that the story does not rely on cheapo scare tactics like slow camera pan, suspenseful music and that sudden camera move and BAMM! a zombie appears and scares the shit out of you. Huh.. cheapo!

And i like the fact that it centres on the dilemmas faced by the survivors like what if a friend got bitten by a zombie and is slowly turning into one. What do you do? Makes you ask morality questions and makes you think.

Well, for those who is less into thinking and more into action, afraid that you'd be quite disappointed. Some parts have slow pacing. But when the action comes.. it's awesome.



kiyaa said...

Pekka and I started watching this too a couple of months back! But we abandoned it after a while, story macam slow sikit. But yeah the make up is awesome. Im just thinking gile arh banyak gile extras.

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