Saturday, November 17, 2012

3 months

It's been 3 months since i've become a full time producer/actor. It feels longer though. Maybe it's because i may have been more productive compared to the last 10 years as an Engineer.

Things are going great with Playground Productions. 

We produced our first telemovie, Aku, Dia & Tong Sampah (650k hits ratings + 200k on youtube, and still counting). We signed a deal for a feature film, shooting next year with an exciting cast and crew. Disko Baldi is getting a TV series, set to shoot in April next year. We produced a Radio Drama play. We entered a short film competition. Box of Delights, our family theatre unit is growing positively with the addition of new family members. We also hosted and performed in events. Last but not least, we have a corporate video gig coming up for an oils and gas services company.

And Insya Allah, more to come.



vanilamanis said...

good to hear it! wishing you many happy returns in future :)

Tuan "Tapai" Faisal said...

Thank you vanila manis! :)