Monday, November 19, 2012

What can be learnt from Isra' Mikraj

In Isra' Mi'raj, Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) met Nabi Musa during when the Solat was 'bestowed' (excuse me for the lack of words). Nabi Musa gave advice that 50 times per day is too much and finally, after a few negotiations, it was settled that only 5 prayers times per day is sufficient.

Am not here to debate whether or not this really happened. But my point is that (One of) the take away message is that in anything you do, be sure to ask somebody who has gone through it. My own thinking is that you have to put a side the fact that there are things you don't know, you don't know. This is due to lack of experience.

Things you know, you don't know can easily be dealt with. Hey, that is what wikipedia is for. And of course you can always ask Master Google.

Putting things in context, it is the same with Bikin Filem. Am so glad that we have mentors that can guide us, to make sure that everything is accounted for during the planning and the pre-production stage.

Heck, in our session today, it was even more basic that that. We were asked  about the core idea of making the movie which included purpose of making a movie, why we tell the story the way it is told, why each characters there, and what are each their intentions.

I cannot reveal who our mentors are. But all i can say is that we are in good hands. Insya Allah.



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