Saturday, November 12, 2005

Congrats Pijat & Melor!

Wah laaa wah laa.. congrats Pijat and Melor for your engagement. :) looks like ur the second(and third) SRC to get wed. Congrats congratss! Hope ur Wedding in 14 January and 4th Feb runs well. Pijat, just make sure you say the rite name during the akad nikah.. and try to get it perfect the first time! Unlike ceng (refer http:// <-- punya la malas nak buat hyperlink.

Anyways, it takes no genius to guess that i am having quite a difficult time for the past week. A lot has happened and i would like to say sorry to those who are affected. Hahah..

I just realized that the we just have to keep our heads up no matter what happens. However difficult the path is, surely there will be sumthing sweet at the end of it. Hey, No Pain No Gain Right?

So now i will just put my battle face and sing my battle cry.."ayyiyiyiayiyiyiyiayiayaaaaa".
Bring it on... suckerzzzzz

(God save us all.)

*yes, the last part of the entry is a bit wacky and has no relation whatsoever with the previous paragraphs..just felt like it. Heard it in sum old movie.. :P

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