Sunday, November 13, 2005

Congrats Te!

Unta Kahwen

Unte kahwen? mesti la roommateku Mizie! (spelt roommate sebab tanak confius dengan rumet, takkan kawen 2 kottt) Macam pesta muda-mudi la smalam kat putrajaya. Pesta pertunjukan Bayi Comel Jugak. Masing masing berpeluang untuk menunjukkan kebolehan bayi masing masing (Ayil nak ajar Marisa buat Summersault.. Good Luck!).

Didn't know there's a space under Masjid Putrajaya that you can rent for functions. Not as big as Merak Kayangan, but good enuff lahh.

Anyways.. selamat Transform kepada bapak org to you.. roomie. ;) May your life be more prosperous with the introduction of a wife in your everyday endeavours.


Snooker & Smallville Marathon @ Seri Kembangan

I have decided life must go on. Que Sera, Sera.. What will be, will be. So.. it shall.

Decided i will start by reprogramming my self to not depend too much on other people and have my own backbone.

Decided to go to Sei Kembangan to have my revenge at Cipok and Zaki (Arib kecut.. so dia main futsal.. ahah). Menang Second game! ho yeah. Improved a lot! tak caya, tanya Cipok & Zaki. I guess it's the pressure of having to pay if you don't get 1st Place. Patut la depa improve tak hingat! Played three games.. and we decided to give away the third game to Zaki (kan cipok kannn?)

Arib.. ada berani ka?!! confidence tengah tinggi niehhh.. jom ar weyhh.. lawan PJ Utara vs PJ Selatan. Well.. tak jamin sapa bley datang, tapi kalau semua nak lawan aku.. bring it on! (hehe.. cakap besar nie, ada can lauk nak mampus nanti)


Breakfast at Tiffany's @ TTDI

Nope, no such restaurant at TTDI. Just for the fun of saying it. (I seem to do that a lot, but who gives a damn, it my blog!)

Earlier that morn had breakfast with Ayil to clear up a few stuff and talked about a few things which i will not elaborate further here. A fruitful breakfast. Planned a few things and picked up chunks of leftover self-esteem, ego, and the will to live left and pieced it up together.

Thanks Ayil at that. Again, forever in debt.


Kiss Ass My Ass! Kick Ass My Ass!

Raya at Hj Romli's before going to Seri Kembangan. For all of you who don't know, he's the Vice President of Customer Service (Retail) of Telekom Malaysia. Got a few updates on how TM is faring nowadays.

One of the issues: It turns out that the license that for granted by MCMC is for TM (Wholesale) and not direct to Celcom. There fore, TM needs to operate 3G under TM Wholesale. If so, it means that if Celcom wants to operate 3G, TM has to sell wholesale to other operators as well (Digi, NationCom, etc.) Oh well.. let us see how this story goes.

Got a few pointers on how to excel in career.
1) Ask yourself.. Why not Me?
2) Grey Areas of job Scope.. take lead.. that is where top management gauge ur initiative and proactiveness
3) When Receiving email from senior leaders.. they want feedback.. so reply back!
4) There is no such thing as Private victory in a company.. so always Think Public! (but note that in order to achieve public victory, u have to achieve private victory first)
5) Office Politics : Ask superior to open up meeting, and have him hand over the meeting to you. That way, the authority is passed down. (How u use the authority is a different topic altogether)


Phew, quite a long entry. Nuff Said.


rumet said...

elehhh... tapai nak cabar orang main snooker plak! ngan aku pon kalah tak hingat! heehe

m|ss v|xen said...

on your down spiral days, ill let u borrow ayil for a couple of hours.. namely main snooker.. BUT.. of coz theres a BUT.. u must belanja me MAKAN besar and ayil must be GOOD to me with extra TLC (tender, loving, care u know.. :P)

ragsy937 said...

Rumet > No hal beb... weyh.. smalam aku menang lagi laaaa.. improve tak hingat niehhhh! time aku kalah ngan ko arie tu, tengah down.. skang dah mental upp!!

Esah > Thanx Beb.. terpaksa la mental down slalu cam nie.. ahahha.. QZ pon dah bagi line untuk main snuker.. tapi lepas 27 Hb (mueya's wedding)

rumet said...

yeker qz bagi line???? caya lah tapai... i'll ask ceng to give you all the TLC you need..heheheh

tm nut said...

thanks rumie. ko gak bagi pinjam pc nak tenet dulu