Thursday, August 03, 2006

Departure of Tapai

Ho yeah! after surveying around a few tour agents and a few "tilik tangan" sessions with a few fortune tellers, a sami, and an Ustaz i have finally decided on a date! (Macam nak kawen plak.. hahaha)

(Percaya ke aku tilik tangan?)

I will be departing on 10 September 2006, 2145 Hrs/9.00 p.m., Sunday. Check in is 2 hours before, so i'll have to be in KLIA latest by 7 p.m. The flight will take 14 hours (excluding transit) . The route will be KLIA-Singapore-Manchester. By 0650 Hrs in (UK time), i'll be in Manchester.

Originally i wanted to depart on Sept 11, but the date is just oh-so scary. Hehe.

Haih, the day is drawing nearer and nearer and i find myself not willing to let go of the good things that is happening here at the moment. New friends, new activities, happening work place, snooker, snooker, snooker, and snooker. Haha.

Oh, Rumet finally broke-off his losing streak. 6 loses in a row weyh! sayur! Now it's farul's turn, but it is not a streak unless is more than 2, ain't it? Bila nak rematch weyh?

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Anonymous said...

So long and farewell

Hope u’ll have a wonderful life over there and don’t u ever forget that those who never meant anything to you are the ones that care the most.

"takkan sampai bile-bile"