Thursday, May 24, 2007


Yes.. I have oficially completed the taught course part of my masters Program... wuhuu!! Just completed the last exam paper for this final semester. Now.. all is left is the research/dissertation portion of the course. Huuu yeah! Now i have to put on my programming cap and start doing some programming! nyehehe..

I thought only working in TM can give this effect of no-time sense, and doing a masters programme can help slow things down.

I was wrong. Can't help thinking that this year has passed so quickly.

By no time, within 3-4 months, Insya Allah, I'll have my masters Degree and then i can proceed with the next step.. which is yet to be decided. Hope for the best yeah!

And those who are still having exams.. All the best!. Semoga berkat ilmu, kesihatan, rezeki dan jodoh.

Oh did i mention?


p/s: check out the featured video update - steve millers band

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