Sunday, May 13, 2007

M-nite Over.. it's Exams time now!!

Hey ho.. i just noticed that i haven't really blogged for nearly a month now. Well.. I've been busy with all the preparation and all.. and bla bla bla.. I'm sure you won;t be interested with my excuses.

Anyhooo.. Malaysian NIte. went marvellously. Everything sort of fell into place and every piece of the jigsaw puzzle was in their respective place during the show. I can still remember sitting behind of Ikmal, the Stage manager.. with my body shaking and the sudden coldness that i felt in my hands. It's like a father waiting for the birth of his child, or maybe 20% of that feeling (I wouldn't know.. would I?)

It was my first time directing. So who wouldn't be nervous?

Here are a few clips available on youtube. These were taken by some of the audience. Amateur shots.. Can't wait to get the original DVD.

Vinod's opening Dance

Zapin (part 1)
Zapin (part2)
Candyman Dance
Thriller Dance (find me!)
Indian Dance (find me!)

There are a few more dance and defining moments in the play that is not available on youtube. Haih.. Mana DVD ni!!!!!! cepattt!!!

Owh.. am already thinking about the next play, which is planned to be in October, before i come back to Malaysia. It's going to be a serious one, and the script will be written by my friend Andrew from Poland.

This should be interesting.

uh-oh. now back to books!!! examm examm!!!!

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