Monday, May 21, 2007

Tangan Kanan Menjerit lagi

Yes.. Tangan kanan menjerit lagi.... 3 hours of writing for both exams. Wuh.. i tell you, if my right hand can walk, he'd go to the nearest clinic and buy himself an MC for 2 weeks!

R.H : Right hand
L.H : Left hand

During the exams

LH : ahhahahah.. hahhaha... padan muka.. painful innit?

RH : Why are you laughing? I can't wait till exams is over! this guy is killing me.. i wish i have a pair of legs so that i can run away!

LH : You wish! but that you know, that is what you get, when you do an honest job! you have to work your ass off!! Ahaha.. get it? Ass off??.. Ass off???

RH : What the.. i dont get you..

LH : Haihh~~!!.. Hands dont have an ass.. nvmd.. nvmd.. forget what i just said

RH: ... (dry sense of humour.. this neighbour of mine) groan.. arghh.. it is getting more painful, i think my skin is peeling off. why didn't he buy one of those rubber coated pens??

Faisal : (Ouch, my right hand hurts..time for a break) Invigilator.. i need to go to the toilet now

In the toilet..

LH : What the.. noo!!! noo!!!!! aarghh.. not this againnnn!!!


RH : Now i know what he meant by dirty job.. hehe..(slow giggle) haha....(slightly louder) ahhahaha (louder).. ahahahahahahahha (evil laugh.. turning psycho)

Back in the exam room

Faisal : (why is my right hand trembling?). ouch!

Erkk.. wait a minute that was not the originial idea i had.. haih..

anyway.. the first paper was alright.. better than expected, really. The second paper was a killer. While answering the second paper, i then understood what Prof L meant when he said,"If you study.. you can only answer 20% of the examinations". At first,during class, i thought he was joking, but after looking at the past exam papers.. and actually answering the exams.. how right was he! the other 80% requires you to think on the spot.. making associations and sometimes you don;t even know which part of the syllabus is the question asking about!.

But it's good for me i guess.. being a 'kaki goreng' myself, and having lots of 'goreng' training during MMU years..(sedapkan hati.. hehe) i have learnt that a fresh body and mind is far desirable than to try and cover everything and go through it 7 times before exams and lose sleep. Yes.. there are actually really hardworking students who went thourgh the syllabus 7 times!! psycho! (but a bit jealous)

Now.. one paper left.. 600 pages to go.. how the speed reading had paid off.. :) study smartt!!

Ganbatte nee.. tapai-kun!


Li Ying said...

HAHAHA Faisal your whole Hand Scene is sooo unoriginal-- mingwei has already done that in her blog! =P hehehe... oh well maybe both of you can make a play out of it in the near future? hahhaa...

ragsy937 said...

what thee?? seriously?? ahha great minds thinks alike i guess.. when was her post? my first post was the last exam..

Dammit.. i shall not stand for this!! plagurism!!!

annaster said...


Nice story eventhough not original.. huhuhuh.. By da way, getting married this June. Wish you boleh datang to my wedding..
You take care ok..


ragsy937 said...

erk.. congratss!!! i wish i could too.. but then.. you'd have to add another RM4200 extra cost for your wedding for the ticket.. haha..

Congrats again!