Wednesday, March 19, 2008

His ex-staff

I contacted my ex-staff to do rewiring of the telephone line in my house. Uh oh.. we did bit of spring cleaning and minor renovation to the house. The original parking space is now an office! So he did a bit of a job and trying to be a cultured malay, i asked around for the normal charging rate for the same amount of job not from him, but somewhere else.

Little did i know about his actual intention of not wanting any payment.

After the completion of the rewiring, i folded the said amount of money in my hands, and extended my arms to shake hands.

He saw what i was doing and immediately 'tepis'ed my arms. And not a normal tepis, but a really hard one.

"Jangan la macam ni.. segan saya nanti"

"No boss.. i cannot take money from you, coz you are still my boss"

At that point, i knew i coudn't say anything. But i recommended him to do wiring in a school nearby. That was the least i could do.

My father told me either he was a very sincere person, or i did a great job handing staff before.

Trying not to perasan. hehe..


RVS said...

hey dude!!

nice to see some sign of life from you again heheheheheh =P...

I'll try to get the pirated version of your movie production =P...

RVS said...


one more thing.

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